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Up to 83% off (adidas Swift or Ultraboost Fr $39.99, Was $150/$260) + Delivery ($0 C&C/Spend $130) @ Hype DC


Also Adidas Ultraboost fr $39.99 (Sold Out for $39.99, other price still available)

more sale at HYPE DC while stocks last

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Hype DC

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    Ultraboost Size 4 bruh

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      Perfect gift for my 7 yo!

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    If you don’t care about the colourways (I do but use them for running/sports rather than casual) then $70 a pair is great and cheapest I’ve seen in a few months at least. Picked up one of each of the two fluro/zebra type shoes. Not bad for $140 - thanks OP

    • I got a nice colourway (UltraBoost 4.0 DNA black/gold) for $73 after the recent Cashrewards bday stackings!

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        Me too…for my son

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    Thanks - some decent kicks in there. Stacked with Combank rewards - $15 back on $100 spend.

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      Same here, I checked my commbank rewards after I saw your comment and got the offer. Thank you very much.

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        You're welcome. I am the same and rarely check it.

        • dang it, i purchased and didn't know about the commbank reward :(

  • cant see any $39.99 shoes on both the sites the lowest is $69

  • Anyone know how to paint shoes?

  • Don't forget commbank cashback

  • Just got the $39.99 deal swift pair :)

  • Got the $69 ultraboost in nice colourway, all the cheap ones sold out