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LEGO 71030 Minifigures Series 22 Looney Tunes: 36x Mystery Packs for $188.99 (OOS) or Full Set Bundle for $88.99 @ MyHobbies


1x Full Set Bundle - $88.99
3x Full Set Bundle - $239.99

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    Seems expensive, these are normally $5 from the Big W

    • +2

      Well… that's $5 for pot luck.
      Here they are guaranteeing you have 1 of each character. Or 3 of each.

      What I can't work out is, have MyHobbies opened them?

      • from their website "Please Note the packs are brand new, they have been opened to identify characters & resealed in a zip lock bag."

    • -1

      And I can't even find these on Big W online.

  • Expensive

    • +1

      A full set of items that would otherwise be ‘random’ is always going to have a higher value. Therefore, not immediately ‘expensive’ in comparison. Expensive in general? Maybe, but normal.

  • Any idea if retail will see a decent drop.

    Last series seemed quite limited compared to s20 from local observations.

    • Just depends on how popular they are.. given these are a reasonably popular theme I’m ‘guessing’ less special prices, but I’m sure there will be ‘some’ discount at some point, but when or how much, or what availability, I don’t know.

  • didnt these used to be 60 figs in a box? i remember buying series 3-7 for like $110 a box back in the day

  • I bought 5x @RRP from Amazon AU and got 3x Road Runner, 1x Lola Bunny and 1x Marvin The Martian.