Which Do You Prefer? Chips, Wedges or Gems

Nominate you favourite potato side out of these three. Thanks for voting.

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  • Buble and squeak or something beats all

  • As my friend Ken M said to me last week.
    From the dumpy potato to the succulent french fry, nothing satisfies hunger quite like food

  • +1

    Can I vote for all 3? You could say I'm a bit of a potat-hoe

  • i like tater tots

    • Tater tots are a trademarked name for a particular brand of potato gems in the USA.

      They are not called tater tots anywhere else in the world besides the USA.

      • oh sorry, i didn't know the rules and regulations. my apologies.

        • Would you like me to Xerox you a copy?

          • @Eeples: it's ok, i have already been reprimanded and forced to read the entire book. I now have memorised it and it won't happen again.
            thank you for looking out for me though, you are a true friend. i love you.

            • @Hugh G Rection: oh, i didn't see you getting reprimanded. I only saw someone informing you, educating you. That was actually kind of them.
              My mistake apparently.
              Two can play this passive-aggressive game.
              Is it my turn to be the victim now? Please let me know hugs

  • Chips and Gems.

  • Jesters Chips>Nandos>KFC

  • Was going to request Pommes be added… But really, it's chips all the way.

  • Partial to spirals or those waffle cut ones.

    But given the choices, I'll be going with wedges.

  • there is a few i like:
    arby's spiral fries
    chick-fil-a waffle fries
    checkers seasoned fries
    Sonics tater tots
    Nandos shoe string fries
    fish shop fries with chicken salt
    McDonald's fries

  • KFC chips imo are best.

  • scallops !!!!!!

  • All Gems taste the same.

    There are always bad Wedges in any bowl.

    But I've had flawless amazing chips.

  • I love deli chips and rosemary and sea salt. And its on special at IGA for $2 But I slept in tonight and lost my pizza hutt order I paid for, had ther gems in it

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