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LG SN11RG Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with Two Rear Speakers $1049 (Save $640) + Free Delivery (Selected Areas) @ Appliance Central


Grab a hot run-out price on a clearance SN11RG sound bar.
- Four Dolby Atmos speakers
- Two Rear speakers
- 2x HDMI Inputs/1x Output
- Connect to Wi-Fi for Google Assistant and Spotify Connect

Cheaper than Harvey Norman this weekend, at $1195

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  • What's the successor to this?

  • Good price. I'd get it but it's too long for my setup.

  • Op why has appliance central stopped selling on their eBay store?

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    I had this and returned it because my home wifi network constantly caused the rear speakers to cut out. I want to stress that my experience may not be typical, but I also know from various AV forums that this is a common issue with wireless rear speakers. Pretty devo as I had been bloody excited to have what seemed to be a great Dolby Atmos, apartment friendly setup.

    The Catch 22 is that a major selling point of these are that they are a Google Chromecast device, so they need to be in range of your wifi if you want to cast to them (and get the app to work). But it's only by moving the speaker away from my wifi (in this case, ensuring there was a concrete wall between my Nest Router and the soundbar) that I was able to avoid interference! My wifi, BTW, is provided by a Google Nest Mesh set up.

    I found even a Google Nest unit caused interference. The manual claims you should keep any wifi generating devices one metre or more away from the soundbar, but I found that it had to be about five metres, or with a sturdy concrete wall!

    FWIW I thought switching to SONOS might be the answer but from what I've read, a few customers have the same problem with the clash with their home wifi. I am in an apartment tower (though with no other towers nearby) so that could be an issue. Anyway, JB HiFi kindly accepted the return but it's worth noting if you have problems, you'll have to lug the pretty hefty setup back to the place of purchase.

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      Had/having the same issue here.

      Bought the soundbar alongside my LG CX just under a year ago, and was really excited to refresh my setup.
      Was previously running a Sony Muteki 7.4 system with subs, speakers, amps everywhere - so decided upon a soundbar to free up some room.

      Up until last week, I'd had issues with the rear speakers/sub cutting out every few seconds, which drove me absolutely crazy.
      Found a yet to be released firmware release online, and manually upgraded. Still didn't resolve the issue.
      Tried moving wireless devices to different bands, changing wireless and Orbi backhaul channels, changing broadcast strength - no luck.

      Ended up moving one of my Orbi satellites a metre away from the sub, and things have improved significantly.

      I'll live with it, but next time I'll opt for something that you can cable up.

      Additionally, the initial marketing material on LG's website for the SN11RG indicated that the soundbar had 2 x HDMI 2.1 ports.
      That's not the case, which was a bit of a pain, as I'd hoped to connect my PS5 and Xbox One Series X directly to the soundbar, and negate the need to run longer HDMI cables behind the wall.

      I'm only just now beginning to enjoy the soundbar, a year on.

      Don't mean to frighten anyone away from this - however if you're running a wireless mesh network, be warned that you might experience dropouts every few seconds.

      • I read too many this kind of stories while I am researching LG soundbar. I think I wil go Samsung for my LG tv.

        • Some have same issues with the Samsung Q90R - I read enough to give it a wide berth. https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/audio-video/samsung-q90r…

          Edit: The HW Q950T and even the brand new A also seem not to be impervious: https://www.reddit.com/r/Soundbars/comments/lwb7i5/samsung_q…

          • @y2k: well, is there any soundbar not have these sound cuts out issues?my 6 years old basic samsung bar never had that issue, the more advance bars coming with all kinds of issues are normal now?i am looking at q800t or q700t right now

            • @ce5himm: It's because of the rear speakers - that's usually where the cutouts happen. Shouldn't be an issue if you don't have rear speakers!

              • @y2k: so i should be safe to buy the bar first

      • Sorry you had a bad experience, where did you hear of SN11RG having HDMI 2.1? LG Aus lists the ports as 4K 60Hz, they haven't advertised HDMI 2.1 for any soundbar model

      • 100% agree about a cabled setup for rear speakers. I think we were all so excited that wireless rear connections are strong enough to put out half decent output that we forgot that our homes have also seen a corresponding spike in other wifi-dependent devices that can cause interference!

        I'm curious to know - with your position adjustments, how often do you get cutouts now? I was getting them every few minutes and that drove me bonkers.

        • +1

          After relocating the Orbi satellite (mainly using this for the 4 x ethernet ports) I'm barely getting any drops.

          Put some music on as a test the other day, and believe I only had the one drop in about 20 minutes or so.

          Planning on moving the satellite a little further away once I get an opportunity to do so, to see if it eliminates the problem completely.
          In order to do so, I need longer ethernet cables, so will likely have further feedback early next week once they arrive.

          For anyone not running a mesh wireless network though - it's a great soundbar!
          I bought mine for $1,599 on release - which I think was a bit high. At around a grand, you can't go wrong really.

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    Does it suffer from drop outs like previous models?

    • in my case, absolutely. Had to return it. See above!

  • What about Sonos

    • They're good, but a four piece system like the SN11RG will cost like $2000
      (Soundbar + Sub + Rear Left Speaker + Rear Right Speaker)

      • And a quick visit (Google "sonos dropout") to Sonos forums will show a few people have the exact same problem with that brand. I suspect a household that has problems with one wireless setup will have problems with them all; and a house that has no problems with interference will sail smoothly with any wireless speaker setup. I'm yet to see someone say they've switched from one wireless speaker system to another and that has made a difference (better or worse)

        Sonos still uses your home wifi network, even with Sonosnet which is a "mesh system for the most part" - https://en.community.sonos.com/troubleshooting-228999/surrou…

  • I have the unit next to my router but no disconnection issues. If you go to AVForums, it says the reason for disconnection issues is because of mesh routers.

    You can buy cheaper on Ebay viz Appliance Central. With the extra $100 voucher it will be down to $900 plus

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    This LG or Samsung 9.1.4 Ch Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer HW-Q950TXY? They are same price.

    • Watch this! For dedicated Atmos home cinema experience HW-Q950TXY, Everything else SN11RG

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