This was posted 5 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Men's Gildan Premium Cotton Adult Double Pique Sport Shirt $3 + $10 Delivery @ Gildan Amazon AU


I bought one of these for $5 last year and they're pretty good for the money, especially at $3. Fits reasonably true to size although the sleeves are long-ish as many of the reviews say.

Six colours available with ok stock levels and size range.

Free delivery even without Prime.

Update — $10 shipping was added since posting

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  • +9

    almost looks like a seinfeld puffy shirt

  • +29

    That looks terrible

  • Thanks.. bought 3

  • bought 5 for the gym

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 :)

  • +2

    I remember paying $2.10 for these

  • +4

    why am I being asked to pay $10 for delivery :(

  • Good one - thanks!

  • +2

    Delivery is $10 even with Prime, how did you get it free?

    • Mine was free?

    • When I made my order 2.5 hours ago, delivery is free :)

  • +2

    not free shipping. Most of them are $10 for shipping

  • Oh looks like they're changed it. No free shipping

    • All of them have $1 shipping for me, took a shot a one anyway.
      Edit: and refresh the page and it's $10, got in just in the nick of time.

  • They must have updated the shipping.

  • +2

    Gildan are good quality and worth getting even with $10 shipping, but it just doesn't feel right now 😅

  • +5

    the arm span on that model is ridiculous. bloke is like an orangutan

  • +1

    Not really a bargain with $10 shipping unless you plan to get like 10pcs

  • Bummer they're updated all shipping now. Some of the other t-shirts still had free shipping seconds ago

  • Looks like it gives you a dad bod even if you don't have one

  • Managed to get 2 orders in with the free shipping

  • +3

    Wouldn’t wear this if you paid me lmao

  • This doesnt include in Prime. Just be aware they are not shipped by Amazon.

  • That model’s body type was a bad pick for this style of shirt
    If you have similar ratio of neck to chest width don’t buy this

  • Got 3 yesterday with free shipping…
    Size wise are larger than usual.

  • Can I pay someone $3 to unsee this monstrosity?

  • Bought some with the free shipping for my boyfriend because most of his shirts have holes in them where they shouldn't. Reading the comments/reviews they may be a little big though. Will see what happens.

  • +2

    Warning for sizes guys, I bought quite a few of these a while back on a big sale. Atrocious balloon like fit. I bought one size smaller than normal and it was still 2 sizes larger than what i normally wear. It’s crazy how large the sizings are and the fit is like wearing a clown suit.

    • +1

      i bought a couple of long sleeve shirts from them, some my normal size and some 2 sizes smaller. the ones that were 2 sizes smaller are about the same size as my other shirts while the ones i bought in my normal size are quite a bit bigger. personally i don't mind because i like loose clothes anyway. i think these are using American sizing, Australian sizing seems to be a lot smaller in comparison.

      • Genuinely curious, which Australian brands would you be referring to , re; sizing?

        • thomas cook

          • @DisabledUser394460: they make a slim fit

            • @darkmoss: the shirts i have don't appear to be slim fit but i can't find them on their website or anywhere else, they are a few years old

  • +1

    Haha the comments! I must have poor taste because it looks fine and I don't know what people are on about.

    • Talking about the long sleeve.
      Thumbnail has changed

      • Oh right!

    • They're a great fit. I think the whingers are used to the slim fit stuff that has been around for too long ( a bad look most of the time).

  • +2

    the $10 shipping kills the deal

  • +14
    • +1

      LEGEND!! Got some! 😍

    • Thanks mate grabbed a couple xl and 2xl let's see if any of these actually fit lol.

    • +2

      $10 postage now

      • Heh someone is in a lot of trouble.

  • When I checked Kogan last nite, it was also $3…free delivery with Kogan membership.

    • You got the link?

  • +2

    Got one for myself and the wife’s boyfriend

  • original price of the white one is 35.00. How on earth ???? Not worth more than $3.00 anyways

  • Bought some from the last deal….they are worth about 3 dollars in quality, material used, design…basically all aspects. Good daily home shirt but they aren't even that comfortable to qualify for that. It's like wearing disappointment…but only $3 so whatever least your nipps are covered.

  • Looks like they added $10 shipping to every item now.
    EDIT: I see that the OP already updated this information.

  • What a great deal, this OP must be a huge champ. Tres bon champion!

  • Probably came from a Bangladeshi sweatshop with slave wages.

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