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[eBay Plus] Inkbird IBBQ-4T Wi-Fi Thermometer Plus Heatproof BBQ Gloves $84.82 Delivered @ Inkbird eBay


Another great price drop from Inkbird eBay plus extra 10% off for plus members. Rep says the price drop is only on until Friday. Could be the cheapest price ever for these two together.

Handy little WiFi thermometer plus this time get some decent quality heatproof gloves in this bundle.

I've used these gloves and I can pickup a full charcoal basket on its ends from inside my Weber kettle with no trouble.

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  • Wow! Great price. Thanks

  • wifi?!?

    • Yes it has a phone app, and you can get notifications. The thermometer itself is fantastic, the app is pretty crap.

      • I've had no issues with the app using my Galaxy S10e. I notice that the graph data drops briefly every hour for me.

        However a friend uses an iPhone and he has trouble.

        • I've got a Galaxy S10 and the wife has an S10+ and both have issues. The app on the play store only has a 2.6 rating, and lots have issues.

          I also have the Inkbird Sous-Vide and have tried at least 40 times to add both devices, and when adding the second the app just crashes and wipes out the first. I like Inkbirds products, i have about a dozen of them but their app is no good for me. Their other EngBird app which uses bluetooth rather than wifi for monitoring temp/humidity of sensors for things like greenhouses works perfectly for me.

          • @LowRange: Hmm that's very interesting.

            Yeah I've seen the poor reviews on the app. Not sure why I get good behaviour and you don't…

  • Bugger. Only ordered on Amazon and too late to cancel.

  • Given the issues with the app using wifi anyone have any experience with either of these bluetooth versions?

    Battery $23~:

    USB recharge $51~:

    • +1

      The IBT-6XS is apparently a great unit. It's the same as the 4x but can accommodate 6x probes. The only complaint is Bluetooth drop out and distance can be fickle and cause issues.