Landcruiser 300 Discussion Post

Car to be officially unveiled in the early hours of June 10

There's been a bunch of leaks etc already, but will be good to finally have a proper reveal. Everyone has expected us to already know everything about it :/

Not sure if there's many fans on here, but hey it's been a long time coming for a new model!

Now, where's BurnerToasty to say how shit of a car it is?!

Update September

Well obviously a lot more information available now, with pricing and spec. Dealers should have demos available in mid October, but wait times are stretching out

Toyota Press Release
Handy article with grade walk-up

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    Not to take the mickey or anything but seriously why should people care/be excited about this? Ford's new electric truck is interesting as is the new Audi e-trons. Just not sure why anyone cares about a landcruiser with a slightly different look and a higher payload. Am I missing something?

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      A higher payload means a lot to the people who buy land cruisers - caravanners.

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      Not sure how either of those options are more interesting than a LandCruiser.

      • Electric motors are far better at getting something moving as from stopped as they produce maximum torque at zero rpm.

        This is night and day better than a combustion engine which start at zero torque.

        Combustion engines are relevant as fuel systems are significantly cheaper than batteries, we have a well developed fueling network and refueling is still quicker than recharging.

        But utes are usually work vehicles so price and refueling/recharging times matter.

        • +3

          Yeah, great if you only want to tow across town, across the country isn't going to work out too well is it.

          • @brendanm: Not at all. The F-150 Lightning is rated for 230 or 300 miles loaded. We are seeing confirmation of this with press vehicles reporting above 450 miles range unloaded.

            It won't work for grey nomads, DIDO miners more than 200km from camp and off grid campers venturing more than 100-150km from home. Most other people can work around the range/recharge issue if they can install a charger at home, or if caravaning, by planing their trip.

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              @This Guy:

              F-150 Lightning is rated for 230 or 300 miles loaded

              Wow, that'll be useful.

              or if caravaning, by planing their trip.

              Yeah, plenty of power points in the middle of nowhere.

              • @brendanm: People have driven around Australia on electric only. It just takes planning.

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                @brendanm: Kinda reluctant to wade into this but there's giant clue in that CA link. One of the main annoucement tweets was from Toyota UAE.

                Here's a clue… the primary market for Landcruisers, Nissan Patrols and big luxury full frame SUVs is NOT here.

                Sure there's some cashed up boomers who want to tow a caravan or motor yacht on a $100,000 Landcruiser but its obvious where most of these go.

                Am I interested in these? Not really because they dont fit the avg. Australian let alone the person here.

                By the same token do I have ANY interest at all in the Ford F150 EV? No. Its not coming here, at least in this form and not this year.

                Am I interested in whatever nonsense VW are putting out? Hell no. Further what relevance does that have to the Landcruiser?

                Obviously not aimed at Brendan, its clear he knows what's up.

                • @tonyjzx: The Middle East is a slightly larger LandCruiser market than Australia, but we are still the second biggest. We matter.

              • @brendanm:

                Wow, that'll be useful.
                Yeah, plenty of power points in the middle of nowhere.

                When you are right, you are right!

                Mines are everywhere. Where there are mines, there is the grid, or at worst, megawatt scale micro grids.

                But let's be real, yes, there are far more power points than fuel stations in the middle of nowhere, but that's kinda like relying on siphoning gas to get you some place. It is stupid. What you really want to do, is what most most non suicidal people do before driving remote and read a map, find out your refueling or recharging points before setting off and make sure you have back up plans in case one is out of diesel or the charger is broken.

                • @This Guy:

                  But let's be real, yes, there are far more power points than fuel stations in the middle of nowhere

                  Wow, you actually have no idea. Fuel can be stored in Jerry cans if you need more.

                  • @brendanm:

                    Wow, you actually have no idea. Fuel can be stored in Jerry cans if you need more.

                    Jerry cans are for water. Extended or auxiliary tanks are for fuel. And the vast majority of people with them don't need them. It's for convenience so they can fill up less regularly. Do you think people who live remote have money for such luxury as emergency fuel? It's city slickers like us sold lies buy people like me to get you to accessorise your vehicle so I make more money.

                    But if you need an extended tank so you can brave Frasier island, you do you.

                    • @This Guy: When an EV can do the Gibb River Road then you'll have a leg to stand on.

                      Till then, the Landcruiser (70/200/300) will still be the vehicle of choice.

                      And I personally don't see an EV capable of that for 10+ years.

                      We don't all live in small states…

                      • @spackbace:

                        When an EV can do the Gibb River Road then you'll have a leg to stand on.
                        And I personally don't see an EV capable of that for 10+ years.

                        Are you seriously saying you would drive a 660km dirt road without preping you car?

                        How is that any different to slipping the station manager a few notes to top off your EV over night on their genset?

                        It's not like a F150 Lightning doesn't have the range (~850km with just a driver, highway). It's just driving a road like that without detouring is kinda stupid.

                        Till then, the Landcruiser (70/200/300) will still be the vehicle of choice.

                        Yes. Because soo many people spend 40k extra over a hilux/ranger or prado/patrol/pajero to take it off road.

                        Landcruiser drivers are moving to Ram's because they tow more, are bigger, have a bigger engine, are more comfortable, and cost more. Those with money (to burn) are importing F150's

                        We don't all live in small states…

                        Ask uncle Clive and aunty Gina to start a few more mines.

                        I have no idea about WA's infrastructure, but if I was the kind of person to waste $400k on a ute (or whatever it costs to import a Lightning) I would be confident driving it remotely in QLD, SA and the NT

                        • +1

                          @This Guy: I would eat my left nut if an F150 can do 850km at highway speed on one charge. Not going to happen. I don't care what MKBHD's dump maths said. He's wrong.

                          • @DisabledUser100949: You are right. Highway speed would reduce that range significantly.

                            • @This Guy: The car does not have that range under any circumstances. Unless you drive it at 20kmh for a couple of days. It would need 200kwh in batteries to make that range.

                              • @DisabledUser100949: When you talk like that I have to look it up…

                                Looks like we are both wrong. Rated range is EPA range and should be consistent with driving at 70mph or 112km/h:


                                With that cross section and weight I can believe a 300 mile range at 70mph/112km/h can increase to 450 miles at 40mph/64mk/h.

                                That said, the lightning wasn't tested above. Until we see real world tests, this is all just fun.

                    • @This Guy: 😂😂😂

                      • +1

                        @brendanm: Half of Queensland is connected to the grid

                        Then you have the mines

                        Then you have the oil fields

                        All of those sites have either megawatt connections or generation.

                        Then you have the thousands of 10kW+ solar installs dotting the remote Australia.

                        And this is not a good idea, but remote communication shelters are going solar with large batteries and are poorly secured. The ACMA even gives you a free map.

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                        @brendanm: I don't think you know how electric motors work:


                        Link is for an ebike as they are easier to experiment with. Electric motors are massively more inefficient below their designed speed. That's why dump trucks and hyper cars use them. They ooze power getting upto speed.

                        You can improve efficiency with different designs, but a rule of thumb for motors is states inrush current ~= 6x rated current, meaning staring power is 6x higher than operating power, which you can see in the linked graph.

                        • +1

                          @This Guy: What the hell are you talking about. I understand how electric motors work. I was laughing at you suggesting that someone travelling Australia with a van would never need a long range tank. Learn to click the little @ so that you can see what someone was replying to.

          • @brendanm: Unless they're towing a coal fired power station

      • +2

        specially once you add the caravan and have to charge the batteries every few hours LOL!!!

    • How's your electric vehicle going to go towing a van across the country?

      • +3

        Very slowly

        • +5

          or very quickly then not at all

    • +2

      It's far too large for me but I see the appeal with the folks at the off road club whom mostly have Land Cruisers and Prados. They're rugged, reliable, carry tons of kit and great for towing caravans and trailers. Dependable vehicles going into the outback and relatively easy to replace parts.

  • +5

    My fridge looks more aerodynamic than the 300 series.

    I can expect to see a Sahara on my neighbours property sometime soon. He loves these things.

    No twin turbo V8 option. 🥺 That thing pulls like a train.

    • With a tune it pulls harder than I did as a teen. Borat voice Is nice.

  • +1

    Nice to see a new model hope to god they refresh the goddamn infotainment to todays standard.

    • +1

      I just hope they don't skimp on it. Saw pics of the American Highlander - nice wide-screen, then we get the 8" in the Kluger :( Even Camry has a 9" screen now

    • yes, it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

      • Is it wireless AC and AA?

        • Unlikely, but meh I'd rather be charging while using maps etc anyway

          • @spackbace: Spoken like a true salesman.

            • @DisabledUser100949:


              Nothing to gain on my comment. Was just a personal anecdote

              • @spackbace: Yeah, but a leopard doesn't change his spots.

        • no, wired USB A

          • @KMeister: Side note, updated Granvia is getting usb-c charging points, which surprised me

    • I'm not buying it if it doesn't have cassette tape player. I'll wait for next model.

  • +1

    Got more grille? Hope the Prado model gets a proper modern refresh too… With petrol engine…

    • With petrol engine…

      Will need a pig catcher ;)

      Though a hybrid 4.0L would be nice

    • I saw today that the new Kluger that's just been released gets a 185 kw hybrid engine. It's not far off the mark from the old petrol V6 powerwise (I think it was 202kw?), and if the next Prado is lighter than the current model (like the 300 series), it'd likely offer similar or better performance while probably offering diesel levels of fuel consumption (or better). If you didn't tow anything heavy, the Kluger's hybrid 4 cyl in the next Prado make more sense than the current diesel imo.

      I'd still love a hybrid V6 or even the return of the 4l though.

  • I’m keen to see the launch, only time will tell if it lives up to its predecessor though. Spec wise it is sounding good, even with the V8 going, but really comes down to capability and reliability for me.

  • More excited about the Kluger, been a long time since the current model went to run out.

    • The new one is bloody comfortable, but Klugers always are!

      • Unfortunately I don't get to see many cars in my job 😭

  • +3

    I love landcruisers and I love bargains. I'm not so sure this will be either.

    • These seem to be mutually exclusively concepts.

  • Not suitable for my lifestyle or needs, but have been following them since my dad's best friend bought one of those 4.2l turbo diesel models in 1992 for $72k! Can't believe they are like $150k today, but the 300's 3.3l turbo diesel with 700NM is well powered.

    Anyway, good to see these new engines, I am sure they will be reliable AF.

  • +1

    Man, I would seriously consider a little 300 but only if they address payload. It needs to allow full cab of occupants plus a minimum of 350 ball weight for it to be a viable option. Till then, my 200 stays.

    By Toyota’s own admission, it’s another update on the 200 rather than a full redo anyhow. I’m keen to see how the v6 diesel goes, and more interested on how they execute the proposed hybrid variant.

    I think the patrols recent success has put the wind up Toyota somewhat

    • +1

      So your 200 has been modded for GVM?
      Have a friend who had a modded one, and it was the only way he could stay legal once he added pull out draws into the back of the car. Out of the box vehicle payload was tiny once there was a big van on the hook…

      • Not yet, it’s on the list when I start adding bars and heavier stuff. For now I’m on stock suspension :(

  • -1

    Stranded asset

  • For the record, I never said and would never say a Landcruiser is a shit car. It's a great car, almost bespoke, my family used to own one back in the day, and that old 80 Series became my first car in the 1990s. Pity it was ever sold. I'm not a fan of Toyotas, but for Landcruisers and FJs, I'd make an exception. Even if they barely updated the 200 series throughout it's entire run, and it was woefully outdated inside and mechanically, it was still the gold standard in overlanding 4wds. I'm not sure about the change to V6 (or is it inline 6) in the 300 series, but if they update the gearbox, provide it with some decent torque (It needs to be over 700nm to be a market leader these days) and power (lets hope for at least 250kw), it should be a decent car. Lets hope factory triple lockers are standard.

    • Rumour:

      Let's start with the one most pertinent to Australia - the twin-turbo-diesel 3.3-litre V6. According to the documents, that powertrain will produce a whopping 225kW at 4000rpm, and 700Nm from as low as 1600rpm.

      • 225kw is pretty low for a vehicle that size, these days. 700nm is alright, but that's a bare minimum really.

        Realistically 300kw and 850nm+ is where you want to be if you're aiming for where the puck is going, not where it's at.

        Doesn't current Patrol V8 put out around 300kw? And it's 10 years old.

        • Doesn't current Patrol V8 put out around 300kw? And it's 10 years old.

          It's petrol only, probably uses twice the fuel the diesel cruiser would when towing. Plus it's ugly as sin. They should have kept the gu series alive.

          • @brendanm: A Landcruiser V8 isn't exactly light on fuel when towing. I thought the fuel usage difference was marginal, and more than made up by the difference in purchase price. The Patrol is significantly larger, and something like $40k cheaper for the top spec.

            If you want to tow, you don't want a Landcruiser, you want a heavy duty US pickup. Way higher towing rating and load capacity, and despite big 6.6L TD with way more power and torque, significantly less fuel usage when towing.

            • @DisabledUser100949: Also a minimum of 50k more. To get the 6.7L diesel, you’re looking at a 2500 size, which goes for 180k.

              Choose well, a car or a house deposit.

              • +1

                @HelpMeiCantSee: What do you reckon a New Sahara is going to go for? I reckon $160k loaded.

                • @DisabledUser100949: Bang on the money I reckon. That’s what people happily paid for the horizons, hell even some second hand ones went for that.

  • +1

    Here comes another one, just like the other ones… It will be more of the "same same" with LandCruiser. Slight body styling changes with a similar engine and drivetrain.

    LandCruiser would make a great basis for a hybrid vehicle though. Lots of space for batteries, lots of weight for momentum regen and mostly driven around inner-city suburbs by soccer moms to drop kids at school.

  • +1

    I love Landcruisers but to be honest I don’t know what to be excited about with this one. The only exciting part I would say for me is the v6 diesel. I’m hoping it’s a winner with long term reliability like the 1hz and unlike the v8.

    Really exciting news would be something like extra 500kg pay load or an automatic 70series or something like that.

  • I need a hands up from anyone who bought a 200 series for more than RRP just before release of the 300

  • Now announced with an interesting 'GR Sport' to follow:

    3.5L twin-turbo V6 petrol with 400hp not coming here. :(

    • +1

      Crazy that they are launching with only the low power diesel, when the petrol engine is clearly superior. I'm sure the difference in fuel economy wouldn't be that big (but you'd probably need premium in the petrol, which might be hard to come by in the outback).

  • Have seen these in the flesh now, very nice and comfortable tourers :)

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