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Joseph Joseph 4-Piece Folio Regular Chopping Board & Chef's Knife Set $35.97 (Was $60) + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


Joseph Joseph 4-Piece Folio Regular Chopping Board(20×30cm) Set

4 x chopping boards
1 x case

Elevate Chef's Knife
1 x knife
1 x protective sheath


Colour-coded boards to prevent cross contamination

Knife-friendly, textured surface with non-slip feet

Stainless steel bars on each board for easy selection and removal

Fingerprint proof case holds boards separately for air circulation

Stunning angled design suits any kitchen countertop

Premium quality kitchen knife

Ideal for cutting and carving meat, veggies and tough fruit

Pointed stainless steel blade with precise cutting edge

Weighted comfort handles for a secure grip and precise control

Built-in tool rest props up blades to keep cutting surfaces clean

Folio Regular Chopping Board Set:Stainless steel/PP/ABS/TPR/silicone

Elevate Chef's Knife:Stainless steel/plastic
BPA free

Dishwasher safe parts (chopping boards)

Hand wash recommended for knife

Dimensions (approx. cm):
Folio Regular Chopping Board Set
Boards: 20 x 30 (W x H)
Case: 22.2 x 32 x 7.6 (H x W x D)

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    Thanks for posting it.
    I bought this from Costco and used it for a while but I never use it anymore.
    The board itself is made of some sort of plastic and everytime I use it with a knife, it leaves big scratches.
    To me it felt like I was eating micro plastic everytime I use with the chopping board so I ended up using this instead.
    I bought it from Myer when it was on discount but the price seems pretty reasonable :)
    Hope you guys have a great day!


      Thank you, stopped me buying these branded crap

    • +4 votes

      All plastic cutting boards get marks. That's the point, it's on the board, not your kitchen bench. Wood ones will deteriorate eventually too. Each option has their pro's and con's. For example, it can be argued that a wood board will harbour bacteria, just like wooden spoons. Or is unsuitable for purpose ie. I'd never cut raw chicken on a wooden board.


        Actually, one of the reasons to use wood is its anti-bacterial properties.

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        I have two wooden boards. I have had them both for about 5 years. Wooden boards before that as well. I eat about 1kg of chicken per week. I buy it in 1kg lots, cut it up on the wooden boards. I then wash the boards. I have cut veggies/salad on them straight away after washing or the following day/week. I have never been sick.


      Peer sorensen is the stuff they clear out on Peters of Kensington. Check out the link below if you are after different types:
      I have a few and the quality varies from board to board. Anything that had metal or "marble" attached isn't great most of the time as it has gaps and there is a bit of patch work (some white clay or sealer).


    Note that the regular sized boards are actually quite small.


    Damn , I purchased this last week on sale for $50 from big w , reduced from $149.


      big w should be the large size, catch is regular size

      • +1 vote

        Just measured them- they are 20 X 30cm too.
        I also have a chop and carve board that is 30x 28 cm Joseph Joseph board that is fabulous for all the bigger items.
        The 20x 30 cm is fine for everyday small jobs ( not for roasts or large batch cooking).


    I looked at these at full price a few weeks ago. But decided they are far too small. Just 20cm x 30cm. Even at this price, it's just not worth having small chopping boards


    I have the green color “plastic” one from Costco years ago. It does have scratches and marks, but way much less than the white board from woollies or ikea.


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