Jailbreaking a Foxtel Now Box to Unlock More Uses (Emulation)

Since Mr Rupert Murdoch is happy to give away these 2017 Foxtel Locked media boxes, just curious if we could get some form of retro gaming emulations running on them? Via rooting the device maybe?

Don't have much prior knowledge with android devices but surely this is possible?

Specs seem to be similar to my Vodaphone TV which can kinda play Mario Kart 64 via RetroArch

Foxtel Now Box:

SoC | Marvell Armada 1500 Ultra BG4CT

CPU | Quad-core 1.2 GHz (ARM Cortex-A53)

GPU | Vivante GC7000XS


Storage | 8GB


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    Send me one and I'll work out how to flash the sucker.

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    Unfortunately I would NOT expect the Foxtel Now to be hacked for emulation like the PS Classic or N64 etc as they are an emulator by default and as such are easier to hack. There aer no threads on the emulation sites I have spotted.

    You are better looking at RetroPI on a PI4 as it is easy to get Retroarch working on it.


    Hmm damn. Will try to side load some Emu Apps and do more research but seems only good as a Chromecast / Netflix player

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    You posted on the VTV on whirlpool, what a crazy post as it shows you did not read what the thread is about and also shows total lack of where to ask for help.


      I don't have a whirlpool account but nice one Andy!


    What do you mean giving them away?