Want to Tether Data Sim, Modem - Help Please


Hey guys, I need to connect internet to my new apartment (1 person household). I was thinking of getting the above deal and tether/hotspot somehow but don't have a spare phone lying around. Purpose is to connect my smart TV and use my laptop.

I'm not very techy sorry for the eLi5 Questions.

Can you guys link a cheap modem that I pop the sim into to do the job? I saw a USB modem link, that looks like you need to plug it into a laptop? Not sure if that's what I need, also is a router different to a modem?



  • Any 4G modem should be fine as the plan doesn't include 5G.



    Top one is more suited to a home network, will have a faster max speed and probably better reception if they were co-located but YMMV. Could also just seach on scumtree/ebay for a second hand one.

    A modem connects your network to the internet, a router shares that connection from the network to your devices . Usually these days modem/routers are combined in one device which is why you might be getting confused.

  • get a Wifi mobile broadband modem like in the link below - take it with you wherever you go….can get them for Optus/Telstra/etc
    I use one of these for streaming on my smart tv, computer, tablet, phone data etc ALL AT THE SAME TIME…love it…All it depends on is a good signal….I live in a country area and have no problem at all….you can test how good your signal is by how good your phone is at picking up the internet signal where you are…..can connect many devices to it via wifi……if you can get one of these unlocked (look on marketplace) all you need it a 'data SIM plan' ….https://shop.coles.com.au/a/ballina/product/optus-e5577-modem-50gb....otherwise just get one off your ISP
    Don't get a USB one.

  • Lots of secondhand 4G modems on Facebook Marketplace/Gumtree/eBay from ex mobile broadband customers. I can see one for $15 near me

    I'm talking about the large ones with 4 Ethernet ports etc, but a pocket modem will work fine too (you'll just need to keep it charging constantly which might shorten battery life)

    • Do I need to specify that I need a modem that can take a Sim? Or do they all come like that?

    • This one would, but may be locked to Optus/Optus MVNOs so you can't use it on the Voda plan unless you unlock it (at a fee)

      • get one like this…much more portable…may already be unlocked and if not, pretty cheap to unlock anyway

  • Look for the Data Sim Plan that you want and then get the wifi modem to suit that ISP

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