Owner Not Picking up Their Dog's Poo and Leaving on My Nature Strip

I was taking out my bin today and saw dog poo left on my front nature strip.

Last week the same thing happened and I thought this was a once off and it picked it up myself however I don't want to continue to have to do this and it seems the dog walker thinks they can get away with it. I mow the front nature strip consistently so there is no reason to think my lawn is a dumping ground for dog walkers. My fence I around 1.7-1.8M tall so the camera at the front door won't detect who the culprit is.

Any advice?


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      Why was he taking a πŸ’© on you lawn with his dog. Solidarity?

      • Sicko Bonding hehe :)

  • Thankyou for this nughts entertainment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Thankfully i don't have to deal with this sh_t

  • Verge*

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    Free fertilizer. 5 minutes to throw out the poo. 5 hours spent looking for answers from randoms on a forum. What a wonderful age this internet age is.

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    Not everyone knows that you need to pick after your dog. Some people are just suddenly given a dog as a gift without a clue you have to do this. Perhaps that owner doesn't know

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      lmao what???

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      Everyone knows you have to pick up after your dog - some people are just selfish and lazy.

      • Not true. Ive talked to a few children around my my neighbourhood who didn't pick it up and they were confused. They appeared honestly confused too. Alot of people are not responsible. I worked in the awl and heard the many excuses when they came to pick up their lost dog etc

        Many people don't even know how to train a dog to sit, let alone know they have to pick up their poops

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          I suspect they are just pretending to be naΓ―ve re picking up poo. Maybe children if their parents haven't told them, but not adults. My 21 month old toddler has already learned to scoop up our dog's poos with our 'poo trowel' and put them in the bin. He knows not to touch them and makes a big fuss until it's cleaned up.

          I agree many people don't know how to train a dog or what is appropriate with a dog in public places.

          • @morse: You will be surprised to hear how many kids are given pets without any education and how many end up in shelters.

            Thats great! Teach them young. Dont forget all the new migrated people too where rules differ from their country etc. Were talking mostly 2nd generational who have been educated

  • get a camera point it at the nature strip set to motion detect on council strip only, when you get home and see poo you may have to sieve through the shit on the memory card until you find the culprit

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    Write a sign and β€œpluck” it on the spot where issue occurs, reminding them politely to cleanup dogs poo or council will be informed.

  • laminate a paper sign and attach it to a small stake in the ground.

  • Start a youtube channel "Dog Poo's Australia" and post videos of people and dogs in the act.

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      OnlyPoops will get more hits.

  • Hi Op,

    Happened to me too at my previous house. I tried everything, including that thing you can buy from Bunnings but that didn’t help much. The only thing that works is by putting chili / cayene pepper powder over my nature strip. The downside is I have to keep putting the powder after rain.

  • I am mostly standing outside every evening glaring at dog walkers and when they see me they pickup after their dog. If they don't I call them out and make a small scene. You need to do that too.

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      I'd rather pick the crap up myself than waste my time watching everyone lol :)

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        Well it's more fun my way… πŸ˜‰

  • Put up a sign, people will behave when there's a sign. It's Human Nature.

    • Toby, Phil, Andrew and Mike.
  • Be more worried about these

  • Throw it at their house

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