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[VIC] BOGOF Bag Hot Jam Doughnuts (5 + 5) $8 + $15 Delivery ($0 VIC C&C) @ Queen Victoria Market


@VicMarket's iconic hot jam doughnut van is giving away a tonne of treats on Friday 4 June (that's tomorrow 🀯). Just order a bag of doughnuts through the Vic Market's online shop, and @adkqvm will throw in an extra bag free. Order before 10am Friday for same day delivery, or pre-order click and collect if you're within 10km of the market

American Doughnut Kitchen
Hot Jam Doughnuts (Bag of 5)

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    I'll assume you will deliver beyond 10km of Vic market
    What will delivery cost?



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        I am happy to pay for the delivery fee, if they would give away free doughnut to all the workers at the testing and vaccination stations. They made load of money every week, it's time to do something for the community!

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    "We deliver to more than 150 suburbs around Melbourne."

    3057 Brunswick East
    3056 Brunswick Lower
    3056 Brunswick North
    3055 Brunswick South
    3055 Brunswick West

    3122 Hawthorn
    3123 Hawthorn East
    3122 Hawthorn North
    3122 Hawthorn West

    3072 Preston
    3072 Preston Lower
    3072 Preston South
    3072 Preston West

    3073 Reservoir
    3073 Reservoir East
    3073 Reservoir North
    3073 Reservoir South

    3121 Richmond
    3121 Richmond East
    3121 Richmond North
    3121 Richmond South

    3182 St Kilda
    3183 St Kilda East
    3182 St Kilda West
    3004 St Kilda Road

    …. come on…

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    $15 delivery :'(
    Would've loved some jam doughnuts but not at $23 for 10 I don't.


    Me too

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    When the price of delivery is twice the price of the original product, it's not a deal

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      They'll be cold by then, this would be for locals mainly.

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    I'm willing to pay the delivery, these are amazing and I'm craving it. Where are the lists of suburbs they deliver to? I'm a bit lost

    The site doesn't have the donuts either

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        You could've written the exact same comment with the exact same link, just without the attitude, don't ya think?




            @life is suffering: Kundigans , idk, came up with it one day, I bet it means like , Kill Thy neighbor in some language or something disgusting.

            So yeah, short is Kundi πŸ₯

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          Attitude? Oh, I can show you attitude, then you would know. But, this was lighthearted.

          Obviously, you didn't watch all those funny specsavers ads.

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      This might be the list of postcodes they deliver to? Covers most of the inner suburb I think..



    Is this the same donut business that's been at the markets since the late 70s/early 80s? If so, they're fantastic. I wish that there was an equivalent in Sydney, or if there is, that someone could tell me where. The food options at Paddy's Haymarket are no comparison.

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      Perhaps Sydney is one of the listed suburbs? $150 delivery for you!


        Imagine tracking an UBER through their trip from Melb CBD to Sydney 😭😭πŸ₯

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    Sorry but BOGOF donuts is not a 'necessary goods or services' so nobody should be attending in person just to get this deal, delivery is expensive and limited.


      My BMI would disagree!

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    Sold out overnight for those wondering.


      What the…? They ran out of flour, eggs and milk in the market?


    Tried to click and collect between 12-1pm. Line is currently around 50 people long and isn't moving. Glad I paid with PayPal!