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Soundpeats Trueair2 Wireless Earbuds $39.94 (Black) Delivered @ AMR Direct via Amazon AU


These are on sale again. Make sure you check the "Apply 15% Coupon" box before you Add to Cart.

With Shopback upsize at the moment, the extra 5% should bring them down to $37.94

The all time low according to Camel is $35.24 so pretty close.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    FYI you won't get any Cashback on these now, the Electronics category has dropped back to 0%

    Was 4% for a few days, but now nothing, sadly


    I saw this 10ish days ago and got one but thought it wasn't discounted enough to put up here >.> oops
    So, I've noticed recently that there's a bit of background static in my earphones, like a soft sshhhhh sound similar to old tvs. is that normal for these, or should i be contacting them?
    I got a card with the shipment saying if i contact them via whatsapp within 14 days i can get a second product at 50% off, was trying to decide between another of these or a different model like the TrueFree2. thoughts?


      I have the TrueFree (originals, not the 2) and they're useless for calls (terrible call quality, microphone does not work well - have to assume the 2 would likely be similar, it seems like extra microphones + better processing + maybe the long stem, are what makes the difference to improve call quality). But comfortable for listening - more comfortable to wear that the TrueAir 2. So it really depends on what you want to do with them, whether it's extended listening only, or you want to make calls too.


    Got it, Cheers op!


      A neg? What for?


    Bit weird these headphones, the mic plays up with ms teams e.g. inbound audio works but the mic doesn't.

    Don't know if its a mic thing in general, only way to fix it is to disconnect > reset headphones in case + remove > re-add in windows.

    Quite annoying if I'm honest, never know if they're going on to work post shutdown of pc or if I take v them out of the case.


    Got these in the last deal. Don't fit my ears too well. Sound is good, controls are touchy, charging case is high quality. Like others have said.

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    I received delivery and have been using for a few days, quite impressed based on bang for buck so far.
    Surprisingly though, there was a 40% OFF card inside the box with instructions to either email or contact via whatsapp. I contacted them via whatsapp and was advised that if I leave a review and provide screenshot then I would receive 40% off my purchase or the next purchase.
    I completed this, chose current purchase discount and received a refund in Amazon within a day. So my purchase price was $39.94 - $15.97 = $23.97 (I also got Shopback but won't include here as that was a special promo).

    Further to this, they also offered to sign me up to their review program where they send goods for testing/feedback and you don't have to return the item afterwards.

    I'm blown away by all this but does this mean a lot of the reviews on Amazon are false in order to capitalise on their post sales offers?

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      That would explain a lot. Gaming of reviews on Amazon does happen, unfortunately. I'm happier to rely on user comments and feedback here on Ozbargain. It's less quantitative usually, but there's enough quantitative info (in deal votes and comment votes and poll results) to help find reasonable products. And on that basis, these earbuds still do well.

      Reminds me of staying at a hotel, which had amazing ratings on TripAdvisor, and thinking it was fairly nice, but not amazing nice. Then I saw there was a little card in the room that said "leave us a positive review on TripAdvisor and send us a link to it, and you'll get $100 off your next stay", and I thought "uh huh, that explains a lot".



    Has anyone had issues with connecting these to laptops for teams call and unable to hear others?

    It happens when I disconnect it from my phone and connect to the laptop.

    I tried restart of the laptop and it worked. But then have the same issue sometime after.

    Very annoying!


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      Check what the default playback device is. Access via Control Panel or right click on speaker tray icon and go "Playback devices"


        Thanks. The default is Soundpeats.


          I think it happens when only the right one is connected. I connected both and it worked fine.



    Purchased. Thanks.