What Are The Disadvantages of YouTube Premium from Another Country via VPN?

Hi OzB community,
I am looking at getting YouTube premium Argentina or the India one via a VPN but I don't know what the disadvantages are.
Can someone who has had experience with getting one of these versions tell me wether my YouTube recommendations page will change or if something will happen to my YouTube account? I was looking at getting a single plan. Also im not an android user so google play store stuff ups wouldn't bother me. I use gmail mainly, YouTube and google docs

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    Used VPN to sign up for Argentina since January.

    Absolutely none.


    • Did you sign up to the single plan?
      and were any of your google services impacted?

      • Single plan, and if they have, I haven't noticed. I use iPhone so the only other google stuff is my Gmail which I also haven't noticed anything strange.

        • and the same recommendations page as before, like the sort of things you watch?

    • Do you have any other services subscribed with VPN?

      I tried doing the same with Spotify or Netflix but no luck.

      • Naar, between my partner, me and two other mates we share Netflix, Stan, Disney Plus and Foxtel Go, one of us just pays for one sub and shares the account.

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    You only need vpn when registering paying first time after that no need. Playing it Just like normal

    • Even with the same recommendations page as before?

      • Recommendation page for me is the same it always has been, whatever I am subscribed to is what I get. I certainly havent had any recommendations from Argentina, or any videos that were not in English.

        • Ok thanks for all the input. Just signed up for the trial and it works great!
          recommendations the same.

  • Has anyone paid for it with a westpac debit card? If so how much were they charged with the transaction fee for the Argentina version? Id have to chat to westpac tomorrow morning to ask

    • I am NAB, but no doubt it's similar, which for me is 3%. In other words, two fifths of f all.

      May cost me $1.64 with a 5c fee.

      • How did you get it for $1.64? was it from the India student deal?

        • The price changes every month. It's just whatever the exchange rate is. Last month it was $1.70

          No I signed up to Argentina. I pay 119 Argentinian Pesos per month.


          Definitely on the decline as it was originally about $2.00 when I signed up or so. Argentinian Peso going to end up like a Zimbabwean Dollar at the rate it's going down.

          • @toshjammi: Oh wow, makes me feel like im getting an even better bargain.
            Thanks for the info!

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    Basically zero for youtube…. The only issue I've found is every now and then youtube music gets excited and wants to show me some 'overseas' music content, but you just roll with it.

    • I don't use Youtube Music so that doesn't affect me.

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    YT music shows indian bollywood recommendations for me but YT is unchanged.

  • No issues here. Been using it for a couple of years

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    In my case, Google play store switched to overseas too. So I couldn't install AU-only apps. Had to use another AU account.

  • To avoid ads you can just use the Brave browser which blocks them. Free. Easier than using a VPN.

  • i used a vpn for the initial sign up (via india) to get the ~$1.4/month rate. That was over a year ago, still on that rate and havent used the vpn since. All my other transactions via google are still in AUD, my video preferences haven't changed. Literally nothing different other than price.

  • There's not really anything wrong. I'd say the following two things stand out for me:
    - You can't use your normal Google Play Store credit to pay for subscription. I do the Google Research type stuff and have $38.00 sitting there now. Not sure what to spend it on.
    - You get some weird recommendations from time to time, but fairly rare. Especially once you use it regularly and it starts understanding what you like

  • Let's put it this way: I completely forgot that my YouTube Premium Family sub is based in India before you reminded me!

  • No problems whatsoever so far. Been using it for a couple of years (via India). Use Macquarie debit card with no fee.

  • Thanks everyone for all your input!
    I have successfully signed up to Argentina and contacted westpac to see what the fees are ad they said its only 3% so thats great.
    My recommendations are still the same and even the explore and YouTube music pages are also the same

    • Argentina or India is better (cheaper)?

      • Argentina is better and cheaper

        • I want to sub as well… so can you use normal debit card for payment?? I don’t have vpn yet either… so if you can please explain please

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