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[WA] 6.6kW Jinko Mono Half Cut Panels + Growatt 5kw Inverter from $2,199 Installed & No Upfront Payment @ Emerge Solar


G'Day, Ozbargains WA community!

We are currently running an EOFY 2021 deal for WA! Lock the lowest deal for just a $99 upfront deposit and the remaining balance to be paid upon the installation! 100% deposit refundable before the installation if you change your mind or cancel the installation.

[UPDATED] NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED - Just mention you saw the deal on Ozbargain and you don't need to make any upfront payment (deposit) to lock the deal for ready to install homes.

6.6kW Solar PV System fully installed from $2,199 after STC (Rebates) Incentives.

Please find the promotion details below,

* 20 x Tier 1 Jinko 330W Cheetah Mono Half Cut Technology Black Frame Panels (12-year Product Warranty and 25-year Performance Warranty) with

> 5kVA Growatt MIN5000 TLX - $2,199 (Single Phase Inverter), MOD TL3-X - $2,699 (Three Phase Inverter) (10 Years Warranty) SOLD OUT

  • 18 x Tier 1 Jinko 370W Cheetah Plus Mono Half Cut Technology Black Frame Panels (12-year Product Warranty and 25-year Performance Warranty) with

5kVA Growatt MIN5000 TLX - $2,299 (Single Phase Inverter), MOD TL3-X - $2,799 (Three Phase Inverter) (10 Years Warranty)

Note: Additional charges may apply, these include: 2-Storey +$249, Distance charge $3/km (if beyond 80km from CBD up to 500km), switchboard upgrade, existing system removal $10/Panel, etc.

The above proposal includes the complete system installation, commissioning, and configuration from the CEC accredited installers and licensed electricians.

To get this deal, please fill in the quote form on our website homepage: https://www.emergesolar.com.au/ or email with your full name, address, and contact number at [email protected], and our team will be in touch.

We have a wide range of products Longi, Trina, Leapton, Q Cells, and LG Panels. Sungrow, Huawei, GoodWe, ABB, SMA, Fronius Inverters, get in touch for specific products and pricing.

Terms and Conditions:
Offer valid while stocks last
Not valid with any other offers
System Price Includes STC Rebate and Solar WA rebate

Eligibility Requirements
Solar WA eligibility and approval criteria apply
WA residents only
6.6kW Residential Installs only
Single Story Tin/Tile Roof Single Phase
(Additional Costs listed above)

Please find our ongoing Fronius/Seraphim ($3,199) deal at: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/634822

Company history: Emerge Solar is registered in January 2021 with three business owners, basically all from an engineering background and are Australian resident/Citizen. Previously working in a solar company and after more than 15 years of combined experience in the industry, decided to start by own. So far, post installations we've not received any complaint or negative feedback from our customers. We are fully insured and our installations are done by professional CEC Accredited Installers and licensed electricians. In short, we don't have any bad track record in the past and we are dedicated to providing the best quality, value, and service.

Thank you for your support!

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  • -3

    I signed up with solargain with $0 deposit and paid full on the day of installation. seems weird that you need a $99 deposit.

    • What is the price difference between solargain and emerge???

    • Would like to know how much did you pay for solargain deal please ?

      • $3,290 for Huawei and Jinko 370W. This was end of last year.

  • In SA - this is $1k+ lower than I was quoted for a 6kw system a few months back from 6 vendors

  • +1

    Comments on Jinko cheetah / cheetah plus and growatt min5000 from Ozbargainers who know their solar?

    • Panels are decent , Fronius would be much better option for inverter.

    • +4

      Jinko is a good brand. I would pay that little bit more for less but higher watt panels, but at the end of the day 6.6kw is is 6.6kw is its 20 panels or 18 panels.
      In terms of inverter growatt isn't terrible. It has a 10 year warranty and growatt has local presence so when the solar company goes bust offering dirt cheap prices and then doesn't comply to warranty if required you can still go to growatt for warranty if required within those 10 years. For referance you can pick up a single phase 5kw growatt inverter for as cheap as $660, but the huawei inverter alone is about an $1800 proposition. I have been previously looking at inverters as mine failed.

      Also just checked the ABN for emerge solar and they have been in buisness for all of 5 months under this name. Registered Jan 2021.
      Look for solar companies ABN to find how long they have been in buisness. You want someone over 5 years and preferably closer to 10 if you want them to be around to actually help you out if you require warranty service

      • +1

        Ouch.. 5 months. Dealbreaker.

        • +1

          Give solar4ever a call for a quote. I have just used them to install a new system at my dads house and went with a huawei inverter. Very happy with their service, just celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and a family run buisness. You will speak with Andrew and he is a top bloke. Tries to do the right thing. Paid once we were happy. Explained everything to us simply.

        • +2

          Everybody will have to start somewhere. It's not fair to discriminate them because they are new. The fact that they are so aggressive with their pricing, at the expense of their new company's bottom line, deserves recognition.

          It is not easy to start a business. Plus these guys have updated the post to correct their earlier marketing inexperience. We should be more supportive of hardworking folks trying to carve a market out for themselves and keeping the bigger boys on their toes.

          • @frozenchicken: Thing is, I'm happier to pay more for certainty. There are far too many bad solar companies that just disappear.

            Someone with different requirements can get these people started.

          • @frozenchicken: I understand what your saying but a solar company goes on your roof and could cause leaks, plus the equipment should have a life of around 10 years and a bit more for the inverter and 25 years for the panels. With that lifetime you want to start with a good install. Plus solar companies are notorious for opening and closing all the time. With the same people starting the different companies wanting to get out of warranty and dodgy install liability.

            • +1

              @RandomBob84: I agree with what you said. Just thought that we should cut new companies some slack.

              To assign the reputation of all dodgy solar companies to this new one just because it is new doesn't sit right. Give people the benefit of doubt. Even ex-dodgy operators might partner with an honest bloke and turn a new leaf. I know I sound overly optimistic but how can a new business survive and build it's brand if nobody is willing to give them a chance to prove themselves? Even at a sharp price and no deposit?

              I just hope what justtoreply said will happen, that someone with different requirements can get these people started. Because I just got a system couple months ago and all I can do now is talk :)

        • +1

          The company I went with, solar4ever ended up being cheaper for the panel and inverter combination I choose, thanoat other companies. Also if you need warranty and the company that installed it isn't around and you go through the manafacture you still will need to payfor a Sparky to complete an assesment of what is wrong before they send you the replacement. And then you will need to pay again to install it. Where as if the company is still around they handle everything.

          And not all sparkelies understand you can't walk on the panels at all. Some walk on them when installing then you won't be a ke to claim warranty…

  • +3

    Great price.

    I know rebates vary by state, but why never any deals for NSW solar on OzBargain?

  • +6

    Seriously considering this. Has anyone tried this company? Any feedback?

    • +1

      Not dealt with them but like PissLUR, the company i dealt with (Solar4Ever) doesn't require deposit. In fact i asked how much deposit I need to pay and they said not required.

      Note: I paid close to 4k for a Huawei Inverter (I want it to be battery ready) and the panels are Leapton, plus a smart meter and removal of existing system.

      I think 2,199 is real bargain. Get them to issue you a quotation and make sure things like installation, roof rails and fixings are included. With that done, I wouldn't mind paying deposit because it's also fair to them in case you change your mind last minute, considering the very low price. Just don't end up having a conversation like "this and that are not included and you HAVE to pay for them, you can disagree and change your mind but that means you are not getting your deposit back".

      The energy buyback rate is shit at 3 cents off-peak and 10cents peak (after 3pm) here in WA. Yet savings from self consumption alone, the 6.6kW system shaved 200 a month in energy bill for me, and that is not from a zero base because I had a 2.2kW system.

      Good luck, mate.

  • Does the huawei inverter have the capabilities of an optimiser? If so, how much extra would that be?
    Also, I'm assuming this is for a single array, what would the price increase roughly be for multiple small arrays? (due to roof size and shape complexity) Cheers!

    • +3

      Huawei inverter is a two string (2MPPT) inverter. So, you may split the number of panels into two directions depending on the voltage ratings of panels and inverter. However, you may install the optimisers to the panels incase if you have the shadings. But if you've multiple splits say 3 then you may go for a 3MPPT inverter. And, if you've more than 3 splits then you need a micro inverters system or SolarEdge optimisers system. Please fillup the form at www.emergesolar.com.au so one of our sales engineers can analyse your roof and recommend the suitable system accordingly.

  • @Jiva, do you have any offers for 3KW panels and inverter? I'm asking as I currently have a 3KW system.

    • +1

      Yes, we do. If you have an existing 3kW panels and 3kVA inverter then you can only add upto 2kVA inverter and 3.6kW panels for a single-phase electricity meter connection in WA. However, if your house has a three-phase electricity meter, you may upgrade to a bigger size but you won't be eligible for the feed-in tariff benefits with Synergy. Please leave your details at www.emergesolar.com.au so we can analyse your electricity consumption and existing system details and recommend you the system upgrade accordingly.

      • If you have 3-phase and high demand for power during the day, forget about the feed-in tariff and go beyond 6.6kW. At 3 cents off-peak and 10cents peak, which starts after 3pm and covers less than 20% of actual power generated, the feed-in tariff in WA is negligible.

        Get solar panels in WA to offset your daytime consumption only and don't fantasize about generating credits to offset your night time usage because it is negligible. If you have plans to add batteries when they become cheaper, then it's a different equation to solve.

        I had a 2.2kW SMA system that is working just fine (I am guessing only because I don't have a smart meter installed before) and made economic sense when the feed-in tariff was 40 cents. When the contract is up and the tariff dropped to 7.135 cents, my bill skyrocketed. I decided (without realising the new 3 and 10 cents tariff) to replace the whole system when I upgrade because even an SMA system will fail eventually. I figured it is better to have a new 6.6kW system with 10 years warranty, than having to deal with a failed and out of warranty 2.2kW system(with a functioning 4.4kW system sitting next to it), in case that happens a few years down the road. Also remember that solar panels will deteriorate in performance as they get older irregardless of brand even when your expensive inverter managed to stay tip top.

        Some points for you to think about…

        • All correct, but the inverters have an expected lifetime of 10 to 20 years too. Mine failed at 5 years and lucky it was an easy fix which I did my self. Just 2 relays that cost $15. I did it my self. But the heat generated by the inverters will eventually assist in degrading their life.

  • What is the best solar panel at the moment in WA??


    • +2

      As a customer, you are buying two main products: solar panels and inverter. Most panel brands (Non-Chinese or Chinese) offer almost the same efficiency and warranties, so one can go with any brand according to their budget. Non-Chinese Brands usually come with a heavier price tag and the panels normally don't fail or are very unlikely to fail; it's the inverter that mainly causes issues. So, Always go for a high-quality inverter (i.e Growatt, Huawei, Fronius, etc.)

      Most Tier-1 panels are considered good. Jinko, Longi, Trina are most selling brands in Australia. It more goes to an individual priorities whether it's a warranty, efficiency, Australian based support, high wattages, renowned brand, etc. and choose the brand accordingly. You may find most information on the panel's datasheets. You're welcome to drop-in your details and the brand you're after for a quick quote.

  • +1

    I just noticed the updated post.

    If I am still in the market for a system, I will give these guys a go despite them being a new company. Everybody will have to start somewhere. It's not fair to discriminate them because they are new.

    Plus they are up front with extra charges and how they charge. I like that in businesses, no hidden tricks. All the terms and conditions are spelled out for all to see. I respect that. And they scrapped the deposit. So there is no reason not to support them.

    Emergesolar has my full endorsement based on the updated post alone.

    I just want to share that I did ask for quotes from two other bigger and older companies before going with solar4ever, and they are dodgy as hell with quotations and pricing tricks, as well as annoying "follow up" calls to fix their deals after trying to stuff you up the first round. I went with solar4ever because they gave a fair price right from the start and they explained everything in their quotation. Everything is communicated through email (for record) and no annoying "follow up" calls to haggle with you or anything. I like businesses that respect me as a customer, not treat me as another sucker that they can have a go at.

  • How much more is it for a huawei or fronius single phase inverter with jinko 370w panels?

    • My sincere apology, @2jzzz! I am unable to provide you the quote here due to our company policy. Please fill-up the form at www.emergesolar.com.au for a quick quote. And be assured, we have a strict policy not to call the customers again and again for sales. We respect your privacy and if you don't want us to give you a call please mention it in the form and we will communicate to you via email. Thank you for your understanding!

  • +1

    I'm giving them a go - have a 5KW single phase north-facing system already and adding this (with 3 phase inverter required) and will lose all FIT.

    Might install east and west to maximise usage.

    • +1

      Hi Dishcloth, you might find this article useful:
      I found the website very useful when I was trying to get my head around Solar PV

      • +1

        As it turned out, Western Power wouldn't allow an add-on to a single phase system, but were happy to have a replacement 3 phase system. 13.2 kW/10kW inverter system ordered for possible installation next week - weather hasn't been kind this week.

        The guys at Emerge Solar have been excellent - no sales pushiness (they are actually Engineers, so quite happy to talk technicals - Thanks Dara for indulging my discussions).

        Will report back once installed.

        Of course, at the end, I will have 27 * 185W 10-year-old panels for some fun projects after this - have some farm projects planned.

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