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Canon EOS R5 Body - $4,999 + $10 Delivery & Other Canon Deals @ CameraPro


Best price I’ve seen on Aussie stock R5 bodies.

They also have the R6 for $3,399 and a bunch of other canon deals: https://www.camerapro.com.au/digital-cameras/shop-by-brand/c...

EDIT: Thanks to Danzter for pointing out that ShopBack also has 2.5% cashback for CameraPro at the moment

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    wow….also 2.5% cashback as well…that's about $125 off
    definitely the cheapest it's been in Aus

    now just for some decent RF lens sale

  • Wow great prices for Aus stock! Just need to sell my RP so I can get an R6…

  • Does anyone know how the giftcards work in DigiDirect. At the moment you receive $600 in a gift card buying the R5 with them so I guess if they will price match this and still offer the giftcards and the qantas points!

    • +1

      Rest assured. They won’t price match this one.

      • and in the unlikely event that they do, they will not be issuing a $600 gift card with it.

    • Very unlikely you'll get that offer.

      They were selling this for around $5700 just a few days ago and looks like the price went up $1k back to full retail just so they could offer you a $600 gift card.

      If you do get it though, let us know :)

      • +2

        I tried it online and they didn't match it because they don't have stock, so they are just doing back orders again without saying so. I called the shop in Bondi and they had one in stock, but they couldn't match the price and got offered it for 5.2k without the card. So no deal with Digi

  • Great price on the R5! Had a feeling it would come down to under $5k with EOFY after the $5069 price in April.

  • thinging to sell my r6 and get r5

    • What's your main reasons for doing it ?

  • +1

    Great price! Thanks Buz.

    There's a +0.75% surcharge if paying by CC btw (direct deposit option available).

  • It's a beautiful body to use, well worth the asking price. I've previously had the 5d Mark II / III and then and EOS R and I've been very happy with the R5.

  • I feel like the files would be too large for just a hobbyist, might opt for the R6 and use the extra coin on lenses, anyone have experiences with both these cameras?

    • Yep.
      Both great bodies. Really comes down to what type of photography you want to do and whether the R5’s video features will be if use to you.
      Alternatively, the EOS R is an absolute bargain at the moment! I use it for real estate, landscapes and street shooting where the R5 won’t have any measurable advantage.

  • Wow… price has jumped back up to $5,358!

    • Typical of that store. Their usual “oh s#1t, we priced it too cheap! Mark it as sold out then price jack it!!!” Moment. Really not a fan of the store but that price was a bargain.

      Edit: typos

      • Shame, was just about to grab it too!

      • Buz,

        I'm sorry you missed out on this deal, but your assertion about jacking up the price is incorrect. The initial allocation was sold in a matter hour hours, and management secured another allocation at that amazing price which was very unexpected. It was certainly a world beating price for the couple days it was running! The current sale price is still a fantastic price.


        • Your initial sale price was a fantastic price. The current price you've got is actually just the average price online now.

          There are several large (non-grey import) shops even cheaper still.

          Hopefully you'll get more in at the amazing price, else will grab one from the cheapest vendor b/w now and EOFY.

  • I believe with the current 2.5% cashback from Shopback, that brings it down to 5,224.05. I've not seen it cheaper than that?

    • Shopback is a hit and miss at times and sometimes doesn't pick up the sale, so it's a gamble for something this expensive.

      Ryda currently has it for $5,244.41 actual final price at checkout - no gamble.

      Amazon has dropped their price twice in the last week too, so chances are more shops will drop prices leading up to EOFY.