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WAHL Cordless Colour Pro Style Hair Clipper $39 + Delivery ($0 with $50 Order/ C&C) @ Shavershop


Looks to be a good deal down from RRP $99.95
Don't forget cashback (3.5% from CR/SB)

+$10 off when subscribing the newsletter for the first order

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    Funny how pick comes up with scissors….a little misleading for what seems a good product

    • +18

      I thought the product title was taking the piss. Cordless scissors….

    • i got excited!

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    As this is made in china - is it true the internals are cheaply made versus the U.S where it's all steel?

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      I always thought it was made in China with parts supplied by Wahl to be honest. I could be wrong.

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    I guess a pair of scissors could be defined as a cordless hair clipper, I’m gonna allow it, ha.

  • Hate to be colour blind… zing!

  • Any feedback on how loud these are? I have a toddler who only consents to scissors but a buzz cut would be so much easier…

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    You can get $10 off (min spend $30) by signing up to their newsletter, I just noticed.

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      I can confirm it does bring it back to $29, with click and collect, very nice price!

  • Bought these for my father during last years lockdown, so mum could cut his hair. They love them and found them really easy to use. He has not been back for a haircut since.

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    This lithium clipper is also a good buy at $99 (50% off).


    Hair clippers are one device I think benefit greatly from lithium batteries, due to low self discharge and typically infrequent use. Must have IMO.

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      The one in the post has also a lithium battery. I don't think any clippers in 2021 have Ni-Mh batteries

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        I think you're getting confused with this model.


        When Wahl puts a lithium battery in they're not shy about promoting it, usually in the product name itself but otherwise in the product descriptions.

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          That's the name od the model. Nothing to do with the battery. I have 5 year old $40 Philips which also has a lithium battery. The batteries vary by capacity but I'm certain they are all lithium powered unless 15+ years old

          • +2

            @Winston100s: Best to check your facts before misleading people with your certainty.

            from SS FAQ's


            Thank you for your question.

            The Wahl Colour Pro Styler WA9639-2112 clipper contains a NiMH rechargeable battery that requires 8 hours of charge for a 45 minute run time and is made in China. The motor is a NiMH rechargeable rotary motor.
            The Wahl Lithium Chrome Clipper WA79600-3812 clipper contains a Li Ion rechargeable battery that requires 2 hours of charge for a 90 minute run time and is made in USA. The motor is a Li Ion rechargeable rotary motor.
            Thank you kindly.

            Shaver Shop

            Thank you kindly.

            Shaver Shop

  • For $29 with C&C at my local, why not. Cheers OP.

    • and ready for collection now…

  • Just ordered the 6000CC Salon Series Clipper… Made in usa and decent price according to Price Hipster.

    No idea if they be any good but took the gamble… my old corded ones have lasted 10+ years but about time I moved to cordless / the future lol..


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