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Regular Popcorn + Drink Combo 1,600 Pts (Usually 5,000-6,000 Pts) @ Hoyts Rewards (Online)


Logged in to my Hoyts account and noticed that regular combos (including a regular popcorn and soft drink) are currently 1,600 Hoyts Rewards points. Not sure if it's on sale or a pricing error. Successfully added it to an upcoming booking - see a screenshot here.

The same combo usually costs 5,000 or 6,000 points online. My booking says I am 'saving $17.60' with this redemption. For comparison, a small combo is usually 4,000-5,000 pts, so you're getting more overpriced candy bar goodies for much fewer points.

Note that it should be the same price if you add this combo to ticket purchases online. This is refundable should you choose to cancel the booking up to 30 min prior to showtime. If you buy the combo standalone (i.e. through this link, then it's not refundable).

No idea if the pricing is the same in-store. Don't forget to stack with free popcorn refills for Hoyts Rewards members.

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    Can I buy this without buying a movie ticket?

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      You should be able to from the link provided. Not sure if you can redeem it without a movie ticket, but I don't see why not (I purchased mine with a ticket so I'm not 100% sure).


        Yes, it works, I wonder if I can buy now and pickup Thursday.