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[eBay Plus] QNAP TVS-872N i3-8G 8 Bay NAS $1041.03 Delivered @ Device Deal & Ozzie Solutions eBay


Very good price for an x64-based 8 bay NAS, IMO. Alternate store at ozziesolutions

Here is a review on KitGuru


  • 1 x 5 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • 2 x PCI-E slots
  • 2 x M.2 SSD slots
  • 2 x USB Type-C ports
  • 2 x USB Type-A ports
  • 1 x HDMI port (4K @ 60Hz)

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  • Just finished putting together my own 8 bay NAS, and patted myself smugly on the back for not buying a QNAP/prebuilt.
    Then I realized that mine was also worth about $1k before drives, and is pretty much on par for performance…

    In any case: This is honestly not an awful deal, for a slick looking, relatively hassle free 8 bay.

    • +2

      Plus 5 GbE

    • +1

      If you get comparable power consumption and you can hide it somewhere then you're ahead.

  • Price gone up?

  • QNAP or synology?

    • Synology hardware and software is fantastic. QNAP no idea but lots of folks seem to rate it.

      Does that help?

      • +1

        If you need iSCSI connections, would go Synology, have had endless troubles with them falling over on our QNAPs but have been rock solid on the Synologys (~55 Synologys 5 QNAPs in use)

        • Is this across multiple sites?

          • @0jay: Yeah, all different sites, connected to a local server. All the devices have been solid in general, just the iSCSI dropouts causing headaches.

            • @Melthar: Huge endorsement for Synology right there

    • It depends…. for me the deal breaker was/Is hdmi, QNAP got me
      you can have various upgrade options with qnap which is not to the par on synology

    • +1

      I have seen QNAP file system crash without warning or explanation. QNAP support staff had to remote in and ultimately recommended rebuilding the storage. The QNAP solution was dropped after that. The drives were moved elsewhere and have continued to work without errors with ZFS for years. Data was backed up so the situation could have been worse.

      That was enough for me to never consider QNAP. Random storage failure with no warning and identifiable cause, and no recovery process is not what centralised storage should be about.

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    Price Error? Google Ad listing still shows it directly from Device Deals website @ $1069.80, however clickthrough is now $2999.00, and ebay listings now $3999.00. Good luck for those who hit the buy button at OP's price, hopefully it gets honoured.



    qnap pretty much provided no support an anyone who was affected.

    • That was fixed over a month ago

      • This isn't the first time it's happened with qnap and there have been a number of other exports that have happened since.

        • Most likely on unpatched systems, the patch came out 16/4/21. Synology has had similar issues.

          The bigger issue is that clueless people keep bleating about problems that no longer exist, you're claiming they've provided no support yet the patches are available. The QSnatch issue was still being reported in July 2020 even though it was patched in late 2019, about a day after it was made public.

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    Likely a price error. if you want a NAS at this price, just build your own, Fractal cases can be quite good holding tons of drives.
    Lots of $100 motherboards with 6 sata ports + 2 x M2 slots, plenty for a NAS at half the RRP price and upgradeable.
    Excellent price if honored though.

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      Power consumption is the main difference if you build a 'desktop' NAS. This would use less than half the power of desktop

      • -2

        No this uses an i3 not a low-powered ARM processor.
        With a PC build, you can use the same processor and lower the CPU voltage (underclock) for more power savings, as I do for my NVR.
        Use a platinum rated power supply. HD usage is the same in both deployments.

        • -1

          Really love how the mix of passion and misinformation out there.
          When in use THIS model NAS draws 60-80watts of power from the wall, 35w of which is the CPU. Sure your NAS may use less but not this NAS.
          Power usage basically comes down to the CPU and efficiency of the power supply.

          If you learn your CPU suffixes, you will see this is a T series, (Low power\lower performance) you can install your own T series chip, spec like for like and the PC will use the same power. Use a standard processor and it will consume more power, It's not magic. If power savings is your thing, then go U or even Y series. But seriously you get the same power savings disabling boost\turbo so no need to buy T or U series.

          The real reason to buy a NAS is the OOTB experience

          • @SpamMeNotInOz: Sorry you are right in this case. I didn't notice this was the i3 model.

            My comment was more a generalisation. Especially in reference to people re-purposing old desktops.

    • I was seriously looking into building one and had it specced up, but sometimes you just want a low-effort device so I ended up getting a 4 bay QNAP. If I spot the expansion module I may pick that up too for extra storage (because 32TB isn't enough already)

  • It was an pricing error and they just offered a via eBay a moment ago.

    Gotta hang out for another decent 8 bay NAS

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