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Free Nuts


ourdeal gave me free $10 credit so i bought their nut deal for $10 but in order to order from their website they demand your credit card details and force you to opt out. they sent me an email offering all my friends their first box free with the following code so if your not my friend your not welcome to it :p


Would you like to send your friends nuts for free?

If you like our healthy and tasty snacks we would love to offer your friends their first Harvest Box FREE when they register using your code below.

Simply login into your account to generate an infomation email with your code. You can then forward on to your friends or feel free to copy the promotion code below and tell them to go to www.harvestbox.com.au

Free Harvest Box code 36427GJR2XY

This is only for a limited time so act quickly before Simon, our finance guy snaps his wallet shut.

Harvest Box.


Harvest Box and Simon in finance.

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  • You are signing up for a permanent delivery, which you can cancel at anytime. But if you fail to cancel, you will be charged.

    Just need to be careful that you dont forget to cancel

  • Buyer beware, there are several posts in OZB about this deal. Its a small sample size and it maybe difficult to cancel.

    • I think their usual sizes are pretty okay?

      Overpriced definitely. But if these are the usual boxes, there are four different plastic containers, each about a serve of fruit (TBH, I don't like dried fruit that much, so by the time I've finished it, I'm sick of it anyway).

      For cancellation, I believe there is a button on the website to cancel. I had a trial and had no problem with cancellation.

      • Don't mean to reply to myself, but couldn't edit. When I was on the two box trial, I got an email saying:

        "Your last promotion box is about to be packed and posted to arrive on your preferred delivery day.

        If you do not wish to continue to receive any more Harvest Boxes after your last promotion box you can cancel online by logging in and clicking the link below. Simply click on the deliveries tab on the left once logged in and click cancel."

    • This is not a small sample size. I have redeemed the 'first box free' deal in the past. It is their regular box with 4 different sealed boxes of nuts. Very tasty.

  • @kwaker this looks a scam chain for me also they hide their address which tells me "stay away" from troubles.

  • " Would you like to send your friends nuts for free?" I chuckled when I said this in my head

  • i bought this voucher on ourdeal with some free credit i have, then I read all the terms and conditions and really didnt think it was worth it as i have to call up and cancel everything

    • I just cancelled online. I considered the $10 group buy for 3 deliveries, Googled the company, & found a free code online, so went for that. Overpriced but tasty.
      If you worry you may forget to cancel before the next week - I just filled in that I was going away for the next month, so the next delivery date was 1 month later. Very easy to cancel. No problems.

  • When free involves credit card, hmmm no thanks

  • BTW the title seems treating people like monkeys "free nuts" my 2 cents.

  • I don't get what it has to do with Simon the finance guy's wallet. Is he personally funding the free offer?

    Obviously I know this isn't the case, I just think it's stupid that they felt the need to add this bit of useless information..

  • I wouldn't give them my credit card no.!!

  • No thanks I've got plenty of nuts XD

  • thanks, just ordered using Zero balanced visa gift card. it worked. hah

  • Their rules state they can charge you up to 6 working days in advance of your delivery, so even on day one they could charge you for next week. Thus if your ordered a box for Monday today there you would hit the 6 day rule and get a second box even if you cancel.

    Ordering for 2 or more business days in the future and canceling right away would get around this rule.

    • Which raises the interesting question of ethics, what is ethical (right and wrong) when one signs up to a deal with the intention to cancel immediately after receipt of the initial enticement? Discuss

      • And what are the ethics of a trust able business or merchant? I beat you would fail on this.

      • So do you ever watch commercial TV?
        Feel guilty when those paying for the program advertise their wares in the hope you will buy - and you don't buy?? If not, why not??? Discuss

        Traders use a number of promotional means - which generally cost them lots of money, that they hope will increase sales to more than cover the cost. Free nuts are not much different, are healthier & less annoying than crappy ads interrupting a movie. :-)

    • After registering, simply go to the section saying you will be away, put the period from the day or so after first delivery until say a month later. This then shows next delivery date is a month after first - easy. Plenty of time to cancel without the worry of being billed for next order.

  • yeah i hate the credit card part too thats why i cancelled after my order. but though i would post just incase and of you want to try. if you put in your credit card details and send them an email to demand to opt you out and they still go ahead and charge you and send you one. simple call you your bank for credit charge back and you get your money and another free box of nuts. yeah its not worth the hassle for most and i did not read that in the terms before i bought it otherwise i would not have bought it

  • I got my nuts for free last week - they give out these codes to all who try.
    They send a code with first delivery for 3 people to use.
    Seems no time limit on code use - I used 1 year old code found by Googling.

    Prompt delivery. I guess it is aimed at people at work to share the surprise parcels.
    Tell them you are away for the month after 1st delivery - gives plenty of time to cancel!
    Cancellation was simple online. Was worried about giving CC details- no worries.
    Got charged for nothing. No annoying emails as long as you unsubscribe.

    Tasty, very fresh, convenient, quirky how you rate your nuts, but I wouldn't pay the $6.95 delivered price for 4 (30g on average) containers of nuts, fruit, chocolate. But got ideas of how to put a delicious mix of nuts & fruit together. Worth the free try.

  • That's one nutcracker of a deal!

  • i got flooded with emails for every person that got a pack.

  • Be pretty funny of we could get a chain of freeboe codes, a la reading eggs! Years of free snacks.

  • how hard is it to cancel i wonder…