eBay Payment Processing Issue for EOFY 22% off sale

Just bought the Xiaomi monitor from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/620391

Payment is pending and then after 2 hours it got reverted and I need to repay again.

I am using 100% gift card.

People also reported the same with the different sellers using different payment method.

eBay confirmed that there is a technical issue from their end.

Create this to see how many people got affected.

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  • Had the exact same issue trying to buy from different sellers on ebay. Used a mix of gift cards + card for the payment and now have been asked to pay again.

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    I tried to buy the Dreame V10 Combo
    attempt 1 : code, gift cards and credit card. Only gift cards refunded
    attempt 2 : code, gift cards and credit card again. Still stuck on payment pending
    attempt 3 : new order using code and paypal. Still stuck on payment pending

    • attempt 4 : code and gift cards only

      The gift cards balance is available as soon as its refunded.

      Paying by paypal or credit card didnt return money back into my account instantly. I got a paypal refund email but it says to wait a few days.

    • Yup same with me, tried buying the Dreame V10 Combo using PayPal - twice refunded full amount.
      Might try 3rd time using PayPal again but not sure…

  • Same issue ordering a lens from dcxpert. Using EOFY22 code and $430 worth of gift card + $6 balance through paypal (initially) and amex (second try). Paypal and bank said payment was approved so I was assuming it was an issue with gift cards.

    • see above @mvong, his third attempt doesn't involve a gift card still pending.

      So I would say it is a board issue on eBay now.

  • Im having the same problem.

    FYI I use a combination of 2 gift cards and paypal. Its pending payment for 3 hours then my paypal was refunded (I'd assume the gift cards too because I could use the gift cards again with the full amount, to pay again)

    The gift cards are completely new.

    • I spoke to the technician, and he told me to "refresh the browser" before buying again.

      • +1

        how to refresh is paying using the app?

        it is not the browser issue I can 99.99% certain.

        • yeah, i have a feeling they are lying to me.

          • @Yoopy: Also, you have spoken with the technician or eBay live chat reps?

            • @SnoozeAndLose: live chat reps

              yeah sorry, not real technician

              • @Yoopy: Yes, level 1 support are hardly technicians.

    • so you have used 2 sets of gift cards?

      • yeah
        i thought you can use up to 8 gift card in one transaction.

        if the payment bounce again, then I'll try with one gift card. but i'll be on the chat with ebay before that.

        • I have used 30 gift cards with no issue.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: LOL

            ok, its ebay then.

            because I'm pretty sure the shopback gift cards shouldn't be a problem.

            I bought one of the gift card this morning using my CC, so I'd assume its because its not "cleared" by the banks due to public holiday, but then since when does this matter on credit cards

            the other gift card is cleared like last week.

            • @Yoopy: I used gift card I bought from Woolworths deal and it is from eBay so I don't think it can go wrong.

  • Probably a left issue with Afterpay code, something like Purchases using big discount code must be processed via Afterpay.

    I would like to hear if anyone using Afterpay in this deal got reversed or not.

    • +1

      I used the 22% off code with Afterpay, so will wait and see what happens

      • You wont need to wait long. If your payment status turns to Paid, it is done. The issue is it may stay at "Your payment is Pending" for too long and be canceled later.

        • you're right

          • @BLAIL: my payment status were confirmed twice - then got refunded

      • Same here had the same issue with 3 different items from 3 different stores.

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    I spoke at length to ebay live chat after paying 3 times for the same item, two different cards then PayPal only for all to show payment pending yet cards authorised for amount and PayPal authorisation showing for amount too. They claim their payments are all processed by PayPal still and it's a technical issue they're facing and working on fixing.

    They said all pending payments such as what's showing for my 3 payments will be refunded hence order cancelled and only advice they have is to try pay again later.

    What rubbish ebay! Surely they can honour our orders / cancel the duplicates and at the very least acknowledge the issue through an app notification or mass mailer and then more importantly let us know when payment issue rectified if we really do need to make payment again!

    What are the chances when payment issues fixed item is out of stock and/or voucher no longer valid?

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    Message from gearbite ,We checked your payment still not processed due to the eBay technical issue. eBay team is working hard to solve this issue at this moment. We will continuously work with eBay to solve this issue and update you asap.
    Sorry for your inconvenience.

    • at least they care.

      my seller told me to speak to ebay.


      We do accept PayPal with no issues - as for the gift card, we strongly recommend you reach out to eBay support and they will be able to advise further.

      Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance."

  • Two orders, both initially using paypal, both in an extended period of "Your payment is pending.", both eventually falling over. Redid the first one with card only, but, it has been pending for hours as well, and I expect will fall over.

    I contacted card provider and paypal, both fine their end. I then contacted ebay, and apparently, it is an issue they are aware of, and are working on it … but … not really any help or assistance as far as my orders being cancelled, and the item(s) no longer being available.

    • what? that horrible.

      i thought once you hit buy, you get to hold onto the item at least for a few days.

      and i thought everyone payment is having issues, so whose payment went through?

      • Maybe, maybe not. Not a huge ebayer, but regardless, one of the items I want is no longer available, so, whether mine is on some kind of 'wait list' or not, guess I'll now have to contact the seller to find out. Have spent hours chasing things today as a result of this "technical issue".

        I'm not sure this issue is impacting everyone, or just some people either.

        • I think maybe its the seller doing a dodgy and pull the product.

          you were using paypal, and credit card? (thats the most common way of buying too), i doubt anyone payment have gone through unless they are paying with just air.

  • Mine bounced back again.

    • Yup and I paid again with the same gift card

      Good thing is the transaction is not being cancelled

      • +1

        Im on live chat with ebay now. let you guys know if anything changes

        • No technician is working atm

          • @SnoozeAndLose: i think thats why. maybe its worth it to pay tomorrow….since no one can process their payment atm anyway

  • Happened to me twice today.

    Called Paypal and the seller and no issue their end, Ebay have said its a problem with their platform and affects all payment methods

  • Yep got the same thing with Gearbite whilst purchasing the Xioami monitor. Received the email stating that my payment didn't go through. Clicked on the Pay now button on the email to try again. Now i 2 pending $429 transactions on my bank account (paid via credit card). Hopefully, they will refund me back the second transaction.

    • Just a quick update: It seems that eBay has refunded the second amount. The first amount is still pending. Question now is whether or not they will fulfill the order?

  • Contacted eBay rep, here's what they said:
    "I would like to tell you that the Sellers PayPal account isn't verified nor he has updated any other bank details nor any payment method. So the money will be auto reversed as per the bank norms and you can even message the seller regarding the same."

    • That's just ridiculous.

    • Standard eBay customer service response, when they don't know or understand what is going on, they will just find any excuse for a reply

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    Heres the update I got from eBay:

    "I can see that you have tried to pay for the items from your end but the payment is not going through, there seems to be an issue from the seller's end, Please do not worry I am forwarding the issue details to out technical team and we will look into it and make sure appropriate changes takes place on this issue. In this case I request you to wait for 24 hours and try paying for the item, If you are facing the same issue again you can request the seller to send a PayPal invoice and you can proceed with the transaction through PayPal and the seller can mark the item as paid from his end."

    But if you want to pay with gift cards too

    "In this case I request you to wait for 24 hours and try paying for the item by manually entering your Payment details and trying a different browser so that by then the issue will be resovled."

    • seller's end

      As in eBay's end managed payments.

      • as usual….blame others.
        i'm not bothered to argue with them, but i did sent the seller a message, to explain to them that i will try again in 24 hrs.

        • I think this impact many people so seller would have known and they need to.eait as well

          • @SnoozeAndLose: yeha, i'd be surprised if anyone made a transaction today. gift cards, paypal and cc are all affected. the only thing left is afterpay.

    • +1

      Ebay initially gave me the BS response that its an issue on the sellers end. I contacted the seller and Paypal and they both said theres no problem on their end. Contacted Ebay a second time and they admitted its an issue with their platform

  • Same issue here, paid with paypal @ 10am, refunded later, redid PayPal one more time, refunded again. Tried going direct credit card route but gave me an error "Please check your payment details or use a different payment option"

    Ended up jumping on ebay support and they pretty much told me there's a technical issue on their end and that i have been escalated to the relevant support team who will email me in 48-72 hours with a solution.

  • Contacted eBay a few hours before and confirmed there was a technical problem and they would check and replied. Also suggested do not cancel the order and should wait for their email.

  • I paid with Zip and (touch wood) it appears to have gone through (says paid and I haven't received any emails stating otherwise). I got there at noon SA time.

    • do let us know, and keep us posted

      • Yeah mine has been marked as shipped

  • Same issue here, Paid with gift cards + coupon, there is no re-payment option at all. You need to replace a new order instead…BS ebay

    • +1

      Repayment option is on the app using your original gift card.

      • Thanks, the email payment link re-direct to the item page.

      • is there a way via the browser? I've been placing new orders instead of repay

        • Yeah, I've got 2 orders saying I need to pay by the 18th now… 3rd time unlucky for me too.

  • Same issue here, 2 payment from GC bounced back twice, seem like a big stuff up from eBay.

  • I bought an A9 vacuum from ninja buy at 10 and got a refund email in the arvo, so I bought a V10 instead from gearbite, which has also just been refunded. Paid with PayPal both times,.

    • Worked now with new code and PayPal.

  • I purchased 3 items with gift card and paypal. All were refunded. Asked eBay chat around 2pm what the go is and they assured me it would be fixed in 2-3 hours. Guess not.

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    Same issue on two orders. eBay support blames on seller for one order and told me to buy the product again except, the item is now out of stock (also, pretty sure it isn't the seller as I bought from them multiple times and as recent as last week). Said the other order appears to be fine and to just wait 24 hours (but it's already showing refund on PayPal).

    If anyone finds out that eBay finally resolves the technical issue, please advise here - much appreciated!

  • Just got notification that my second repayment was.also refunded. EBay support is now unavailable - it's ridiculous that this is still an issue almost 12 hours later.

    • Been rejected 3 times and keep reapplying the gift card got refund back and still pending.

  • I paid for a Xiaomi monitor with code + gc + PayPal from gearbite.

    Refunded twice.

    Trying third time using code + PayPal only.

    • +1

      It won't make a difference. Only successful story is using Zippay

      • Yea third attempt failed. Guess I'll wait till tmr and hopefully they would have fixed up this mess.

  • Hope they fix this soon. So frustrating.

  • I made an order at 1pm using afterpay. Payment with afterpay went through and I have an order reference number but ebay sent me an email a few hours later saying issue with payment and to resubmit. Not happy jan. They better sort it and honour the discount code

  • I tried twice to buy the Roborock s7, both have bounced so now I'm out almost 2 grand from my offset account for a least a week, thanks Ebay!

    Not to mention it's "almost gone" so might be sold out by the time it's fixed.

  • The payment did not go through, PayPal says the refund is processing. It appears that I did not get it.

    • I'm waiting for a Paypal refund and an Afterpay refund (2nd time trying)

  • Same issue here. Got a payment refund when I tried first with Paypal. Then a repeat problem with my 2nd payment via CC. Not going to bother trying a third time until there is a fix

  • +2

    Not working as of 09:57 PM.. this was the fourth time I tried and around $2k on hold through my CC. Just received the refund email at 01:03 am from ebay and PayPal. Tried everything from different browsers to PayPal only, cc only, gift cards and PayPal etc but nothing works.

  • Just woke up to the email thinking it was spam. Repaid, will see what happens. Kind of annoying that it doesn’t remember what coupons you’ve used etc. perfect opportunity to forget to type it in when you repay!

    Failed again.

  • Tried paypal twice, then afterpay, buying another item and still no luck the payment is not getting sent.

  • I tried to purchase the same item twice using Paypal, but got the same issue, Paypal got refunded after 1-2 hours.

  • Same. Ebay reps are clueless

  • In the same boat. Payment still 'pending' even though it shows on my CC / PayPal that I've sent $$.

    Would be less pissed if they didn't take my money for a few days >:(

  • Still having the same issue here

    Anyone have their payment go through successfully?

  • No change here. Email from Ebay saying i need to resend payment again. Item is in my basket and i need to check out AGAIN. How many times do i need to do this?
    3 charges pending on CC

    • Same same. PayPal and CC direct.

  • Yeah I don’t want to keep racking up the cc holds.

    • So just wait until someone report it is once again working before retrying, I am using gift card so I can just resubmit the payment

      • Have tried again yesterday 11pm, received the payment is required email again this morning:(

  • Standard response from Ebay chat. Try again in 24 hours

  • +2

    Paid by gift card, failed 4 times now. I will still keep trying though.
    The gift card balance gets refunded automatically btw so it's ok.

  • Having the same issue, tried CC and PP to pay for the v11 vacuum.. refunded shortly after…

  • +4

    This is a joke, an eCommerce website where they cannot process their own coupon code. Shows how rushed and poorly organised this was just to get it in before Amazon Prime Day.

    • They advertised(leaked) this event at least a month ago.

    • +3

      I'll tell you one thing. Amazon would definitely be providing a gift card as an apology for this kind of thing…

  • Anyone else tried it, i have 4k sitting in "pending" on my credit card so I cant try this again until i know it is working 100%.

    friggen ebay.

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