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[Afterpay] Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $109.65 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay


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Not a bad price for Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen delivered. (RRP $149)

I got one recently to replace a Lenovo Smart Clock, and it's awesome.

Also available in Chalk Colour

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    Can you install apps?
    We use our Ipad for Cubo Ai, but its constantly running in background and eats the battery.


      No you can't


        Do you know of any of these desktop tablets that can?

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          I don't, probably easier to just buy an Android tablet and a stand as pinkybrain suggests below I reckon



          I got one of these. Can use Ada tablets, install app or simply leave in the dock to make it a smart home speaker with display. You'll have Alexa as assistant but in the tablet you can set Google assistant as default too

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      get a cheap android tablet and put it on a stand
      if you want to install apps..

      these hub have basic apps

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      I use my hub for Cubo AI, it works.

      You can't install apps on the Hub but you can link your Cubo AI to your google home app (I assume you would have a google account). Once linked and the camera named appropriately (e.g. baby monitor), you can stream the camera on the Hub by saying "Ok Google, view baby monitor".


    Does anyone know if the Hub MAX is going to be upgraded to 2nd gen as well?

    Also, I take it the Hub MAX also can't install apps is that right? (Eg, if I want to install apps such as: security camera monitor, solar monitor, AirCon Control App..etc)


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      you can't install apps, but you can link your security camera and that to it
      I've got my Reolink camera attached to it (just say "show me front door camera"), and also my Meross garage door opener (just say "open garage door")