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[NSW] $50 off Your First Order of $200 + Free Delivery @ Harris Farm


Great deal when you sign up to Harris Farm online. Not just fruit and veg lots of other grocery options as well.

You get free delivery on your first 3 purchases of over $120 which includes this first purchase (must be logged in). Not sure of the delivery range.

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    Do Harris Farm have regular promotions for repeat customers? I'm considering switching to HF from WW now that my delivery subscription is coming to an end.


    Geezzz… looks like they expect us to run a restaurant business to grab the deal…


      $200? That's just over our average weekly spend for our family. Not that much for us to get 25% off. Particularly with the price of meat, adds up quickly with little hungry mouths to feed :)

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        we are only a couple with a couple of toddlers… hardly spend $100 in one go… besides veggies won't last more than 3 days in the fridge… so we are avoiding buying too much for several days.