This was posted 4 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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McValue Meal $15.57 Delivered (50% off) with DashPass (60-Day Free Trial Available) @ McDonald's via DoorDash


DoorDash launched their subscription service today it seems. Pretty cheap TBH and their service has improved a lot last few weeks was close to ditching them.

For the launch, there's 50% off a Mcdonalds McValue box. its 4 burgers, fries and drinks, and costs $15.57 delivered!

Subscripitoin is also 60 day free trial and 20% off on IGA orders too. Freakin rippa deal!

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Referral: random (2029)

Referee gets $5-$15 off first 1-3 orders over $10-$20. Referrer gets $12-$20 credit once referee places an order over $20. Keep clicking to find the best offer for you.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • Sounds like DashPass is only available in Melb

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      Yeah, they launched nationally today in all areas they are (all states)

  • Any idea how long this is valid?

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      Saw 8th June or 50000 sold

  • Couldn't find any information about 20% off IGA orders - do you have any more information on that?

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      I cant seem to post pics, but was a banner on the app. Have to subscribe to see it though

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    Thanks for lunch

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    How long could you keep the burgers in the freezer or fridge?

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  • Damn, not valid for South Australia

  • Strange, I was able to sign up for DashPass but the McDonald's thing won't show on my main account, only newly created ones (I can't pay on new ones atm bc payment blocked).

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      Likewise, the deal has disappeared from the app

      ETA: It's back. Just ordered.

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    Saw the banner in McDonald's section for the deal, after signing up the banner is no longer there and price is still full price. Not sure how to seek support on the app

    Edit: just restarted the app and now the discount is applied

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    Weird? I ordered and worked. Its theres now for me?

    • Whereabouts did you find the Mcvalue box? Can't see it anywhere in the app or the website, I see the offer but that's it

    • Worked for me now too, had to restart the app and clear the data for some reason.

  • My local maccas were on the site earlier but now "Unavailable Temporarily closed". I guess some technical error or too many orders. Hopefully they come back available soon so I can join! :D

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    Doordash works poorly in my area. Out of 10 orders, 7 were late. 2 were late by >1 hour. App chat is terrible too. They just say sorry and there is nothing they can do except to either wait for a driver (food, already cooked at the restaurant, certainly will be cold by then) or cancel order altogether. They have issues with assigning drivers (dashers). Although to be fair this driver shortage is probably true also for other platforms, Doordash is the worst.

    • I had a bad experience recently too where the desktop map did not tell me order cancelled and no email. Rang the store directly who advised they hadn't used DoorDash in two months, so not sure how they could be listed as available. I rang doordash (at least they have option to call) but the person I was speaking with had no clue, then used the chat who I thought would have been a bot, but they offered $10 compensation when asked.

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      Yeah, I had a great experience for months, then for a month was shit. Now though, in Melb, I get 30 mins delivery nearly all the time and IGA and Reject shop orders are great

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    Nah, not ever touching Doordash again. Their customer service is a joke.
    They want 'photographic evidence'/screenshot in every situation.
    Naturally when I stated my order never arrived I had to try and "prove" that… I had to take photos of various 'possible delivery locations' only to be told that wasn't enough evidence - case closed, no apology, never refunded.

  • Bundled with shopback gift card for cheap feed

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    McValue offer still isn't showing up, after few restarts and clearing app data :/

  • says door dash pass not available, and im in melbourne 3000

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    Has any one got this offer today at all?

  • Just isnt working for me at all, I have the Dashpass and Im just ordering the McValue box with no additional orders or addons, only the delivery fee gets knocked off because of the dashpass.

  • You guys got to scroll through the banners in the mcdonalds menu to get the discount. Then click on the one with the 50% off one. Don't just order the McValue box on the normal screen. Should say 15 bucks when you checkout.

  • I ordered it fine with 50% off but had to cancel as I couldn't modify my order. Now I can't get the offer again.

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    Thanks OP, had a random $10 credit on my account so I got this deal for $5.47 🥳

  • Never again with Doordash - Have had my account deactivated four times (with all four cases due to system issues on their end).

    Almost on par with Deliveroo if not worse.

    Avoid at all costs.

    • FYI - make sure you check your accounts as I was also CHARGED for dashpass ($12.99) although explicitly signing up for the trial.

  • This is not happening at all for me? I keep trying via the app as well as the browser. I see the banner but nothing happens when i click on it?

  • Is the doordash pass 2months not 60 days?

  • Ordered from McDonald Sunshine VIC, shittiest joint around so bit my fault, and it was total garbage. Cold, taste shit. And most of they filled drinks with freaking 80-85% ice. All I enjoyed were fries.

  • doesn't stack with referral code (will use your referral code instead). also, one of the worst apps I have ever used. extremely frustrating to add payment method. you can add from desktop but it won't process your payment details until you take a picture of the card through the app on your phone to verify its your card… even then it failed multiple times and doesn't scan cards if it's not in a standard format