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Rode VideoMicro on-Camera Microphone - $56.40 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


The Camels have uncovered a ripper deal for the Rode VideoMicro, revealing a historic low of $58 $56.40 through Amazon AU (Harris Technology are legit). If you're willing to take a punt with a new seller however, 'Honest Baby' has it listed for $57

While not the cheapest on-camera microphone of its class, this excels in build quality, reducing wind noise (with the dead cat) and you'll be supporting an Aussie company at the same time.

If you're looking for a more budget option, you may wish to look into the Boya BY-MM1+ (goes for around $40 AUD on AliExpress), but given the price difference is no longer so great, I'd lean towards the Rode.

Another option at this price point is the Movo VXR10-PRO which YouTube reviewers tend to love.

While designed to be used on-camera, you could probably use this as a makeshift microphone for recording on your PC/laptop. If you intend to use it this way, you'd want to get a mini tripod, and 1/4" Female to 3/8" Male thread adapter. If your PC/laptop has a headphone jack, you'll need something like this. If you don't have a headphone jack, then you'll need one of these instead. If you don't have a headphone jack or USB ports, then gg - I'm sure you can find an appropriate usb-c adapter though!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Nice one op.
    Very well. Written and detailed post.

    • +2

      I agree. Great stuff OP. I don’t need one right now, but I have ordered one thanks to your post. I’m looking forward to using it.

    • +1

      Thanks guys!

  • i'd had used the Boya MM1 mic in the past, it had some weird static sound issues after 1 month of usage ( a few times I had to completely scrap the audio and redo the video because of it).

    With such a small price difference go with this RODE, the slight price jump make will not hinder your work/projects in the end. Just note that the mic works best when it is very close to what you are shooting.

    • Damn, sucks that the Boya let you down like that!

      Also agree with your point about positioning the mic. You can rig this to a boom arm to try and get it as close as possible

      • +1

        yar its sad, so much reviews on the Boya online. I rig my mic separately normally to a different tripod not in frame.

        I decided to go full-on Deity D3 Pro though, happy with the investment and great sound though :)

        • Yeah, that is stepping up through the price brackets, indeed :-D

        • My Boya ended up being trash. It never really worked that well. O had to be yelling into it from 2 ft away for it to pick up and decent volume. I threw mine away.

          • @bunnybash: Mine is great. At that price point, QC is: "make them and sell them, they'll be good."

  • This is a great price! I bought one of these a year ago. For those making any sort of video / VLOG with your camera, these things are gold. Chalk and cheese to using the inbuilt mics.

  • Might be a dumb question but is it possible to hook this up to my smartphone? I wanted to record myself playing music directly to my phone

    • +4

      yup you can but i think it requires an adaptor to go from trs to trrs

      • +1

        This ^

        Rode make their own cable SC4 but it's very expensive for what it is

    • +1

      You need to go from TRS Male (Videomic) to TRRS Male (3.5mm headphone on phone). Rode makes one, called SC7, but you can get much cheaper generic ones.

      If you have USB-C Or Lightning and you only want to use it for your phone - go the Videomic Me-L or Videomic-C versions.

  • +3

    Never realised Rode were and Aussie company! I've got a VideoMic GO and it's great.

    • I've got a RodeLink wireless kit and it has "Made in Australia" label on both units (transmitter/receiver). So, not just "Aussie owned", but also manufactured/assembled.

    • +2

      The bloke who owns it bought a $6 million guitar. Great company.
      Blackmagic is another Aussie company - made a killing selling livestreaming gear and cameras.

      • Whoa… I've become a massive DaVinci Resolve user in the last year and am a huge fan of all the Blackmagic stuff I've used.

  • Is this good for podcasts or streaming on pc?

    • +1

      i would say if you are starting out podcasting maybe (why not), this is more for content creation connecting to either a camera,phone or portable recording device.

      it is a budget-level entry device.

      streaming on windows PC don't think its a good idea, unless you have an external audio interface. Windows drivers arent really helpful to audio devices.

    • Maybe yeti snowball ?

    • Agree with Tohnio, I don't think this is a great mic for podcasts or streaming. You could probably find a USB mic that does a better job for the same price.

  • Can I use it with the Sony a6000 which doesn't have the jack?

    • No you need a 3.5mm mic jack

  • can't add to cart

    • Hmm Harris Technology must be sold out then. You can try take a punt on Honest Baby, but I can't vouch for them

    • I had the same problem. If you hit the Buy Now button rather than Add to Cart it still goes through

  • I want to a mic which can record two people sitting side by side. Can this do that?

    • I wouldn't use it for that purpose because this mic has a cardioid polar pattern to focus on sound in front of it. Maybe check out the Zoom H1n

  • Thanks OP, got it

    Not going to lie, didn’t need it lol.

  • Sold Out I assume. Only showing next price as $63. Sold by ACSTechnologyACSTechnology

  • Does anyone knows whether this mic would work with Canon 5D mark II ?

    • As long as it has a mic output, then yes.

      • +1

        you mean: mic input

        and yes, it works with Canon 5 mark II

  • +1

    This is back in stock

    • Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

      • +1

        np, also reported it to fix it up :)

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