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[VIC] Curry, One Naan, Rice and a Can of Coke $26 (Was $36) @ Gaylords (Docklands)


Enjoy Meal Deal for one @$26 usually $36
Get Your Choice of Curry, One Naan, Rice and a Can of Coke

Enjoy Meal Deal for Two @$49 usually $64
Get Your Choice of 2 Curries, 2 Butter Naan, Rice and 2 pieces of Gulab Jamun

Enjoy Meal Deal for Family @$99 usually $136
Get Your 4 pieces Samosa, Your choice of 3 Curries, 4 Butter Naan, 2 Rice, and 4 pieces of gulab jamun

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  • Vendor in title.

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    This place must be fabulous

  • What a wierd name for a hotel ! Gay-Lords !

  • And all us commenters have weird names too…

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    Their motto is "your happy place". Is it a restaurant or something else?

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    This seems really expensive for what you get. Surely people don’t pay $26, let alone $36 for this?

    • Not defending. Curries usually cost 15-18 bucks

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        That still leaves $3 for coke, $3 for rice and $5 for a naan. All of which is standard pricing. This is advertising, not a deal.

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    I had these folk via deliveroo last night and it was EXTREMELY medicore. Wouldn't recommend even at this price.

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      Even at $26 it is more expensive than pretty much every Indian place I've been to, ever.

  • Are these the same folks who ran the now closed gaylords near chinatown?

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    The $26 is inflated. For the inclusions mentioned, a deal should cost around $15.

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      Martha Fockers

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    I went there one night and asked if they have any of that bread they cook in a tandoor oven. They said they had naan.

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    I’d bite at 12.50

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    This is the exact opposite of a bargain.

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    Big no

  • It’s called greedy in the name of business!

  • Why don't you post a real deal?