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[eBook] How to Set Goals with Kaizen & Ikigai $0 @ Amazon Cloud Reader


By Anthony Raymond, 201 pages, published Feb 3, 2019

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Contains over 60 illustrations and diagrams.

Do you have trouble setting and accomplishing your goals?

Do you procrastinate or put things off till the last moment?

Did you know that 80% of New Year's Resolutions have failed by February?

The problem is this: Most people were never taught how to set and pursue goals properly. Even highly-skilled and successful professionals still struggle to stick to their commitments and defeat the forces of laziness and procrastination.

To overcome these weaknesses, we must first understand the nature of the innate psychological forces that conspire against us. We must become aware of the many "mental traps" that hinder our progress and prevent us from fulfilling our daily obligations.

What if I told you that the Japanese have solved this problem?

In this book, we'll be introducing you to 3 concepts from Japan:

Hansei - The art of honest self-reflection.
Ikigai - How to find your "true calling" in life.
Kaizen - Goal achievement through incremental progress.
Each one of these techniques is a powerful goal-setting tool. But when combined together, they can multiply your personal productivity by a factor of TEN—making your most ambitious dreams seem achievable!

The magic happens when you know how to select occupations and objectives that are in harmony with your spirit and your purpose.

So what is your purpose?


Once you grasp the effectiveness of this system, you'll have trouble recalling how you ever managed to get anything done without it. And, you'll understand why so many Fortune 500 companies (like Toyota, Nestle, and Lockheed Martin) have enthusiastically adopted Kaizen with great success.

You will learn:

Why conventional goal-setting methodologies cause so many people and projects to fail.
The clever insight which will immediately allow you to stop procrastinating and start getting to work.
The Japanese method to find your life's purpose, and ignite the flames of internal motivation within you—thus turning your body into a "personal productivity powerhouse."
The one-minute principle that makes the laborious chore of "habit-forming" much, much easier.
How to avoid allowing excuses or inconsequential interruptions from disturbing your productivity.
And, how the practice of "incremental progress" can be utilized to overcome your brain's natural tendency to reject ambitious tasks. ……..

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    from reviews "despite being free, this book didn't help me become the star of ozbargain. didn't read it either, though, too many games in my Epic account"

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    Thanks. Good reading so far…. But still in bed and still on Ozbargain.


      Is your goal to save heaps of money?

      Is one of the steps to save money by buying unnecessary items on discount when u do need them anyway?

      I think u r onto something….



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    will read it later



    these are not esoteric concepts in japanese lol

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      Reflect and refine, it sounds better in East Asian way, so the hipsters will eat it all up.


    Ugh, Kaizen.