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$35/Month Unlimited Calls/Text/Data Mobile Plan (up to 20Mbps) @ Felix


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unlimited data at speeds up to 20Mbps on the Vodafone 4G network

Use as much data as you need in Aus. 20Mbps is great for streaming HD video and music, scrolling and sharing to your socials, and using cloud storage. Very large files may be slow to load. Fair Use Policy applies. See what you can do at 20Mbps

Unlimited calls and text
Standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and landlines plus calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail. For use in Aus. Fair Use Policy applies.

One tree planted every month
We'll plant a tree for you for every active month you're with us.

Tethering (hotspot)
For your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies.

No lock-in contract, no exit fees
You can also pause your plan whenever you want.

$35/month, renews automatically
Your plan lasts the full month. No sneaky 28 day expiry.

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  • +14

    Tethering (hotspot)
    For your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies.

    if only we can…..
    not really unlimited then

    • +17

      Saw someone on whirlpool using it in a modem for their home wifi without any issues so tried doing the same. I've had it for almost 2 weeks with no issues so far, speed has been great. Beats the $75 minimum apartment internet costs they wanted us to pay…

    • +1

      This just annoys me. I use less data at home than most do with their phones. Yet they're ok and I'm not. Grr.

      • +1

        Should work, they'll only pull you up if your smashing the downloads… I think…

    • +4

      Can confirm ~3 months using a Netgear Nighthawk M1 on this plan with no issues. Would highly recommend! Constant speeds too.

      • +1

        What upload speed do you get?

        • +3

          20/20 consistently throughout all periods of the day. I've been quietly surprised!

        • I get around 16-20mbs down, but 0.5 to 1mbs upload..

    • Yes we can tethering hotspot and to me the unlimited data deal is for real. The speed is acceptable as I don’t play online computer games. Am a happy subscriber for slightly more than a month.
      On top of that I received a $5 off using this GS00009.

  • +1

    Did the other deal actually expire?

    • +1

      No idea, just saw a fb add, never even heard of this company, then noticed there was a previous deal expired

    • +1

      Looks like the other deal wasn't set as "long running", so it automatically expired after 45 days (OzBargain default).

  • +3

    Only good if you live in an area with decent Vodafone network.

  • +3

    Wow cheaper than NBN. Might consider switching to this. Don't need the fastest broadband anyway and happy to save $20-30/month

  • +1

    Just chatted online with the provider. Can tether more than one device at once up to the 20Mps limit. Will give it a try as pretty good coverage in our area. Shame that cannoy use in modem as that is my preferred way,

    • +10

      It seems like you can, they just don't want you to.

      • +3

        They'd be able to tell by the mac address of the radio though.

        I'd just grab a router and have it latch onto a hotspot from an old phone and distribute it through your house.


        This would do it, cheap too. Can automate the hotspot to turn on all the time with tasker or similar.

        • +6

          They don't check though. Can confirm.

          • @dantione: Thanks for all replies,Cheers.

          • @dantione: not yet they don't.

            So you could get flagged by the fair use policy quite easily if using it in a modem. If you put it in a phone they have no idea.

            • +1

              @knk: Could… Worst case they cancel the service (with a hell of a lot of administration effort). Highly doubt they will enforce it as they're encouraging normal hotspotting. What's the diff.

              Regardless, I'll find an alternative if this happens but enjoy it while it continues to work.

              • @dantione: Yeah, I just like to err on the side of caution. Chances are you'll be right, and like you said what are they gonna do cancel your service lol.

  • Wow this seems great for me. I go away a lot for work (usually between 2 weeks and a month at time) and sometimes don't have access to Wi-Fi. Having the ability to use this for a month, pause it until I go away next time then re activate is awesome. I will try it in a 4G modem I have, if it doesn't work I can always throw it in an old phone and hot spot it.
    The only downside is the Vodafone network but I'm sure it won't be as bad as people think. Good find!

    • Did they say you can pause it, they usually don't let you do that

      • Yes, you can suspend your service through the app

        • How does it work..
          Pause means we still keep our number without paying anything within that period right? I wonder how long they will allow it? Good for 2nd number thats not in use for months or up to a year i suppose

          • @countmein: I did it the other day, the ability to pause was quick and easy to find in the app, you click pause and it schedules to pause when your current month is finished, it stays paused until you unpause. I was very surprised how quick and easy it was, took around 30s.

  • +2

    Would be more appealing if they had VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling

    • They dont have VOLTE? Kogan mobile using the Vodafone network has the VOLTE option in settings

      • "Kogan Mobile Prepaid SIM gives access to Vodafone 2G, 3G & 4G coverage (but does not include VoLTE)"

  • +1

    How easy is it for them to detect if it's in a modem than a phone?

    I have a hotspot device (Huawei) that I want to use it in

    • +2

      Very easy because in the USA some telcos check and kick people off for it. But here it's (nearly) a non-issue. The clause is there in case they 'need' to apply it to someone. e.g. If 30 people, all on the same tower were downloading a list of iso files at full speed during business hours for a week straight, resulting in network congestion for other users. In the vast majority of cases it's not going to happen so they're not going to bother kicking anyone off.

  • +2

    I use an old Android phone USB tethered to a GL.inet Beryl travel router and it works great. Should also keep working if they decide to enforce the modem restriction.

    Just waiting for VoLTE now.

    • Are there any Vodafone MVNO's that offer VoLTE and VoWiFi? I thought only Optus was offering that, and only on postpaid.

      • I believe that Felix is owned by TPG though, which is more or less Vodafone. They should at least do it for their own MNVO, Optus is planning to give these features to Gomo.

      • Kogan mobile using the Vodafone network has the VOLTE option in settings. I have that turned on

        • Most modern phones have the settings, but are you actually getting VoLTE from the network? I would think not.
          Usually you'll see a VoLTE logo up the top of your phone screen right next to the signal strength bars

          • @bonezAU: Ah you are right. I only got the VoLTE sign on my telstra prepaid when I used to be with them

  • Can you stream 4k content with this speed?

  • If only they use Telstra or Optus network.

  • What's the upload speed like for Vodafone, or is it capped as well?

    • +4

      Capped to 20 down and 20 up

      • +2

        Not bad at all, thanks for the info

  • +2

    I've been with them for about 2 weeks now and the Vodaphone coverage is abyssal. In a densely populated Melbourne suburb 20 min from CBD, but the moment I go indoors into the local Westfield I get no data connection at all while my Optus sim (dual sim) is full bars.

    • +16

      relating to or denoting the depths or bed of the ocean, especially between about 3000 and 6000 metres down

      I wouldn't expect any reception down there either

      • +8

        Autocorrect: Abysmal
        It's the depth where autocorrect went out of depth.

    • +1

      Noticed the same.

      It's hit and miss indoors, outdoors its fine.

    • Abyssal

      Should've used grammarly and should've gone to specsavers mate lol

  • We tried it and it was pretty good if you have a good tablet/phone as a hotspot. Too bad that the Vodafone reception for our homes were really bad so we had to cancel it.

  • Contrary to their T&Cs, I’ve been using this as my home internet for the past 2 months because I only have a household requirement of ~80GB/month and I’m always travelling. The Vodafone reception isn’t bad to my house, but I got some of these antennae for my mobile router and it’s helped it have a more stable connection in rain.

    Overall it’s not bad for $35. If they cancel my contract then so be it, but I’ve been really liking their service and company ethic. I’d use this service as my phone plan if it wasn’t Vodafone tbh.

    • What router do you use? I would like to do the samem internet connection would cost me $60 pm and this is a much better deal as I will be only connecting with my laptop and tv (one person household) I'm just not very tech savvy and saw a link with a USB modem, I'm assuming that's to plug into a laptop?
      Is it better to have a modem plug into a wall? Sorry these questions are very ELi5.

  • Is 20mbps good? What’s the norm?

    • 20 mbps is good enough for full HD video and web browsing

    • I currently pay $45 a month for 10mbps with a 100gb cap. So this is very interesting deal to me.

  • Probably a noob question, I got an Asus AC86 router. Is there a way I can sign up with them and still use AC86 router to extend the wireless range?


    • https://shop.duxtel.com.au/product_info.php?manufacturers_id...

      You can use something like this configured to connect to your hotspot and spit it out through the ethernet ports basically. Your asus router may (not that likely though) support client mode on the 2.4ghz channel though, so you could sacrifice 2.4ghz to connect to the hotspot and then broadcast on 5ghz.

      • Thanks!

    • I’m using the Asus RT-AC86U router as well. I inserted the SIM into the Optus / Huawei 4G USB dongle E3372, plugged it to the USB slot of the router, made the 4G connection the primary connection. It worked! Didn’t even have to set the APN configuration. $35 a month is great value. It’s these kinds of deals that make NBN tremble. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if Felix discourages consumers from using this service as main internet connection because of pressure from competitors who have a lot to lose (think NBN). I paid $550 to set up my OptiComm and I’m not even using it anymore because the value is so shit…

      • Hi mate,
        Thanks a lot for your reply. I just signed up Felix and bought E3372 USB dongle. Appreciated the info on AC86U. It really helps make the decision to dump my Belong NBN and give Felix a go!

  • You can put sim in portable wifi and share internet. But it must be near the hotpot pole otherwise the signal is very weak. It is so good in Sydney but not in Adelaide 😔

    • +2


      mmm could go for steamboat rn

  • Speeds aren't that great but $5 international calls are. Will switch back to Telstra soon enough.

    Also SMS messages are randomly failing to send, it sucks

  • whats a cheap and effective mobile router for a small apartment?

    • +1

      Used B525 if you can find one for $50 or less

      • What about unlocking? Or is it already unlocked?

        • +1

          I believe they are already unlocked

    • +1

      They may not block them now, but you can bet if enough people sign up, use the service in this way and cause congestion on their network, they will crack down and block these devices.

      this I doubt will be the cause, the most device they sign up the more users and more revenue. This is the point of doing business.

      The more likely reason they will cancel you is if you are an excessive user. I dunno what number to put on, but i'd say if you DL 500GB per month you'd be kicked off.
      But if you use 100gb a month, even if they know you're on a mobile router they'd happily take your $35 and let you be.

      • Maybe, but the average NBN connection data usage is up around 260gb.

        Most people replacing their fixed line internet are going to use more than 100gb.

        They put that clause there very explicitly and wide in the open. Expect them to enforce it.

        Yes, they are a business…

        • Vodafone/TPG got into bed with each other so they could charge a lot more than $35/month for dedicated cellular home internet.

        • Mobile data is very costly to provide. The spectrum they buy is very expensive and finite. They absolutely don’t want people paying $35 to congest their network.

        • +2

          Maybe, but the average NBN connection data usage is up around 260gb.

          This is true, but the average NBN user speed is 50mpbs. Those people who are willing to downgrade to something as low as 20 must be very low usage customers. Additionally, the 260gb average should be heavily skewed to a handful of very very heavy users doing a few TB a month. I'd love to see some detail of quartile users.

          So I don't see 260GB being the typical user of this product, if the typical use is around 150GB I think it'll be fine.

    • +1

      They’re going to need to do better to make it a compelling offering IMO.

      The offer for $35/m is much better than the one you gave from their post-paid collection.

      If you don't see it as compelling, I'm not sure they are marketing it to you.

      They do have international roaming, $20 for 4GB at 20Mb/s, unlimited number of days, expires after 365 days.

      • +1

        I see it as a compelling offer if you can get away with using as a replacement for fixed line internet.

        As a mobile plan only, nope. Just look at all the discussion going on in here. It’s all about the fixed line replacement angle.

        • +1

          How is $35/m for unlimited calls, messages and data not a complelling offer?

          • @DogGunn: Because unlimited data on a phone is not is just not something very many people would utilise.

            Give me 50gb-100gb and access to 5G speeds / network and then I’d find it compelling.

            Again back to my point, I don’t see a swarm of people signing up to put this in their phone.

            • +2

              @bargaineer: Then it's not for you.

              It's marketed to people who are heavy consumers of video (and maybe early 20s to late 20s). Unlimited data is enticing to them, especially for $35/m. It's basically all you can eat for cheaper than most post-paid plans.

              • @DogGunn: Sure maybe not, but I can still voice my opinion about it.

                If it was more like Mint Mobile in the US, that would have wider appeal - https://www.mintmobile.com/

                To me the marketing is very weird….

                It’s marketed towards, people who care about the environment and want to offset their mobile usage carbon emissions by using their phones as much as they possibly can? 🤔

                In my mind it feels very much like an experiment (intentionally I suspect), so there is room to make it broaden its appeal and for them to hone their message.

  • Probably a stupid question, but I have an old android phone (Xiaomi mi A1) so I'm just wondering if that will be enough to serve as a 4g router or is it worth investing on a 4g modem?

    • +2

      Yes it will and I've done it, but it chews through phone battery meaning you pretty much need it on charge all the time, which will work but isn't the greatest practice. Just buy a new Vodafone pocket wifi the next time one comes on sale at ColesWorths for about $30, or get one on ebay.

      • Thank you kind stranger

    • It will work but you will have speed issues if you have a family that uses more than 1 device at a time.

      • No worries there as I have no family

  • can i use it on my ipad? currently it is telstra data only plan.

    • Dont see why not

  • Does it matter if im with vodafone now?

    Edit: stupid me, its just like switching provider

  • hi, anyone knows if they provide eSIM?

  • +1

    Very large files may be slow to load
    Fair Use Policy applies
    For your personal devices only
    not as a substitute for a home internet service
    or in a modem

    So it's an unlimited plan as long as you ignore all the limits.

    • +1

      Just like NBN should've been, why sacrifice 95% of suburban populations internet for the 5% of the country.. Could've been 1GBPS instead of 100mbps..

      • The premise of NBN is to enable internet access for all Australians. Many bush and rural areas will never have sustainable economics to facilitate proper fibre/copper to be built.

        The richest 5% does still get fast 1Gbps as they live in rich/politician suburbs with enough ppl to pay for their own fast access.

        It's literally levying the middle class to subsidise the rural class.

        If you are not happy you probably aren't living in the right areas to rub shoulders with current and former prime ministers?

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