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[Back Order] Descent: Journeys in The Dark Board Game $97 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great game, great price.
Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

I love this game very much, can be played with the new app which means you dont require a dedicated Overlord player

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    If only we weren't in lockdown I had friends.


    Why does it say “Language: French”?

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      it says "English, French, Polish" in Technical Details so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    Thanks OP! Grabbed a copy.

    Have always wanted to give it a go.

    Played lots of Imperial Assault, and believe they're pretty similar.


    Thanks for sharing, was interested in the co-op component and found out another Descent game will be released this year (August maybe) :

    I believe this will be 175 USD and will have at least 2 expansion packs planned.
    Also - Descent: Legends of the Dark is not compatible with Descent: Journeys in the Dark and its expansions.

    Might wait for the Legends review as I'm not keen on buying the whole bunch of expansions for Journeys.


      Honestly the new one doesn't interest me at all, it's heavily app reliant which means it'll have minimal content and they will milk you for more, on top of milking you for expansions that don't add much.

      Fantasy flight has been going down that road.

      This is still a solid game, with big community and heaps of content.

      There is plenty of fan made content too, for example a fan made variant which makes the game playable without an overlord (RAMV)


        Thanks for bringing up the RAMV, I'll check it out.

        Doesn't this game have loads of expansion packs and add-ons as well + requiring the app to play coop?
        Any of the expansion packs required for the fan made variant to be able to play solo/co-op?

        I'm sure fans can also come up with something for the upcoming game if they don't want to be reliant on the provided app. The game would also be centered around proper co-op with updated (hopefully) game mechanics without the need for the planned expansions.


          RAMV doesnt require any expansions.

          Yea this game has a bunch of expansions, there are a few major ones with lots of contents and other smaller ones, also loads of figurines packs which arent that important.
          Personally I have one big and one small.
          But even the main box does have A LOT of content and you really dont need to get the expainsion like some other games and the new games that are coming out, where the game gets significantly better / more playable with expansions

          What the app does is remove the overlord player, however i would say the actually game stories and missions are more fun, the app is really dumb downed imo.


          Thanks for the info, I'll watch some gameplay videos and see if it suits me.

          If one does purchase this game, which expansions would you recommend? Do they expand on the game mechanics or mostly new enemies/bosses + maps?