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Optus X Wave $49, Optus X Vista 4G $69, Optus Oppo AX5s $129, Telstra Samsung A11 $99 @ Woolworths


Hi all, I just noticed that Woolies online website has a number of their mid-range mobile phones (in the range of $150-300) for more than half price off.

I am considering grabbing one for a backup phone considering the price.

Optus X Wave - $49 ($100 off)
Optus X Vista 4g - $69 ($110 off)
Optus 4g Oppo Ax5s - $129 ($100 off)
Telstra Samsung A11 $99 ($130 off)

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  • Better to check JB out for today's wicked Wednesday sales, as these phones are bad

  • More expensive that target deal, but might be okay for those who missed out or have offers they can use to further reduce the price.

    Just a side note, people have mentioned funfoneshop in the past to unlock Samsungs. Their system doesn't support A11 (I tried), so you have to use the more expensive/time consuming routes to unlock. People during Target deal have also been unhappy with how difficult/expensive these phones are to unlock.

    Also for cheaper Optus phones, bear in mind bands used, as they may not be suitable for Telstra users even when unlocked.

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    If you want a cheaper unlocked a11, it is coming on sale at Aldi. At $149. While $50 more it is unlocked which saves all the hassles. Sales is in current handed out catalog, which is for next week.

  • See also the recent post for C3 and G8PL from Optus $99:


    The "X wave" and "Vista" have only 2GB ram and 16GB of storage, so avoid unless you really know what you are doing (which will be not much :)
    Though Wave does have NFC.

    • Holy shit, a phone w/ 2GB of RAM for under 50 bucks? Sweet.

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        Sure is cheap. But what are you going to use it for? Spare parts? Electronics project?

        That 16GB will fill in no time with google updates and a couple of apps, causing the average non-tech person a lot of pain.

        • I mean, I don't need it. But I bought a new iPhone 5C the other week for the fun of it, 8GB, just shy of 3 actually useable after OS updates. I'm getting by fine on it. That only has 1GB of RAM too. While I'm the obvious outlier, I do enjoy getting by with as little as needed and have been against the use of apps when a perfectly fine web version works fine for over a decade now.

          On the Android side, I bought a few phones with .5/1GB of RAM and similar storage the other week to (profanity) around with with the kiddo, walkie talkies and so forth, and the first one we've been using for a few weeks works suprisingly great, quick WiFi signal, Messenger (Lite) loads quickly and takes calls fine, camera's half way decent too (for less than the cost of a medium pizza), you'd be amazed what you can do with shit all specs and storage honestly.

          Hell, the phone she's got loaded up Vice City fine too, could probably handle Dreamcast and earlier emulation if you bothered, but I am not that interested.

  • Optus X Wave $49

    Tempting to upgrade. But for only $30 more…..

    If it drops any further, then yes.

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