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[Afterpay] 15% off Millions of Items (TheGoodGuys, Bing Lee, Mobileciti, EB Games, Gearbite, Wireless1) @ eBay (Min Spend $50)


Pay with discounted ebay gift cards if you don't wish to use Afterpay for payment.

Some deals -

  1. Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00 (AEST) on 11 June 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

  2. Conditions. The offer entitles you to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items, when you spend $50 or more (up to $2000) in one transaction and check out using Afterpay during the Offer Period. A maximum discount of $300 per transaction applies. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

  3. 'Eligible Items' means all items listed at https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Afterpay/bn_7116498445 where these terms and conditions are found, and the coupon redemption code AFTPY15 is displayed in the item listing.

Full T&Cs

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  • +1

    code works without using afterpay at checkout.. for now anyway

    • dang - ah well saves me spending about $600, on some stuff and will wait until the Amazon Prime Day

    • +1

      Sorry - does it no longer work if you purchase gift cards and check out a "$0" purchase?

      • +1

        not sure about gift cards, for few minutes could use any payment, unfortunately they fixed it

        • +1

          Ahhh I see what you mean. Thanks!

  • +5

    Nice! Not as good as before 20%

  • +1

    Can someone speak to their experience with next gen consoles on the Dell S2721DGF (pictured).

    • +9

      I use it Paired with an Xbox Series X and absolutely love it. Beautiful accurate colours and great picture quality, also love the minimalist design that doesn't scream gaming monitor. The Stand Allows really smooth height and swivel adjustments also. I Play competitive Halo mostly and really enjoy gameplay @120FPS QHD, I found it to be a Huge upgrade coming from 1080p 60FPS.

      • +1

        My son has it paired with his PS4 Pro. Running with a mClassic he's able to run at 1440p.

        As per T-BARHQ, this is a quality monitor for the price.

        NB: With the mClassic, the PS4 Pro is set at 1080p, the mClassic then upscales the 1080p signal to 1440p.

    • As with the above comment. enjoy how its fairly colour accurate and doesnt look like a gaming monitor (from the front)

      My only unresolved query is in regards to playing past-gen games in 4k or recent 4k upgrades.
      Apparently this monitor does not downscale 4k to 1440p?
      So does that mean when I go to play say Battlefield V or Forza Horizon 4, that even when the 1440p option is selected on my Series X, I am only getting the 1080p output? I can't tell with just my eyes so its a question I've had since purchasing.

      Any knowledge in this area would be a massive help :)

      • +1

        enjoy how its fairly colour accurate

        It's an extended gamut monitor without an sRGB emulation mode… it's a substantially oversaturated look in SDR for the reds and greens, which every review will show you.

        It's good value sub-$400 right now, but it is not remotely colour accurate for SDR or HDR, and would require manual calibration with a colourimeter to fix that.

        • Yeah fair call. What I guess I meant to say was the Wide Gamut of Colours is nice.

          Do you know much about the last-gen query I mentioned?

          • @no-ragrets: Doesn't the Series X support 1440p natively? Just need to disable the option that allows 4K.

            It's the PS5 where you'd run into trouble at present.

            • @jasswolf: yeah so my question is for older games that would've had only the option to run 4k or 1080p on say the Xbox One X.

              Does the GAME have ability to run at 1440p? Or is it limited to just 4k or 1080p at a game code/disk level?

              This may not even make sense and all games may just scale up to what ever the setting is on the console.
              It's just something I've thought about since owning the Series X

              • @no-ragrets: The XBox Series S does backwards compatibility at 1440p, so I assume the Series X also does.

                Keep in mind it was a common thing for the XBox One X to render interally at 1440p and upscale to 2160p, so I'd suggest it's a non-issue.

    • Either Xbox should be fine to display 1440p/120hz content (provided the games support 1440p or higher and/or 120hz), PS5 will be limited to 1080p output no matter what

  • +1

    Too bad Good Guys do not put their Macbooks on eBay, $1349 - 15% would have been sweet

    • Wireless1 has macs

      • +1

        Yes, but not already 10% off like they're talking about.

  • Can use gift card? I assume not anymore, right?

    • +2

      based on comments from previous deals, the loophole has been closed, so you will need an afterpay account.

      though I believe you can still apply gift cards to cover a partial amount of order total - but at least $1 needs to go via afterpay

      • This loop hole is closed too, in my case at least.

        • Maybe if you didn’t Buy2Much, it would still be open (kidding) Yup can confirm loophole closed

          • +1

            @I Smell Pennies: Haha. Having said that, I did not give up. I tried about 20 times, in all sort of combinations, finally it worked, though I lost track the exact order…

    • I can use it. It's not closed

      • All by gift card or still needs some with Afterpay?

        • Some by gift card. Better than nothing right?

          • @sunnyc: Yeah, that is why people said, can't do all by gift cards anymore like last deal.

      • paying for most of it by Gift cards then say $20 on after pay is still allowed?

  • hm, AW3821DW not as low as previously at $1590… just missing the extra 5%..

    • Still a good price. Well worth it.

  • Where can we get discounted eBay gift cards at the moment?

  • Anyone found a Xbox Series controller from a legit store?

    • +1
      • Thank you, although $88 after coupon makes it the same price as JB/TGG normal retails.

        • +1

          Should come down to $79 after the Afterpay coupon, but yeah I've got no clue what these go for so probably not a great deal.

          Also these from Big W for slightly less. $76
          Light Grey
          Shock Blue

          • @matictac: Sorry, you're correct. I was looking at the PDLK5 coupon.

            • @coxymla: Edited my comment with some BigW options too for slightly less.

          • @matictac: Some of the controllers you are linking are for xbox one not series. Yes they will both work fine but i find the newer one to have much nicer grip and usb c charging.

            A quick way to distinguish a series controller is looking for the share button in the middle of the controller.

        • $72 for next gen black or white from TGG Commercial if you know anyone with access. Shock blue and pulse red are $76.

  • Can someone help me here?

    I ve selected an eligible item, I ve selected afterpay and added the code, but it says code cannot apply?

    Thank you

    • +1

      have you logged into afterpay?

      • Not yet. That makes sense. Thank you!

      • Still not letting me.. weird. Is there an option to log into AP on ebay? I just created the AP account but still not letting me. Thanks

        • +1

          When you select the AP payment method, from memory there's a popup for you to authenticate against AP.. (although, I can't remember if that is when you actually check out using AP or when you select it as a payment method)

  • +15

    eBay is pre-emptively draining our bank accounts so that we don't spend on Amazon Prime Days LOL

    • +3

      username checks out..

  • +7

    ebay has steered me away from amazon lately i must say

    well done

    • So true

  • +3

    Hisense 65Q8 from Powerland $1163 delivered

    • How’s Powerland? Are they good to deal with? Thanks for the find!

      • +1

        bought Hisense with them from last deal and no issues. Very happy.

    • So far good. Purchased 2 days ago, expecting delivery early next week in Melbourne.

      • I m scared to pull the trigger as I don’t know them. Could we deal directly with Hisense in terms of warranty?

  • +2

    55" BX for $1730 delivered https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124703886011 (select click an collect first, swap to afterpay, then go to postage).

    Super tempting

    • you will want 65inch, later .trust me. i am with 55 one 1 week, feels so small.

      • Was $ the main reason you decided to go with 55 as opposed to a bigger size?

        • +1

          a little, not too much. i have some gift card left, which brings the 55bx to 1100ish, i was thinking if i will go 65, would cost me another 700-800 out of pocket. more importantly, i did not realize the thin bazel maks the tv looks smaller at home.
          if i have people strongly recommend 65, i would pay the extra to get 65. i did not know that's 40% larger screen.i try to make less people feel bad when they brought a new tv.
          of course different situation may result 55 is better for someone. but for most people, go 65.

      • Depends how far you sit back from the TV. 55” would be fine for some if they sit close enough.

        • Yes less than 2m, maybe fine. But to me it is too close which made me uncomfortable. Plus I think that distance is not friendly to human eyes.

  • +3


    Even better deal now for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

  • Can anyone confirm if we can pay using GC’s on eBay?

  • LG 55" BX OLED for $1695 from TGG - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124703886011

    C&C only to keep below the $2k limit.

    Possible lowest ever on this model?

    • +2

      If you swap back to postage after hitting C & C you can get it for 1730 shipped as per my above comment

  • +4

    Ryzen 5600x $424.80 * 0.85 = $361.08 - ebay

  • any mid range soundbar deal?

  • +1

    Does not work with gift cards, even if you leave a balance of couple of hundreds. Always came back with
    "We ran into a problem. Please try again later." Removing the gift cards, then it let transaction go through.

    • so meaning this is only 5% extra, considering people have 10% ebay gift card.

      • Yep, that's a shame. It was good while it lasted.

        • +1

          I tried about 20 times, in all sort of combinations, finally it worked, though I lost track the exact order of what I did…
          So yep it still work, may be not at first…

          • @Buy2Much: did you paid full amount with giftcard?

            • @SJ50: No, I did not pay GCs in full, but then I already maxed out my 7 GCs.

              • @Buy2Much: What was the price of the item you bought and what was the value of the GC you used?

          • @Buy2Much: See my message below. How many gift cards did you use? I thought that the limit is 7 now?

      • Just checking one thing. How many gift cards did you try and use? I believe that there is a limit of 7 cards in one transaction now so maybe the issue with the number of cards that you were using rather than the fact that you were using any.

        • No it was not the number of GCs (I had 7), usually the system would stop you entering a new one when maxed out. Anyway it worked for me after trying many times different ways.

    • When adding giftcards it seems to allow you to use 2 Gift Cards + the Coupon.

      • Does it error out when you use 2+?

        • So the issue seems to be that the "AfterPay" payment option will only be listed if there is an amount leftover after applying giftcards.

  • -3

    Amount of fake chromecasts on ebay has me apprehensive generally.

  • I don't think it works on Microsoft eBay store, as I can't even see afterpay payment option on checkout for Microsoft items.

    • Removed from title. It worked when I checked at the time of posting.

      • Sorry, just checked terms and conditions. Wasn't aware that you can't use afterpay on Mobile Phone categories. That's what I was trying to buy. May be working on the items not in that category. Thanks

  • Sweet, bought the Mason & Taylor white 120x60 standing desk for $305, minus $150 of ebay gift cards from credit card points :)

  • Hope the intel i3 10100F doesn't go cheaper than i just bought!

    • How much you pay for it?

  • Any good deals on surround sound systems with wireless rear speakers?

  • Would this stack with the $30 referral bonuses applied to accounts?

    • +1

      Should do, worked for me on the $10 off last week.

    • +1

      Yes. Bought a M1 Air, paid with $30 eBay gift card + Afterpay and got the $30 Afterpay promo too. Hopefully 1% cashrewards to come.

      • Hopefully 1% cashrewards to come.

        Guaranteed to be rejected due to coupon code usage.

  • Deal expires on 13/06/21, in case OP wants to update the post

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