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$35/Month Unlimited Calls/Text/Data Mobile Plan (up to 20Mbps) @ Felix


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unlimited data at speeds up to 20Mbps on the Vodafone 4G network

Use as much data as you need in Aus. 20Mbps is great for streaming HD video and music, scrolling and sharing to your socials, and using cloud storage. Very large files may be slow to load. Fair Use Policy applies. See what you can do at 20Mbps

Unlimited calls and text
Standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and landlines plus calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail. For use in Aus. Fair Use Policy applies.

One tree planted every month
We'll plant a tree for you for every active month you're with us.

Tethering (hotspot)
For your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies.

No lock-in contract, no exit fees
You can also pause your plan whenever you want.

$35/month, renews automatically
Your plan lasts the full month. No sneaky 28 day expiry.

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  • Vodafone 4G network

    And I stopped reading. Not sure but do they have voWiFi or volte?

  • What’s Vodafone coverage like nowadays?

    • +1

      I have a Telstra + Felix sim in my phone and frequently switch back to the telstra one.

      Generally felix is fine, but there are areas where it is noticably slower or I get literally no reception.

      Similar results for the most part through say a 30km radius of Melb city. Generally outdoor coverage is great though, indoors it suffers.

  • oh god, what a plan…

  • Can’t you have it in a modem then connect a router to that modem and have all the traffic go through the router only?

    As in just seeing traffic go through one thing instead of everything.

    • No, you could use a phone tethered to a router and it would be fine but it's pretty much impossible to make your modem appear as a phone even if you are able to spoof mac and imei. It's much more common in the US to block service for using a modem. From my experience with the big 3 only optus will prevent a voice sim from working in a modem. I ended up going with optus anyway but I need to pay $15 for 5gb data sim if I want to use my modem.

  • I am using Vodafone's 4g network through a kogan deal and it sucks. Would this be any better?

    • no still vodafone network.

  • this is great deal for people on budget where they need decent good speed at low cost.

  • +1

    comes with free seeds. say's on their website.

  • Just got my card and seeds. Speeds are consistent and the coverage is slightly better than Optus and Telstra in my area.

  • +1

    If anyone is wondering, I just activated mine and using a 4g modem (TP) and it works ….
    Let’s see what happens

  • Can anyone advise the ballpark range of extra ping time if I switch from FTTN to this? Assuming both networks are not overly congested, how much latency difference is there between these two technologies?

    Hypothetical use case is to use a VPS in in the same city as the front-end to forward everything to LAN. LAN is connected to the internet through Felix, but will run a Wireguard client to the public facing VPS to get around the CGNAT. This is to run a Minecraft server on the LAN that is reachable from internet.

  • Cheers and or you're welcome to the referral number XXXXXX for the fiver.

    (Edit: I used that guy's referral number and am saying thanks, don't think I'm posting my own like a (profanity) pls)

    • I think you used mine (matches when I got the credit) Thanks for the $5!

  • Just got this plan, living in Tempe and ran a speed test at 3:12PM Friday. Speeds are 19.80Mbps Up and 19.75 Mbps Down. The switch over was easy, the chat with support was quick and solved my problem. The sim took only 1 day to be delivered and was delivered in a cute setup envelope too. The process of transfering my number took less than an hour as well. Overall if Felix can continue to provide this service I cannot see how they can be matched in VALUE. Quite impressed.

  • I tried to pause today but I got the email and it states:

    • Until 01-05-2021, you can continue to use mobile data, make calls or send SMSs within Australia.
    • After 01-05-2021, you will only receive calls and SMSs for 60 days or make emergency calls (such as 000) for 242 days, within Australia.

    That makes no sense as my plan expires on 29/04/2021… ? Are they billing me for 2 days usage as if it was a whole month?

    • The pausing is for future months, they are whole month blocks.

      • Yeah, I glanced over a lot of the details. It's in their FAQ.

  • Woweeee! Just hit my third referral from this site. Thanks Cameron!

  • Finally got it to work with a broadband router.
    Getting constant speeds of 20/20

  • Tried it out in March. Speed wasn't an issue but they had blocked some IPTV services. Reported the issue to them. While they acknowledged the issue and were working towards a fix, I was nearing the end of trial period so I had to cancel.

    Just curious, if they still have the issue or whether they have fixed it.

    Can anyone would be able to test the below link with their Felix mobile data?


    Open with VLC or MX player. Should load a sky sports live stream, if it shows timed out or could not load stream, they still have network blocking.

    • Use a VPN

      Currently have CBS, CW, NBC etc all working
      Might end up cancelling my netflix and disney plus at end of subscription and i now have too much tv content to watch

      • What VPN do you use?

    • link forsnt eork on frix

  • Can anyone recommend an affordable 4G router to go with this?

    • Gl iNet Puli / XE300

    • Personally I'd recommend using a 4G phone - see if you have a spare in the house. Or pick a cheap one from Officeworks/JBHifi. It's often cheaper than a 4G router and will also be more inline with the user agreement.

  • +1

    had my service cancelled near end of the free month. it was in a vodaphone portsble modem. i got a warning from them that it had been detected snd they wiuld cancel after 7 days if not put in a phone.

    i think what tripped their system was that i was uding it fine in the modem but i briefly put it in sn iphone for a kayo number verificatoon and then back into the modrm. if it had just stayed in the modem then there would probably have been no problem.

    aldo i have noticed euth the modem that it starts out fast at 30mbs but seems to get shsped and slowed down to 2m s after a ehilr. lots of xbox updates. so my tip is to just usr it in sn okd iphone

    • but i briefly put it in sn iphone for a kayo number verificatoon and then back into the modrm. if it had just stayed in the modem then there would probably have been no problem.

      Why would that make a difference?

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