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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky 700ml $200 ($145.60 after Cashback + 2000 Flybuys Points) @ First Choice Liquor


Excellent deals for an overpriced blue label using cash rewards 30% uncapped cashback.


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First Choice Liquor

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  • Two bottles of red label for $43

    • How do you get that price ?

      • it's 37 dollars on amazon for 700 ML. don't know why my previous comment got unpublished as it was not an affiliate link, i just searched red label and clicked on the first result.

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    Good luck actually getting them to honour it. Last time I did it through the app, and screen recorded the entire transaction, and they still declined it.

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      I agree, if it actually doesn’t work you will be left with an expensive blue label which you could have bought for less outright.
      Don’t trust cashback deals for things you can find for less somewhere else :)

    • Wanting to buy 5 to stock for Xmas now scared won’t get CB

      • +1

        Tracked instantly for me. I guess you should do click and collect and collect only after you receive the tracking mail from CR. Else, cancel the order.

      • There is always a limit for cashbacks, you won’t for sure get 5x cashback for 5x bottles

  • Let's not have this whole conversation thread again.
    I'll summarise:
    Some people really like it, but it's overpriced.

  • Got one for 119 with shopback and amex deal last time.

    Haven't opened it.

  • Thx, got a bottle of Lagavulin 16yr - Once the cashback come through that will be $87.50 plus the points

    • +1

      Just so you don't get a shock I'm pretty sure cashback in on the amount minus GST so it will cost you more than $87.50 in the end. Probably just over $90 but still a good deal.

      • Yep you are right forgot about that - got $34.09 back - so it cost me $90.91 - Still very happy with that - cheers

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