Something to Draw Digital Art

My nephew {12} enjoys drawing and is pretty good. I would like to get him something that he can use specifically for this into the digital world

I Could just get him a tablet but thought there might be something with a stylus thats made for this.

Also any app suggestions welcomed



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    iPad pro 12.9" M1 2TB + pencil

    • Stingy uncle; no case.

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      And make sure you get the cellular model, too, or how else would he share to the digital world?

      • The iPad Pro, Apple pencil 2 coupled with the Procreate app are the ideal combination ….plenty of tutorials and youtube videos to learn the basics and then much more….favourite Uncle forever more

  • I've used the Remarkable for note taking and sketching:

    I bought mine (1st generation) in 2019, the software has improved significantly, and it still receives updates.

    I like it because it feels more like paper and less like writing/drawing on glass. I didn't like the experience on Surface or ipad for note taking and drawing.

    I'm not an artist, but more skilled people do some amazing things. Check some videos and reviews on Youtube:

    EDIT: regarding apps, I have the paid version of Bamboo Paper for Android; it's really nice for tablets/phones. Not sure if that's available for ipad.

    • I'd love one of those but hesitant at the price tag. Is it worth it?

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        It was worth for me. Was taking notes for two years and I enjoyed it. It is expensive but the only option I saw with paper feeling (or closer to that). For drawing, it's only black, white and grey, so it might not be ideal if you use colours.

        Check the group on Facebook and online reviews to have a better idea.

  • I use a Wacom One, plugs right into a laptop/desktop. Came on sale at Aldi a couple of years ago.

  • Even the basic iPad paired with an apple pencil is fine for a 12 yr old @ 800 for the combo. If you want to go even lower - the Samsung tab S6 lite is 400something and it comes with a stylus. The range of drawing apps on Android isn't as great as iOS but it's a good way to begin.

  • procreate app for ipad. It is incredible. I use it every day (teacher, and uni student)

  • I recommend looking a Wacom Intuos, or if you have the money I recommend a Cintiq.