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Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller (Android Edition) $79.18 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


I have been waiting for a drop in price for this for awile now. I am pretty sure this is the cheapest I have seen it.

Clickable Analog Thumbsticks for Great Accuracy and Tactile Feedback: Refine your aim and execution with a familiar console controller experience, supported by an array of face and bumper buttons, as well as a D-pad for extra inputs.

Fits Most Android Devices for Seamless Compatibility: The controller’s flexible design allows it to be stretched and clamped on a variety of phones and tablets, providing a secure hold that’ll never come loose.

Latency-Free Game Play for Smooth Control: Unlike wireless Bluetooth controllers which produce lag, this controller has zero latency because it connects directly to your device’s charging port—which means instant button response.

Type C Charging Port to Charge Your Device While in Use: If your phone or tablet is running low while you’re gaming with the controller still attached, simply hook up a charging cable to the controller itself to get the device charging.

Ergonomic Design for a Comfortable Handheld Grip: Designed for long gaming sessions, the controller feels great to hold and has optimized button placements to make sure each button press feels natural and intuitive.

Cloud Gaming Compatible for Next-Gen Gaming: With the reality of playing AAA releases on any screen, having the controller attached to your device provides a form factor convenient and portable enough to truly game anywhere.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +17

    Pretty cheap for this society that we live in

    • +1

      costs more than my phone. bargin

  • +7

    This controller was designed for use with Game Pass.

  • +3

    Good deal. Fits an Oppo Find X2 Pro pretty well once the rubber grips are removed.

    • rubber grip,?

    • Is that with or without a (slim) case on the phone?

      • I'm using the clear rubber case that was included with the phone in the box and it's a good fit in the Kishi without rubber grips. No need to remove the case.

        • thank you, orderrd one

    • Can you fit the Oppo find x2 pro with the box included clear silicon Case with this controller on the end?

  • +4

    Have anyone tried this with ps5 remote play for android? Any ways to make it work?

    • +7

      For remote play, I'd recommend an app called Chiaki.

      I use it for PS4 (it supports PS5 now) and works great with my 8bitdo controller. Supports any other BT controller too so this should be fine.

      EDIT: Didn't realise this is not a BT controller, but either way should still work, as long as the phone recognises a gamepad is connected.

      • +2

        I can confirm this works with Chiaki for remote play.

        • That's Supereb, i just ordered one :-)

    • Works well with the app called 'PS Play', it's a paid app but I can confirm it works with this controller unlike the official app. Works well enough to play rocket league online matches.

  • +4

    I bought this to use with my Note 8 and Note 10+. Great piece of controller and works natively with a lot of Android games. Eg, it's the only controller I have that works with Real Racing 3. I have XBOX, PS4, 8bitdo (various).

    I use it for Game Pass and this setup has replaced my Nintendo Switch. I bought it this when it was $98ish. I'd buy again at this price just for back up it's that good.

    Word of warning though, it's powered by your phone USB C connection and even when not in use, it's draining the battery. So disconnect it when not playing anymore.

    • thanks for the feedback - brought based on your recommendation
      also honey pricing reports
      This item’s price is 21.6% lower than we’ve seen at Amazon Australia in the last 30 days.
      Estimated delivery - Monday, Jun 21


      • +1

        Yes, I just bought a second controller and chatted with Amazon to refund the difference from my earlier purchase at $98.

        If you haven't done so, be sure to check out the YouTube reviews of it. The controller is designed to clamp a phone that is not in a case - it won't work straight away with phone in cover. It's an easy adjustment though as you can remove from the controller its rubber holders which will then have the phone and phone cover fit nicely (at least that's how it works for me)

        Note 8 with Spigen Armour
        Note 10+ with factory supplied cover.

        Also, there's no difference in performance between this or the XBOX variant, other than some button icon changes.

        • Thanks for the tip. Didn't realise how easy it was to remove the rubber holders. Now fits my S20 FE with its case.

      • Bought for value purposes.

    • What do you play on Game Pass? is it streaming to your phone via local network or you talking about xCloud?

      • Game Pass streams to my phone from my XBOX which is hooked up to my home network. When at home, it obviously plays over WiFi but when out and about, it's playing/streaming over 4G network (I don't have 5G).

        I also play xcloud which is streaming from a server XBOX rather than my home XBOX.

        • Do we have access to the full xcloud library yet? Haven't checked in a while.

          • @Feelsbad: No when compared to the likes of US.

            • @Porker: Checking my Xbox app on phone now and it says Australia isn't supported for xcloud?

              • @turna: You'll need to sign up for beta testing of xcloud online, and then they send you an invite. Once you get that invite, the app works.

                It's Game Streaming App, not Xbox App that xcloud works on.

  • +1

    awesome. didn't know about this.

  • +2

    Just a heads up, not compatible with the Oppo A52. I bought it earlier this year for my son and the phone wouldnt detect it. I contacted support and they said they have no plans to make it compatible so I had to return it.

    • Same with OnePlus 7T Pro, won't detect at all. But works fine with Pixel 5 and S21 Ultra, but the later was just too big to fit in!

      • Works with my one OnePlus 7t Pro, but the pass through charging doesn't.

      • Turn on your OTG function and you will find it actually works. The only drawback is that you can't use the charging port on the controller…

  • +1

    does anyone try this with xiaomi poco x3 NFC, looking at the dimension it seems like it wont fit.

    • +1

      I just googled and saw this https://www.reddit.com/r/PocoPhones/comments/j6nd73/poco_x3_...

      I use the Poco X3 with a Razer Kishi now. The X3 is larger than the Kishi's officially supported size, but it fits with a little gentle force. I had to cut a small piece of rubber padding off the Kishi to make the camera fit, too. But it fits great now, is very stable, charges through the Kishi and has correct stereo channels.

      And also this https://www.reddit.com/r/AndroidBattlestations/comments/n4d2...

      The latter is for the X3 Pro but it's all the same dimensions.

      TL;DR it'll fit if you remove the rubber padding, even with a case.

      • +1

        Legend mate! thanks for the info!

    • I have, can confirm it works great, little bit of a stretch to get it on but works flawlessly :)

  • Does it work with Galaxy s20 5e

    • +2

      Supported Phone Dimensions

      Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+, S20, S20+, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra
      Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 10+
      Google Pixel 2/ 2 XL/ 3/ 3XL/ 4/ 4XL
      Razer Phone 1 & 2 (grip inserts available from customer support)
      Other devices within supported dimensions (145.3 – 163.7 mm x 68.2 - 78.1 mm x 7.0 - 8.8 mm)
      • +1

        Can't just look at dimensions, the Oppo A52 fits but won't detect the controller. Best to contact them to be sure.

  • Make sure your phone will fit this. Won't fit my Realme 6 based on the specifications and when I posed the question to Razer

  • Does it need usb c for data or just power?

    My phones usb c port is cactus. I charge wirelessly.

    Min phone specs for Xbox streaming?

    • Usb C for data and power. Data for input of signal. You won't need external power to operate it, but it is required should you wish to charge your phone while controller is connected.

      Xbox streaming is basically only video streaming, like YouTube or Netflix - not demanding

      • Damn. Data. Im screwed.

        • Have you tried cleaning out the port?

          I had a similar issue with my old Pixel 2 XL which was caused by lint. I just used the hook end of a tooth floss stick

          • @Wyn-Ryder: Yeah i have. It's always been dicky but now it's no good.

            Between that and the yellow screen tint I got a real dud straight out of the box. But thought it was too hard to complain to mobileciti given it technically did work.

  • I have the iPhone one for $55 from Telstra plus a while back.
    The annoyance is having to remove the case. Otherwise works fine streaming ps5/steam.

    • +1

      On the android one you can keep the case on if you just pop out the rubber inserts inside the controller grip. They are easy to put back in later. Worked fine for my previous s20 FE and my pixel 5 in cases.

      • I’ll have a look!

  • +1

    Will it fit a galaxy fold?

    • +2

      Won't fit fold 2. Gamesire x2 is alternative for fold 2

      Razer won't fit as the clamp will prevent it from connecting the usb c port to the phone.

      • +2

        Thanks for the info. How is the performance of the gamesire

        • +1

          Sorry, I meant to say Gamesir, not Gamesire.

          My brother uses the x2 with his fold 2. He prefers the kishi because of dedicated D pad, but only the x2 of the two will fit that phone.


  • So.. What's the best phone to put in here for screen size and colour? Without $$$

    (because I won't use it as a phone.. It's purely for the kishi because the usb port on my lg v30 is cactus so my lg won't work on the kishi)

    • +3

      If you want an oled, the least hassle will probably be a second hand flagship. Old samsungs S8 and onwards can do the job ok. Lg v30 or g7 onwards will be pretty good too.

      If you don't mind tinkering a bit to shut the phone up, poco x3 Pro (cheapest and most powerful, but no oled), redmi note 10 Pro (good screen but less powerful), and poco f3 Pro (most expensive but great spec) are all contenders.

      • Thanks. I'm running a v30 lol so bit sad there.

        I googled and found it difficult to know which non Samsung/razer/apple phones worked because the official compatibility list is garbage.

  • will it work with OPPO FIND X2 PRO?

  • I guess the games would be cheaper than switch games. So that is a positive.
    Will the LG V50 thinQ work?

    • Want to know this too

  • Any deal on the iPhone version?

  • Anyone with a LG V30+ or ROG phone 5 know if this is compatible?

    • The V30+ fits well.

  • +5

    Impulse bought. I don't even have use for this, but I bought it so that I would shut my brain up and stop thinking about buying a new 3dsxl when I have a 2ds already.

    • Same here,.. though I'm sure I'll play with my new toy for at least one day until I realise how addictive gaming can be especially when I have more important things to do like find a job to pay for these luxuries lol

  • This is good but I don't think the ergonomics are that great. It's not uncomfortable but it's in no way perfect.

    • More ergonomic then using thumbs though surely..

      • My sore thumbs purchased this for me.

  • +6

    I haven't logged into ozbargain for months
    I login and see this
    I buy this
    I don't need this

    • Now sell me this pen

      • +1

        Where's my ketchup?

  • Upvoted even though it won't fit with my Note 20 Ultra, which is a shame.

  • Apparently works with the OnePlus 7 Pro - can't wait for it to arrive!

  • Does it work with Android emulators like - ePSXe and PPSSPP

  • Just bought it, I hope it fits with my A52 5G

  • +1

    Just bought it, hope it fits my water bottle.

  • I think my phone is too fat.

    Would it be compatible with my Oppo Reno 5g's 9.3mm depth?

  • This reminds me of a certain company that try to sue Nintendo for their Switch design

  • I have cancelled my order as I can buy a clip for my PS4 controller which is way cheaper. I wanted to buy this solely for PS4 gameplay but since you can not remotely play PS4 games outside of your home network, I do not need this anymore.

    • +6

      The reason I don't like the gameclips is becuase they are too top heavy. Uncomortable after 10 min.

    • +3

      Gameclips suck especially for larger phones. Very uncomfortable after about 5 minutes

    • +1

      I bought this because I had a clip which was very uncomfortable to use.

      • +1

        great i reordered again.

        • +1

          Use an app called Chiaki. It should work with PS4 Remote play and this controller as a previous poster just posted in this thread.

    • I've been using a clip with a Xbox One controller and haven't really noticed any issues.

      I have weighed them and the controller still is heavier than the phone I have, so I wouldn't call it top heavy.

      108 grams - Moga Clip
      283 grams - Xbox One Controller (/w 2xAA inside)
      215 grams - Note 9 Phone (201 grams) + UAG Monarch Case (14 Grams)
      —- Total Weight = 606 grams, Breakdown: (Bottom(54+283= 337 grams) Top = 269 grams)

      I also weighed the standard Nintendo Switch with grip for reference.

      280 grams - Satisfye Zen Grip Pro
      400 grams - Nintendo Switch
      —- Total Weight = 680grams

      • My experience was that using the clip placed pressure on my wrists as the controller tend to tilt forward due to the weight of the phone. The tendency is to grab the controller (instead of letting it rest comfortably in your hands) and force the controller to tilt against the weight which greatly distracted me from playing. My wrists would quickly become tired because of this. Not comfortable for me at all. Hoping this is much better.

        • recordering again as it's still 79 bucks.

        • When I let go of the controller and have it rest in my hands, it doesn't tilt forward or backwards.
          See photo/s with the controller sitting on a flat surface:

          Top view1 with phone: https://imgur.com/7M7sN1D
          Top view2 no phone: https://imgur.com/OgJb1Et

          Side view1 with phone: https://imgur.com/0J1oP5l
          Side view2 with phone: https://imgur.com/cvlQTIr

          Edit: I should note that I use it when I'm sitting down, above my lap with me looking downwards. If your using it laying down or holding it up in the air in front of you I could see that issue arising possibly. In saying that you might need to adjust the clip so that the weight is centered in the middle of the controller, based on how you hold it.

      • ok. cancelled my order because clip is cheaper

  • Have no experience with this sort of controller but with an oppo find x2 pro does this just connect to the controller and games will work on your android natively using the controller?

    How does it work if trying to run ROMs on Android to play ps1 and other emulated classics? Is it the controller that interacts and works with ROMs to be recognised as a controller? Or the phone that determines this? Just curious how it all works before buying vs at an Anbernic ?

    • No configuration required for anything XBOX-related (streaming/xcloud).

      Can't answer your question about emulators but a quick search indicates it works with them after some button mapping.

  • Would this help me play PUBG better on my Note10+ 👍🤣

  • To play game pass without a console, do you need to buy the android or android (xbox) version of this?

    • Nevermind.

      The difference is branding, and on the Xbox one there is a dedicated xbox button, which works with xcloud.

      Other than this, they're exactly the same and both work across all the same app, games and products.

  • Mine is arriving today… quite fast considering coming from the US

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