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Zero Trimmer - Groin and All-over Body Trimmer $69.99 (Was $89.99) + Free Shipping @ Zero Manscaping


The Zero Trimmer comes with an engineered ceramic blade engineered to precisely shave the groin and hard to shave regions. The teeth on the blade are designed to reduce cuts and scratches on the skin, leaving your skin hair-free, carefree! AFTERPAY AVAILABLE!

  • Zero cuts blade - Precision engineered ceramic blade.
  • Completely cordless
  • 100% waterproof - The Zero Trimmer is entirely waterproof and can be used in the shower.
  • Charger included
  • Perfect for shaving all areas of the body
  • The average battery life is 60-minutes after one full charge.
  • Multiple size guide - The Zero Trimmer is adjustable and comes with five different length guide combs.

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Zero Manscaping
Zero Manscaping

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    Testi-monials: Zero

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    The average battery life is 60-minutes after one full charge.

    If you need 60 minutes of charge to shave your bits, you'd be better off calling in Jim's Mowing!

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        If only the real life Jim wasn't such a complete whack job.

        Racist, eugenicist, conspiracy theorist, religious zealot (believes in abstinence even in marriage, but has a heap of kids to several wives/ex-wives). And a ruthless, predatory, corrupt businessman who has screwed over many people with his franchise agreements.

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      HAHAHAH! This comment had me and the whole team in stitches!

      Here is another 10% off.
      Discount Code: discount10

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    There are few reviews on youtube and internet on Manscaping products.

    Verdict: It's an easy to use and high quality trimmer. However it's not 100% skin safe, most people report getting cuts. For the price, it's not a bad buy, you can trim almost all the areas without problem. I would never recommend using anything like this on the balls and shaft though. Too risky.

    • or anywhere on the skin by your review to be honest…

    • Wax removal creams end up leaving you with better aerodynamics anyway

    • Hey o2saint,

      We'd actually love to hear directly from you!
      If you make an order, email us at "[email protected]" with your reference number and I'll make sure we add in some items free of charge.

      Here is another 10% off.
      Discount Code: discount10

  • You'd have to be brave using this on scrote wrinkles..

    • Hey "Justtorepy",

      Summon you inner "William Wallace" and take on the wrinkling scotoma!
      We believe and support you on this fight! Here is another 10% off to assist with fighting this battle.

      Discount Code: Discount10

      Ray - Zero Manscaping

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