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Philips OneBlade Replacement Blade 2 Pack $35.61 ($32.09 S&S) + Delivery (Free with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Saw allenhori's deal for the OneBlade Pro shaver. As I already have a shaver, I was looking for the replacement blades. Noticed these are now on sale and slightly cheaper with S&S option.

Update: Price increased from $35.61 and S&S $32.05
Update 2: Price back down to $35.65 and S&S $32.09

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    the 3 pack is 42.03 from amazon UK if you find something to get you over $49 for free shipping

  • Myer had the 2 pack for $33.56 a week ago as well.

  • 8 months for a blade to stay sharp and not rust out is quite a long time….. has anybody got real life use feedback on these?

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      8 months for two blades.

      I have one and I use it very rarely (once a month or so). It's been going on for ages.

    • I use it once a week for a wet shave (just water) and I have blades last me more than 4 months easily. I had to replace the last one because I dropped the whole thing and broke the plastic housing of the blade. I also use shaver gaurd spray after every use to keep the blades clean and sharp.

      • Do you feel you get a better shave wet or dry? I just need my neck done really.

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          I think it is more or less the same but I find a wet shave is less messy since the hair don't fly everywhere

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          Much better wet, and use shaving gel for the last pass if you want a cleaner shave.

          I do it in the shower for easy cleanup (giggity)

    • Well they talk about how when you see all the green plastic on the blade face area instead of mostly metal grid you have pretty much used up that blade.
      I shave my head and am also clean shaven (face) every 3 days but have coarse follicles , not many of them but coarse and I really don't know what to make of this system

      I get a new blade and try to use it for a week's worth of doing my head and face as a first pass before then applying shaving cream and using some 5 blade Gillette and before the week is up the new blade is mostly the green plastic dominating the surface.

      It may be completely different for people with fine to normal hair but it's weird for me as someone who is still within the Caucasian hair type

      • Same
        I have coarse hair/stubble and these simply don't last. First time I used it I was impressed, except for the hair going literally everywhere. Clean up was annoying…
        .. but, what's disappointing, is the Valdes simply don't last for me. I'm trying to make this one last, but it's so painful to use now, it grabs rather than cuts and I've had few shaves off it.
        Its really not cost effective for me.

        Which is a shame, cause I wanted to like it

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      Purchased 2018 - still on original blade. Use it maybe 2 - 4 x a month, usually once a week but not always.

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      I was using the original blade for well over a year (shaving about once a week)

      Didn't think there was anything wrong with it but bought a new one anyways since the wear indicators had been showing for a good 6+ months now.

      After trying a new blade I'm glad I did, it's such a nicer cut than the old one. I do suggest replacing them every 6-12 months, you'll notice the difference.

      • I cant find the spare blades I got at the time I purchased, but I have since lost the charger in a house move too so I am considering buying this just for the charger and blade.

    • I'd say 6 months? The wear indicators don't seem to mean much, I just bin them once they start to take multiple go-overs on the same spot

  • When it starts grabbing instead of cutting.. new blade.

    Frankly it didn't last long enough considering I only use it once a month on a moustache.

  • Myer on ebay is selling them for $35.65 now.
    Just curious if these are legit 2/4 Pack Steel Replacement Electric Blade For Philips One Blade Man Wet and Dry
    For some reason I think they are counterfeit, although who would go to the lengths of making such an intricate counterfeit product!

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