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Logitech G PRO X LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset $268 + $7.95 Delivery or $0 C&C @ Harvey Norman


My daughter broke my Artics 7 tonight and I was going to replace it with another set but came across these at this price.

Few stores around my area in NSW had stock.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • That's a really really good price

  • Be mindful that the wireless ones dont work for console. i found that the hard way.

    I have the wired ones which work perfectly. They are currently on amazon for $194. I have tried posting it without any affiliate association but still wont let me post.

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      and i not associated with HN. Lol?

      • Hi, it appears you accidentally associated yourself with Harvey Norman. I've removed you association.

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      It works on Playstation but not Xbox

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      They work on my PS5 perfectly

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    Am I missing something here?

    The arctis 7 is $205 on Amazon

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      I’m expecting these to be better than the 7s, so ended up grabbing these because of how cheap they were (relative to their RRP and previous sales).

      I just wanted to justify to you guys (and more importantly to myself), the purchase of another headset!

    • Link?? Also, what are the pros and cons of these vs the Arctis 7s?

    • I don't see them for that

  • Anyone know the inner ear pad dimensions? Can’t find it anywhere

    • Small.

      And there’s no foam covering the driver (like seen on the HyperX Cloud II Wireless) in case your ears touch that far.

      • Thanks!

  • Available on domayne as well for people wanting $20 off with latitudepay


  • This is hardly an upgrade from the steelseries arctis 7

  • Been watching reviews on this. Apparently the voice mic has pretty poor quality but that’s not a concern for everyone.

    • Good headset, ended up just getting a seperate microphone though. Perfectly fine for voice comms etc. But for streaming, content creation not so good.

      • Well, as you'd expect. A proper mic should always be the go for streaming.

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      Relative to other wireless headsets its one of the better ones.
      Unfortunately if you are looking for a headset with a good mic, your only option is wired.

    • ath-g1wl have the best microphone of any wireless headset out there.

      • How does this compare to corsair virtuoso as I've seen that they have also great reviews re mic?

    • surprisingly i found the mic that is pretty good.

      it's especially great if you have noisy background, have a listen here at the noise handling part

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    Decent headphones, but the Logitech Software is absolute garbage. Has to be used as well, without the Blue enhancement, the mic sounds incredibly average.

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    You should break one of your daughter’s possessions

  • best wireless gaming headphones so far

  • JB should price match yea?
    Ive had wireless H/Siberia 800's for ages I want to move away from and I have a fistful of JB giftcards.

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      I price matched today at JB

      • Hmmmm WA have no stock anywhere though. But i can order online.
        I might have a go.

  • How do these compare to the Wired hyper cloud x

    I've got these atm not sure if its a good upgrade.
    I play csgo and the hyper X needed some messing around to get the sound good.

  • Just ordered a set using some leftover gift cards. Fingers crossed they make me feel it was all worth it.

    My store had no stock, so getting them ordered in via online