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50% off Brazil Peaberry Single Origin $19.99 Per kg + $7.99 Shipping @ Lime Blue Coffee


Posting my first deal so apologise if I have made any error.

I am a big fan of lime blue coffee . They are having a 50% off deal on the single origin Brazil beans. I loved it when I ordered them last time. Give it a try and I think it’s a really good deal. Enjoy !

You can also order 2* 500gm bags and it will cost you around $2.99 extra with the deal 😃

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Lime Blue Coffee
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  • +3

    I did lime blue once, convinced me to spend extra and goto a well known roaster

    • I didn't love the first bag I got from them, but it may of course have been me just not liking the taste of the beans

      • +3

        Surprised to hear the poor reviews here. Had Blue Lime a couple of times and they've been some of the best I've had (probably 3rd place behind P&R and MIO, but 1st place for value, if I had to think about it 🤔).

        If you're a first-timer, give them a go…

        • P&R never on sale though……

        • What would you recommend from P&R and MIO? Have never tried any of them and would love to try. Thanks!

          • +1

            @alvin17: I recommend directcoffee - padre or proud Mary. Although double the cost of this.

          • @alvin17: Their entry-level blends are fantastic… I really should try their higher shelf stuff…

        • Wow wow wow thank you immensely for your orders, continued support and outstanding vote of confidence, it's tremendously appreciated by our small hard working team and helps fuel us to continue striving to make the Lime Blue Coffee experience better and better :) :) :)

        • How do you rank Bay Beans?

    • Just out of interest, what coffee did you order? I’ve had a few different varieties now and there is some I prefer over others.

    • +2

      I loved their organic Peru blend. It depends on how you brew it too. It was perfect for a filter coffee.

      • Wonderful to hear, woohoo! I'm so happy to know you "love" our Peruvian Single Origin, it was def a favourite for us and the Oz B Community :)

        Thank you again so much for the order and terrific feedback, it really does make a positive difference for the team!

        You're 100% spot on, how the coffee is brewed has a huge impact on the flavour :)

    • +2

      Morning :)

      I sincerely appreciate the candor of your feedback, it's unfortunate to hear that after one try you jumped to more expensive options. However, we fully acknowledge that coffee flavour is quite subjective and it's impossible to roast coffee that everyone will love. Looking at your follow up comments below it looks like you're keen on light roasts (the Proud Mary comment). We roast omni/medium. We may potentially offer a filter/light roast down the track, but there's no concrete plan to go down that path.

      Anyway thanks again for sharing and giving us a shot last year (guessing that's when you ordered, every day we aim to get better and better), please know we did appreciate the 2020 order and always try our best to create a great Lime Blue Coffee experience with every order :)

      • +2

        Not trying to bash the little guy, glad there's more guys roasting and choice for us coffee nuts - that's always good.

        • +2

          I sincerely appreciate your response, it really does mean a lot!!!

          I also appreciate that it can be frustrating when you spend your hard earned money on a product only to find it's not to your liking. Even if I believe we delivered what we promised and know that coffee flavour is subjective, different strokes different folks, I can 100% identify with your side of the table. Happy brewing and best wishes for finding the perfect coffee for you :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: If you get something like a Proud Mary Humbler - lighter/medium roast, i think you have a winner. The tolerance on that roast is amazing for espresso - works well dark or white.
            I single dose into the grinder and cant really find a way to screw it up, the sweetness and finish are great - i think the right blend for general masses.

            To be fair i also disliked Pablo & Rusty (think its rubbish) and Axil. Marketlane is ok not great. In my opinion.

            • @Ohmatokito: I’m in the same boat, every time I try a cheaper bean I find on here, I always end up disappointed and go straight back to Proud Mary Humbler (or sometimes AngelWings) and just cop the higher price, it’s just that good. Let me know if you ever find an alternative that is similar that doesn’t cost $60+ per kg!

              • @bargainator9: Im liking the Padre Luckyboy blend at the moment

                • @Ohmatokito: Will give it a go. I went off Padre years ago after their coffee went to crap. Was awesome when they first opened though (I think around 2005), so willing to give them a second chance! $240 for 6kg is quite a bit cheaper than proud Mary @ $360.

            • @Ohmatokito: Agree with the sentiment here. Bought a kg bag from the last sale and I am not a fan. Will be going back to proud Mary.

    • +2

      Same boat - sort of. Had their South Central blend. Nice - but didn't push enough of my buttons. Had the same sort of experience with Airjo (Sumatra).

      At this price - do try them. Nothing to lose!

      I've probably enjoyed the Pablo and Rusty (Porter St) the most. Undercover Roasters 'White' was appreciated here too. And Inglewood 'Sunset Blvd'.

      I suspect that half the battle is to get everything 'dialed in' when you change beans - always a risk that your first few shots won't be representative of what you can achieve after adjustment.

  • +4

    Having to drink 1kg of coffee you don't like is torture

    • +3

      Try different brewing methods and adjust grind settings too.

      Stovetop mocha maker and filter will produce different tasting coffees.

  • +1

    I have ordered 2kg in the last deal. It is delicious. I have it every morning. Attempting to get some more…

    • Woot Woot that's amazing to hear, thank you truly for placing another order with us and the "delicious" comment, both really do mean a lot to us!

      Super happy to know Lime Blue Coffee is part of your morning routine to kick off your day :)

  • Would someone recommend to store it in the fridge?

    • +2


    • +1

      I vacuum seal and then freeze. Seems to do the trick

    • I've tried to store unopened bag of beans in freezer and it went bad after 2weeks. I think you need to have a special storage container for the beans

    • +1

      I would. Get all the air out. It’s a one way valve, so seal the bag > press to get as much air out as possible. Chuck it in the fridge.

  • +1

    I did try these beans, I didn’t like in the beginning but it got better. I think after roasting these beans need to wait about 10 days. Now when I receive the bag, open the bag air it, the seal it back and use after 10 days.

    • +1

      Most beans have a 7-10 day settling down period. The one way valve in the bag helps releasing the extra gas during that period.

      • Nice comment!

        I think super fresh coffee is awesome, however, for espresso it is a good idea to wait a few days if possible. If you're making filter coffee then it's all good to start making coffee whenever you want. Happy brewing :)

    • Morning :)

      Thanks for your recent order with us, it really did mean a lot and was appreciated!

      Love the troubleshooting action, depending on the method you are using to make coffee, it can be a good idea to wait a few days :)

      • +1

        I make long black. And it’s better after 10 days wait.

        • +1

          I agree 1000%. Even for milk based coffee.

  • +3

    Lime Blue, if the associated account is reading this post, please bring back a deal in 3 weeks time… I was in need last week and plumped for an AIRJO deal, but you've got my business every time at these prices 👌

    • +5

      You can ask delayed dispatch when you place an order. I use it all the time when I have more than enough beans atm.

      • Spot on, I really appreciate you helpfully jumping in here :)

        Thank you so much for all your orders to date, your continued support really does make a positive difference to the team!

    • +3

      Last time I asked it to be delayed by a month and no issues. Sent them a note after three weeks since I ran out earlier than expected and it was delivered 3 days later.

      • Love your example. I'm so glad our level of flexibility is a real winner for you. Please feel free to bring on more changing delayed requests, they are most welcomed and have a side bonus of keeping the team on our toes; Covid has highlights how important business agility is…challenge accepted!!!

        Thank you for all your orders with us, they truly mean a great deal to the whole team and we're looking forward to your next delayed dispatch order :) :) :)

    • +1

      Wow thanks for sending through such a fantastic comment!!!

      You're welcome to jump on the deal now to lock in the price and supply with an accompanying order note to request dispatch of fresh coffee "in 3 weeks time" :)

  • idea of code expiry?

    • +1

      7th June unless sold out

      • Nice short and sharp answer, thank you :)

  • -1

    I tried the Peru single origin twice and wouldn't rate it. I'll wait for another AirJo deal

  • +2

    I didn't buy this time but the coffee from the deal a few weeks ago were great. It took me 2 weeks to get the settings right so I am enjoying the last 1.5kg of remaining coffee beans.

    • Awesome, love that you have found our fresh coffee to be "great," woohoo!!!

      Thank you so much for your recent order with us, the team really appreciated it. Now you've sorted the grind setting, you're welcome to order via this deal and request delayed dispatch for when you think you'll get through the remaining 1.5kg. Of course, this is only if it suits you well, not pushing for the sales just laying out the options :)

      2 weeks sounds like it had the potential to be frustrating for you, unless you're a fan of tasting coffee at different settings haha If you ever find dialing in your grinder a tad fiddly please don't hesitate to shoot us an email, hopefully we'll be able to troubleshoot remotely and fast track your dial in time :)

  • +3

    Gah… every time these coffee deals happen I have either just received a kilo of coffee beans or have just ordered and am waiting on them to be delivered. Maybe one day it will line up with when I need more fresh coffee

    • +1

      I look forward to the day we can nail our deal timing perfectly for you, so you can give us a shot (an opportunity we will not take for granted)!

      If you'd like to nudge perfect timing into alignment, you're welcome to take advantage of our current deal and leave an accompanying order note requesting a delayed dispatch request to ideally suit you :)

  • +1

    After reading the comments on here from the affiliated person I'm going to try another bag, I'm sure the last one was just my tastebuds. Cant wait to try

    • Thank you truly for giving us another opportunity Trav, your repeat order and thoughtful comment truly means a lot to us and sincerely will not be taken for granted by the team!!!

      When you have the time would you mind sending us an email or an Oz B dm? :)

  • +1

    I liked what they did with the peaberry. It does what the label says and didn't get overpowered by the milk.

    I'm not sure what darkness of roast it is though. Seems a step darker than medium.

    • What a wonderful vote of confidence to receive, thank you immensely, your candid comments mean a great deal to the team, it's music to our ears!!!

      To each their own. Ironically this one is actually a touch lighter than the other coffees we currently roast (except our SWP Decaf which is our lightest roast). It may look a touch darker than our other coffees to the human eye, this is a result of it being a Natural Processed and Peaberry (less surface area than reg size beans) coffee. However, from a technical perspective (colour reading analysis, % mass/moisture loss after roasting and roast profile) it's def a very slightly lighter roast than our two blends currently available :)

  • +3

    I've bought quite a bit from lime blue over the last 6 months, so happy to share my thoughts. I generally like all of their beans, but for me the last run of the Brazillian peaberry was the pick of the bunch. Lots of good flavour, not overly complex but interesting enough to keep my attention for the whole kilo. Just tastes like bloody good coffee with milk. I don't usually drink coffee black, but as a shot, it becomes more interesting with only minimal bitterness- probably one of the more enjoyable shots I've had. Coffee comes out tasting pretty good even when I've royally mucked up my grind- but i did read here last time someone just couldn't get the grind right no matter what. Each to their own, but I rate the beans quite hightly for my taste.

    • WOW WOW WOW thank you immensely for your continued support, as well as taking the time and care to share such a detailed and wonderfully complimentary Lime Blue Coffee experience!!!!!

      Detailed feedback like this really does mean the world to the team and pushes us to think outside the box about what more (there's always more that can be done) we can do to improve our customer experience :) :) :)

  • +2

    So I got into grinding my own coffee last year and found I was a huge fan of Ona coffee, but by god I've only just realised how expensive they are. Ona is $80/KG…

    Placed an order to give Lime blue a go, looking forward to it.

    • It's awesome that you've switched to grinding your own coffee, it does make a huge impact on the experience!

      Thank you so much for giving us a shot, it's sincerely appreciated by the team, we hope you love our fresh coffee :)

  • +3

    I've ordered it before.
    I've order it now.
    It's good, just do it.

    • Woot Woot, love it, our first complimentary poem, thank you incredibly for your continued order and support, it really does mean so much to our small hard working team!!! :) :) :)

  • +1

    Hi @LimeBlueCoffee
    can you explain your guide on the front of the bag for a noob like me? not sure how to read that

    • We sure can, you don't know until you know (how to interpret the guide) so great question :)

      First, thank you so much for placing what I expect is your first order with us, you giving us a shot it a much appreciated opportunity we will not take for granted!

      Second, woohoo for the fresh coffee you ordered on Friday arriving within 1 business day :) :) :)

      Third, so I can provide the optimal answer to your question, could you please let me know exactly how you currently enjoy coffee? Espresso machine, Stovetop, Pour Over, Plunger..? Do you have a grinder or did you order pre-ground? Do you have you coffee black or with milk? If black and you have an espresso machine, it is a short or long black?

      Know there's a mouth full of questions above, but it the best way to the right answers leading to a delicious kick start tomorrow morning :)

      • thanks for the reply!

        I got the whole beans and will be grinding it for an espresso machine. I almost always have it with milk alternatives - soy, oat or almond. If I have the odd black, it's a long black.

        thanks! ;D

        • Awesome response, thank you!

          Below is what you should focus on (please ignore the filter info on the bag). To follow the guides you'll need a small kitchen/coffee scale. If you don't have one of these you can just use a phone stopwatch and a glass with volume measurements. If you don't have a glass with measurements then just punt it, with practice you'll be able to pull decently consistent shots by repeating the exact same system you create and paying attention to the visual look of the shot assisted by the stopwatch:

          • Long Black Guide 1 : 2.25 ratio, this pertains to the ratio of dry coffee in the basket compared to espresso liquid extracted, this will only be helpful to you if your coffee basket is not a 58mm double shot basket, as such you will likely need to use less dry coffee. First, fill up your glass/cup 3/4 full with hot water, the coffee shot should flow on top of the hot water. Second, here's the coffee guide explained in a bit more detail; use 20 grams of dry finely ground coffee in the coffee basket : you are looking to extract 45 grams of espresso : the duration of the coffee extraction should be around 28 seconds

          • Alt Milk Based Guide 1 : 1 Ratio, as mentioned above the ratio is only needed if you have a smaller basket than a 58mm double shot. Here's the coffee guide explained in a bit more detail; use 20 grams of dry finely ground coffee in the coffee basket : you are looking to extract 20 grams of espresso : the duration of the coffee extraction should be around 18 Seconds

          Essentially the above two versions result in you going through the exact same process, the difference is that with the alt milk guide, you'll be stopping the shot at 18 seconds rather than 28.

          Any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out again :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: thanks for that. i pull only double shots. does that mean none of this applies? >___<

            • @freestyle18: Great clarification seeking and additional feedback!!!

              The long black guide ratio is this Single Origins equivalent of a double shot and the alt milk based is a double ristretto. I'd recommend trying the above as recommended before jumping straight into a double shot, nothing wrong with a double shot, just no harm in trying the double ris first to see if you enjoy it. If you find you need a bit more oomph to your alt milk based coffee you can either use the double shot recipe or stick with the double ristretto recipe with the slight tweak of only filling up your glass/cup 3/4 full with milk instead of topped up :)

  • Anyone else here except me that doesn't like to pay for shipping?

    • Morning :)

      I understand your sentiment here, I've been in the same boat before. Unfortunately we simply cannot source the high quality coffee we do, keep our prices the same, offer free shipping and stay afloat. Our deals have slim margins and only work economically speaking with volume, which is why communities such as Oz Bargain are so wonderful, they provide the potential for a win-win situation for all. If we offered free shipping with this deal each order would actually cost us money.

      If your compare the cost of our flat rate shipping with the cost of transport to a store in-person, let alone adding in the cost of your time traveling there and back, our shipping cost would put you way ahead :) I'm just speaking from personal experience as I used to dislike paying shipping costs, until I did a quick analysis after getting stuck in traffic to save on shipping haha For example, by driving to a store you could save $7.99 on shipping, minus 30 minutes traveling (15 mins there and 15 mins back including parking), minus 15 minutes in the store walking around and waiting in line. You currently have 24 hours in a day, minus ~8 hours sleep, this leaves you with 16 hours to live life. Saving $7.99 on shipping takes .75 hours, in other words spends 5% (.75/16=0.046875) of the live life part of your day. Furthermore, this equates to you valuing your time at $10.65 per hour (10.65*.75 = 7.9875) minus fuel and other travel expenses.

      Hopefully my take on this doesn't frustrate you. I know the above doesn't result in free shipping, but I hope it helps lessen your dislike for paying shipping :)

      • Good analysis!

  • +1

    Another +1 for Lime Blue. I've been through a few kg's of their beans (buying during these deals) and will definitely be buying again in the near future.

    • +1

      Woohoo for that terrific compliment, +1 and strong vote of confidence, we sincerely appreciate your continued orders and support, thank you truly!!!

      I'm so glad that we're in your +1 good book, we'll keep working hard to stay there :) :) :)

  • +1

    Gave it a test drive ystd and really liked the flavour profile! I always have a tough time describing coffee but it's very different from the airjo columbia which I also love

    • Woohoo that wonderfully to hear, thank you so much for taking the time to share that awesome feedback!!!

      I'm so happy to know this uniquely delicious SO is a real winner for you :) :) :)

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