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Miele WCD 120 8KG Washing Machine $1399 (Save $300) + Delivery @ Miele


EOFY sale on four washing machine models at the moment. They usually do a sale every 6 months/year). The ones with the big dollar sign in red circles are on sale https://shop.miele.com.au/en/laundry/washing-machines/

From what I can tell the main difference to focus on between machines are:

  • Capacity (in kgs)
  • Does it have QuickPowerWash
  • Does it have TwinDos (only in most expensive models).

I think Miele staff are aware there isn't much difference between models apart from these ones, as per their response on the website to a customer query:

Hi What is the main difference between this machine and WWD120 8kg?

Miele Representative
· 7 months ago

Hi, thank you for the question. The main difference is the door shape and colour. For further details, please speak with one of our Miele specialists. You can find your nearest specialist via the link below. Kind regards, Shane.

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    Is this really a sale? Same price on Bing Lee website, could probably negotiate further in stores

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      Miele operates a bit differently to most brands mate. Their prices are the same everywhere, if Miele have a sale, all their distributors have a sale. The way they pay Bing Lee, Harvey Norman etc is different to most brands.


    120 8KG

    That's really heavy


    Call me if you need one. I’ll gladly enter the sale through for you. PM me your number and I’ll call. :)


    Still made in Germany?


    Anyone know which one is better between miele or AEG ?


      Miele are serious pieces of machinery man. Just ask a removalist, they are substantially heavier than any other brand. A big contributor to this is they have stainless steel outer drums.

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        It is so weird that most of the staffs in harvey norman recommend the AEG. Is it because they have more commission 😂?

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          If course not man. The most important thing for them is every customer gets the best product possible. Their take home salary is just an after thought for them.


          Looks like they have an exclusive on their washer now. Was their dishwashers for many years.