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Anko 5W Wireless QI Charging Pad Wood $5 (Was $15) in-Store /+ $3 C&C ($0 with $20 Spend) /+ Delivery ($0 with $65 Spend) @Kmart


I was looking for a cheap QI charger to charge my old 2nd Gen Nexus 7 tablet as the micro usb port has been playing up. Ampere shows between 230mA - 390mA and averages about 330mA on a Comsol 2amp charger. Not too bad for a fiver. Heaps of stock at the Marrickville metro store.

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  • Had quite a few in stock at Castle Hill too when I return this same one for $10 yesterday
    For $5 I might even buy again..

    • Why you returned? Charging is too slow?

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        username checks out

      • I didn't even open it to test but not interested in it being 5W

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    Thanks OP - seems like a good deal. Dislike the $20 minimum spend for free click and collect though (just means I'll be returning the other $10 worth of goods when I go get the 2 chargers).

  • anyone know if this has a light on it? seems most qi chargers have a light to show whether it is charging or not, and I find it very annoying..

    • Yes, it has a white light when not charging and it turns to blue when in use.

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      I am just like you, I can't stand the light. So many Qi chargers say "sleep friendly: Our LED is gentle on the eyes". I want no lights!

      So I bought 3 off Amazon that looked promising and I have kept one! One was the Anker Magsafe puck style one - I have a Samsung phone so it actually didn't work on it, starts charging but then stops, if you have an iPhone that would be a good choice.

      I ended up keeping this one: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07L2Z9HXH
      It has a big green light that comes on for 10 seconds then fully turns off, even if the phone is fully charged and stops charging it stays off.
      My phone Galaxy S20 FE does not fast charge on it - I think it has something like 7.5W. However as I am just using this overnight I want it to slow charge and keep everything cool - it has 8 hours to do this.
      The stand sits a little high for my liking but it's not a deal breaker. The stand is nice for alignment in the dark.

  • It may be store specific, my local one still scans $15

    • That's strange, as they are $5 on there website… maybe get the store to check that

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    Probably good for an old phone, otherwise 5W are pretty slow in charging these days

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      If you are using it for a bedside overnight charge, slow is better. It helps battery life.

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    IKEA wireless charger has a small light next to the power port. You may want to consider it for $7

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      I am using an IKEA $7 one. It is a problem for me. sometimes it will cut off automatically even if the phone (iphone) was not fully charged.

      Compare the IKEA $7 version and this Kmart version. I will pick a Kmart one. IKEA one may have a better build quality. but the Kmart one works perfectly to charge my phone to 100%. The maximum output for me is about 5.0V, 1.20A.

      • Ikea have a pretty good return policy, it may be a faulty unit.

  • Does this charge a phone with the case on?

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      Yes it does, however it does charger quicker without the case.

      • Thanks, got it and it indeed charges with a moderately thick case.

        The phone says "wireless charging" when it's connected via a slow (5V) charger, but when connected to a fast (9V) charger, the phone reports "fast wireless charging". Not sure if it's actually any quicker though yet.

  • Spotted these for $3.50 at kmart Stanhope gardens, NSW

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