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Xiaomi Viomi S9 Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station - $599 (Save $400 off RRP) Delivered @ Mi Store & PCByte


Great price for this robot vacuum with auto empty station. Seems like it's the cheapest price ever, and with free shipping.

  • Auto-Dumping 2.0
  • 2700Pa Strong Suction
  • 5200mAH Large Capacity
  • 950W Strong Dust Collection
  • 381mm Ultra-short Air Duct
  • 5 Floor Map Storage

Also available on PC Byte - free shipping (no code needed), no payment surcharge.

Package Contents

1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Automatic Suction Station
1 x Water Tank
2 x Side Brush
10 x Single-use mop
1 x Mop (Reusable)
3 x Dust Bag

Specs Comparison

Featuring similar models from other brands

VIOMI S9 Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T8+ iRobot Roomba i7+ iRobot Roomba® s9
RRP $999.00 $1,299.00 $1,899 $2,899
Suction Power 2700Pa 1500Pa 1700 Pa 2200 Pa
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh 1800 mAh 3300 mAh
Max working time (Min) 100-270 180 75 120
Climbing  2cm 2cm 2cm 2cm
Dusty Box (ml) 300ml 420ml 400 ml +  400 ml
Water tank(ml) 250ml 240ml N/A N/A
Electric Water volume control YES YES N/A N/A
Cleaning Area 320 m2 300 m2 185 m2 200 m2
Motor 950W - - -
Noise <70 db 67 db 68 db 68 db
Size Ø350*98mm Ø350mm * 93mm Ø339mm * 92mm Ø310mm * 90mm
Wet Mopping YES YES N/A N/A
App control Mijia App Ecovacs App iRobot HOME App iRobot HOME App
Smart control Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Mapping / Path planning  YES YES YES YES
Automatically Docks and Recharges YES YES YES YES

Hopefully the chart helps :D

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  • +15

    Just be mindful that S9 uses disposable mopping pads and dust bags.

    • +9

      Seems like a silly choice
      Stopping me from purchasing

      • depends. some prefer dust bags for easier dumping of rubbish and it acts as a extra filter. with bag less its rather dusty when you getting rid of your rubbish, you might need to brush/wash the compartment to clean it property.

        • +1

          But are the dust bags readily purchasable and won't easily be end-of-life?

    • +2

      how often do dust bags need to be changed?

      • +1

        Well when they are full. Could be a week or could be a couple months

    • it comes with 1 reusable mop pad

      • The pc byte listing mentioned 1 use disposable mop pads

        • In the unit I purchased it comes with 1 x reusable mop pad and 10 x disposable mop pads as per the post. Consumable accessories are plentiful on aliexpress and reasonable prices too.

          • @marquise: Thanks

          • @marquise: Can you please provide a link to the disposables? I cant seem to find it or it is just the ignorant me trying to search 😂🤣

            • @Warlock: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005002695502753.html?spm=a2g0n.productlist.0.0.38171a013kp0m9&browser_id=026991705d9c4f08a4b3b5f40308184b&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=001179f9140152c55343d6c66398ae773b7b871e99&gclid=&imgsrc=ae01.alicdn.com%2Fkf%2FH8eba672344d8469da40d0960055b62aep.jpg_640x640Q90.jpg_.webp

    • It shouldn't be hard to find a reusable dust bag that fits from Ebay or local vacuum shop.

  • +20

    dunno why I thought this was a deal for a black toilet

    • You're not alone :)

    • Didn't know I needed a black toilet 'till now.

      • +2

        My toilet is privileged

  • Anyone have one? Want to comment on quality??
    I've been interested in getting an iRobot Roomba i7+ for a while but at ~$1800 I've never been able to justify it.

    • +4

      in the previous deal, a member shared their thoughts about it - see comment

      • +1

        Good review, but I would like to know how well it vacuums compared to Roborocks. The cheaper Viomis are generally not as smart as Roborocks.

  • +1

    Sounds like a decent robot at a great price.

    If the Roborock S5 max/s6 pure didn't exist though.

    • -3

      how do you think s5max is better than this?

      • You're right
        It was the 360 line that was dodgy
        The xiaomi line does a good job

  • +1

    I’ve been out off xiaomi bot vacs. First Gen was awesome then they seem to have lost the plot. Roborock has consistency

    • This isn't a Xiaomi Mijia vacuum per se. Rather a Viomi, so a different sub brand like Roborock and hopefully much better.

      • +2

        Even worse - Viomi reviews on here have been lackluster

      • Roborock aren't a sub brand like Viomi, per se.

        They're their own independent company.

        They partnered up with Xiaomi for the first gen robovac.

        • +2

          If you want to get technical then yes. Roborock is a Xiaomi ecological chain partner under the Mijia smart home brand. Xiaomi is a shareholder and strategic partner of both Roborock and Viomi.

          Roborock built the first gen vacuum and sold it under Xiaomi's brand. All subsequent models were released under their own name and since they're an ecological partner they can be used with the Mi Home app and purchased through official Xiaomi channels.

          Viomi are similar, except their products have always been under their own brand.

  • +1

    Have these overcome the dark floor problem? I had an original one but had to send it back because it thought my dark floors were a treacherous abyss and wouldn't go there.

    • No but some tape or 3d printer cover fix that problem

    • Have a similar problem on a wooden floor with certain pieces being darker, it slows down but fortunately doesn't stop. Tried tape over the sensors but it detected they were covered (Viomi v3)

      • +1

        I used white paper on the s50 and it’s been working fine for the past two years.

  • The price drops on this are just insane lol

  • +1

    How many disposable mop pads and dust bags are included? Can they be purchased separately? Is there a mop pad that is not disposable you can buy/use?

    • +1

      Pack of disposable mop pads - i estimate 5 or more from briefly looking at it (no access atm to confirm. They give 1 washable mop pad.
      Not sure where to purchase atm.

      Side note: they give 2 disposable emptying bags.

  • +2

    How does this compare to the Roborock S7?

    • +4

      Roborock is a tier above Xiaomi/Viomi//Dreame

      • How so? Just trying to figure out the differences. Seems to have multi-floor support, mopping and similar suction amounts.

        • +3

          For starts the roborock app is far far better than the mihome one. That alone is enough to choose roborock then it's build and track record of performance and easy maintenance and repairs

        • +2

          Roborock's vacuum and mopping performance is superior. It's also quieter and has better navigation.

          The extra cost is worth it.

          • +5

            @lxstr: Still waiting for the elusive s5 max sub $500 deal.

  • +1

    Looking to replace my s50 , how’s this compare?
    My s50 had squeaky wheels from day 1 and now has error 1 issue which I have to ‘jumpstart’ every 3-4 vaccum with a 9v battery

    • S50 is one of the most repairable vacuums out there. If you're handy with a solder iron and don't mind pulling things apart you can easily fix the wheels and battery in about 30 minutes. Many YouTube videos showing how to do it.

      • +1

        Yeap I had the Lidar fail, presumed the DC motor. Was sent a new replacement part as under warranty. Legit like 6 screws and it was simple plug out and in.

        S50 is a tank, however I am keeping eye out for an auto-empty upgrade as 2 German shepherds are killing it with shedding atm haha

  • In the market for a robot vac for my new apartment with timber floors. Watched a bunch of Vaccum War videos and I was pretty set on the Roborock S5 Max. At a similar price point, is this better than the Roborock apart from the self-dumping feature?

    (sorry quite new to the robot vac world :/)

    • +3

      Get the s5max

      • +1

        exactly what i did recently after doing my research including considering this Viomi S9

    • +1

      I just got my robotic S5 max today and it's fantastic!!! App is super easy to use and the robot is really smart.
      This robot looks good too, at least you don't need to munually empty the dust bin all the time

      • out of curiosity, where you bought it from and for how much?

        • Got it for $613 from evision shop

          • +1

            @Ggggggggg: I just looked up the site - terms and conditions seems to lead to no where :S

    • Similar price of the Roborock S5 Max from where? Can you please share the link.

  • Does anyone know where you purchase the disposable dust bags from?

    • +1

      I was told xiaomi au will be selling them in the near future, or otherwise there are currently some on ebay shipped from china - eg here and here

    • +2

      I'm wondering if you could vacuum out the top of the dustbag and reuse.

  • +1

    Any similar models people can recommend that doesn't use a dust bag?

  • Mi Store customer service is trashy, so just hope you never have an issue

  • +1

    S5 Max has been $750 at best (Costco)

    This is $150 cheaper and has better specs

    Has anyone found any good comparisons for this vacuum?

  • +1

    For anyone interested, I just bought Ecovac Ozmo T9+ from The Good Guys for $942 (used 10% off Coles gift cards and ended paying $850 approximately).

    • +2

      how you can get the price of $942? I have TGG Commercial and it shows $1,016. And with TGGC, I can't use Gift voucher). thanks

      • +1

        Price matched in-store using a friends receipt from JB hi-fi. And paid in store using gift cards.

  • +5

    Auto-Dumping? This is something i have also installed if my partner should constantly talk specifically during the dialogue of movies

    • +2

      Whoever negged you needs to get a sense of humour.

  • dreame d9 seems to have higher suction power and is cheaper. What am I missing?

    • +1

      I read online that dreame D9 app is not very user friendly. And one YouTube blogger examed it and commented as this product feels like too rush to release. But I guess for a robot vac around $300 mark its OK.

  • +2

    Thanks OP ..had bought this on pre sale for 799, would not have known about the price drop if you had not posted. For the record, asked the store and got a refund in 10 minutes so not too shabby on service but am yet to receive the unit . You tube videos seem to state the stated efficiency on paper translates to the unit, how well built is it , time will tell. My Roborock second gen is 4 years old, has had a battery and brushes changed and still works like a champ every day.. for a self emptying unit, I thought 799 was a bargain 599 is a no brainer. For people worried about disposable bags, thats how most companies make money..through consumables but if you see how the bags works it should be pretty easy to hack. Add a zipper/velcro to the bottom to empty out the bags till it gets clogged then cut the top off, buy some breathable paper bags sold online for covering fruits and attach the head to that. Not rocket science, at this price and specs I seriously doubt you can do better unless the unit is crap and dies in a month and Xiaomi takes a hit on goodwill. Edit ..Roborock when I bought it was Xiaomi now they have broken free except for the app…so I am guessing R and D is still funded by Xiaomi and if Xiaomi are selling 2 brands of the same product then the future is uncertain for the Roborock products. The software is what makes them such good offerings at this price. Either ways ..time will tell.. thanks again OP I reckon this is an absolute bargain

    • I just reached out to them, I hope they can make a good will gesture of refunding the difference for early adopter!

      • Just mention the post on ozb

  • +3

    "Disposable dust bag. Talent for laze."


  • does this run on Xiaomi Mi home app on the Chinese servers? Or AU servers only

    • Did not work for me on China server. Ended up using Australia server. Did not test other regions.

  • Don't know if it qualifies as a deal in its own right, but the Roborock S5 Max is currently $609 at Kogan (member's price). https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-roborock-s50-robot-vacuu...

    • +4

      Waiting for the holy grail sub 500 price

  • Anyone found the white version of this vacuum for the same price?

  • +3

    How bizzare is this ..when I bought a Roborock no one wanted a Chinese no brand rubbish at a high price but I bought it 4 years back because it was cheap, had great specs and was of the Xiaomi brand, same deal now except Roborock is the go to brand four years later :-D.. 4 years hence it might be Viomi :-D .. or it may not be..well I have never had a bad experience with any Xiaomi product so far ..big fan boy..mind you do not own and never shall own a Roomba .. too expensive for what it is, unless the bloody thing can cook

  • +1

    How annoying…
    I just bought this at the pre-sale for $800…(was $1000)

    It works brilliantly…
    But seriously… I though $800 would be a good price… :-(

    • Are you using it on hard floors/floor boards? Interested in getting one for the mopping function but not sure how good these units are.

      • +1

        Hi there,
        I'm using it on Carpet and Tiles….
        Works surprising well!

        It's only 9cm high, so it gets under all my furniture so picked up plenty of dust/dirt on its first run :)

    • Is it good for carpets?

      • +1

        Works well on my carpet…
        BUT - mine is a very low/dense carpet

    • shaidas 21 hours 51 min agonew
      +2 votes
      Thanks OP ..had bought this on pre sale for 799, would not have known about the price drop if you had not posted. For the record, asked the store and got a refund in 10 minutes so not too shabby on service but am yet to receive the unit .

    • Same here mate

  • I would get a Roomba, no hair problem. I hate cleaning hair with these vacuum brushes like this.

  • Thank you OP. I still have the original Xiaomi robot vac and still runs great. So hoping this one will be a good upgrade and just as reliable.

  • Thanks OP, Just bought one

  • +6

    Has anyone found a reusable dustbag? If so can you please send me a link? Thanks in advance if anyone has found them for sale!

  • awesome deal, it's cheaper than what I paid for my S5 a couple of years back… I absolute love it.

  • Bit the bullet with this one. + 3% cashback.
    Need another vacuum for upstairs/carpet only.
    Been waiting for s5+ or S7 to be reasonably priced, but not seeing a lot of specials.

    I've had a S5 for 3 or 4 years now and it's absolutely awesome. His name is Robbie. It's been resurrected a few times(new fan, battery, wheel). Parts from ali-express were cheap enough. They seem to be becoming more expensive now. (Australia tax??)

    Hopefully Rosie will be on par.

  • OMFG decision decision. I still using the Xiaomi gen 1. It still going strong and works really well. Just only replace the battery and it like new again.

    What should I do lol. I could use a second one for downstairs thou. Or I can wait till the next model comes out LOL

    • Or wait till one after the one after that one.

  • Last night I did a run of vacuum plus mopping, but I forgot to take off the mopping attachment when it finished. This morning I had it scheduled to do a vacuum of the whole house. I thought maybe it would error out and not run since the mopping attachment was still on. Well it ran and it looks like it went onto the carpets and it got stuck in multiple places it did not usually have problems with, no doubt due to the mopping attachment still on, but it not being set to mop

  • Is mi-store affiliated with ozbargain? The PayPal transaction came through as "You've sent a payment of $599.00 AUD to OZB Group Pty Ltd T/A XiaoMI Store ([email protected])"

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one

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