Sony 3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS: X Soundbar (HT-G700) $595 in-Store/C&C Only @ Harvey Norman


Revel in crisp, full-bodied sound as you listen to your music or watch your favourite movies with the Sony 3.1 Channel 400W Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer.

Key Features
Combines Vertical Surround Engine, DTS Virtual:X, and S-Force PRO technologies, so you can enjoy an immersive listening experience
Built-in HDMI port supports HDR, HLG, and Dolby Vision for lossless video quality when transmitting to a compatible display device
Offers various sound modes, such as Cinema, Music, and Auto Sound to suit your needs
Bluetooth connectivity enables seamless wireless playback from your smart device
Comes with a wireless subwoofer to deliver deep, detailed bass

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman



    Hmm i would like to splurge on a soundbar to replace my decade old Logitech Z5500 (purely for aesthetics, too many wires and too many young children)

    How does this compare to these:

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    Just a friendly reminder to not support Harvey Norman, regardless of "Deals".

    Gerry Harvey is a world-class bag of human trash and no one should give him their money.

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      pretty sure this site is still ozbargain, not ozpolitical and/or ozpersonalopinions.


      I completely agree

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      😂 LOL


    I am looking for a budget soundbar too. This was on my list, after some research and reviews. I am looking at Q800T or Q700A.


      I almost purchased the HTG700 from Sony this morning but after doing a bunch of review searching, I ended up setting on the TCL 9030. Great reviews for something around the $500 range except its on sale at the moment for around $370.


      FYI without upward firing speakers, these sound bars are not true Dolby Atmos and the effect isn't as good.

      The Q800T (which I own) and the Q700A does have the the upward firing speakers. For what it's worth, it's probably still a step behind the full experience DA where you have real speakers above you but the Q800T does a pretty good job of using the upward firing speakers to replicate that. For $600ish, you could certainly get a soundbars with true DA and not this virtual DA


        That's what I thought. Maybe I will wait for a 800t deal. JB is doing 549 I think

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    Nah don't shop at Harvey Norman.. Price match off him for sure, but don't give that climate change-denying, thieving billionaire **** more taxpayer cash

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    Isn't this the normal price in most stores?
    In fact, I checked Sony store website and they have it for the same pricve -