Any Advice for The New Skoda Kodiaq Sportline?


Recently bit the bullet on a long awaited car decision. Will be getting my new Skoda Kodiaq Sportline delivered next week. Getting all the feature packs including the sunroof.

Anything interesting I could know from other owners, from the same car or just any advice in general before getting the car delivered and things one should know etc..

Thanks in advance


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    Get comprehensive insurance before you drive the car out of the dealers

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    Hooray! @iNeed2Pee

    Careful with purchasing prepaid servicing, another OP totalled the car and couldn’t use the $ or refund unless same car was bought.

    • Can't believe it! Cannot believe it!!

      Might throw a party! Good luck op with the new car. Just make sure we can see your indicators on the road!

      • Damn! I got the prepaid servicing as it appeared lucrative. Fingers crossed now!

        • Just don't total the car…

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            @Chandler: then buy something else :D

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    Don't let them con you into any dealer fitted accessories until you've read what competitors offer. Eg. Tinting, paint protection, mats

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      Thanks, I refused any of that when signing the contract. They weren't too pushy though so I guess it was ok.

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    Bat poo. Careful! Hard to remove.
    Best removed in a hurry with saliva and a tissue. Don't lick it, just spit on it, give it a bit of a moment and wipe and repeat

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      Don't lick it, just spit on it

      • Fox licks…

  • Get the price from price my car, you'd get some discount on your new purchase

  • Hold on? You bought it already? Where was the 12 months worth of cryptic threads and seeking of confirmation bias?

    And what possessed you to buy a Škoda? I guess it’s better than a Mahindra…

    • I test drove Mahindra after that post and it was quite bad compared to a lot of other cars. So gave up on it.

      Skoda ticked most of the boxes for me. It definitely was a lot more expensive than my budget two years ago.

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      Skoda have been on a steady rise since being bought by Volkswagen AG, and especially in the last decade. I'm a big fan of their products, and the Kodiaq is a really nice option. I don't have a Skoda, nor am I affiliated with them, but I have driven a handful (the Kodiaq RS being one). Good choice.

      • I got a My17 Octavia Sport wagon and have been daily driving it for 3 years. It came with the all the options, including sunroof like OPs. Though I did NOT get the service pack.
        Love it, it drives really well, is comfortable and the upgraded tech pack (sound system, infotainment + others) is really a pleasure.
        Reliability has been great, which I can report. Aside from the standard air bag recall, I have only had to replace the infotainment screen (Skoda did under warranty) after some lines showed up, apparently a batch problem.
        Other than that I replaced the battery last month and that's it - speaking of which, if it has auto start (engine turns off when your stationary) recommend you turn that feature off unless you commute in a metro CBD for hours a day, the fuel "savings" will potentially be blown away by the speed at which you'll be replacing the battery and alternator if you keep the car for 3-5 years or longer.
        Theres a button to disable it, I do that every drive. Battery replacement alone in auto start cars is about $550 per and alternators may be around $1700 or more.

        Keep an eye on skodas maintenance and get a detailed breakdown of what they do, they use a digital service book if through the dealer so you may not be aware if you don't bring it up. Skoda recommended intervals are 12 months or 15 thousand ks, I have done mine at half that interval through a Euro specialist for my own piece of mind.

        Drove a kodiaq last week while on loan, really liked it! Did you get the 2 litre AWD? Not a expert with that model but it was quite lovely.

        • Hey FlexBargain, thanks for your comment. When you say the battery and alternator need to be replaced every 3-5 years, isn't that covered in the warranty? I got this 5 yr warranty with the purchase of the car and now this is worrying news to be to shell out $2.25k for battery and alternator! I also got heated front and back seats as part of luxury pack which I guess will degrade battery more quickly.

          I got the 2 L AWD. I think all Kodiaq models are AWD. Glad to know it is a good brand and have been loving it so far (except during the lockdowns)

          • @Dr-StrangeLove: Mate I think you will find battery is considered general wear and tear for a vehicle during use. Unless it fails particularly quickly, battery is expected to degrade over time and require replacement and you would be pursuing the battery manufacturer or provider, which could be Skoda depending on if they supply it or not.
            Doing the above I managed to get over 3 years with a single battery before replacement, if you leave the auto start on I imagine that will shrink the lifespan. I have not studied the difference, but mine has heated seats and I use them probably 50% of the time during winter and autumn so can't say it drains it too badly.
            The alternator may be recoverable under warranty, depending on what and when it needed replacement. Read the warranty and service details you can get from the Skoda website.
            Not sure about scheduled replacement of the alternator but you may find the security system requires complete replacement at the 5 year mark. This is not a warranty replacement, unless it fails before then. A lot of modern cars have a bunch of tech in them, and they need replacement due to failure rates at expected intervals. Ask anyone who drives a E36 or newer BMW! Security system failures are a problem.

            You might choose not to replace it if it's working, but by then the warranty period ends and if it fails then you have a potentially bigger problem.

            Use the time you have before taking delivery and read the warranty documents and service schedule, inform yourself and then ask to clarify then with the dealer.

            • @FlexBargain: Hey thanks again! 3 years sounds like a short duration for a car but I guess I’m comparing to my ancient car without any tech or security features.

              I have already got the car. They had the model I walked in the lot so got the delivery within 1 week. It has been running quite well. I didn’t quite read anything in the Ts&Cs about security system failures. Will try to find it. Is that like a software update? I have the navigation system update as part of yearly service thing which i have purchased as part of the car for 5 years. It comes up to $350 per service which is reasonable I felt plus they give free Road side assistance during the period

              • @Dr-StrangeLove: The security system does not seem to get any servicing or updates unless there is a major problem identified. From memory you can find the service guide on the Skoda website, this tells you what is required to be replaced and when, I think you will find what I am talking about at or about the 5 year setting. It may have changed since I looked at it 3 years ago, but I doubt it. It would be the same system so expect to deal with it then. This is apparently a similar thread through the VW / Audi Group.
                I did do the map update myself, you can download it from their website. I use Waze anyway, found it to be much more informative and user friendly than the included map and nav. Apparently most of the traffic features are blocked as Skoda Australia did not play the licence fee for those. You can download Waze on your phone and it's free, you just use the android auto or apple car play on the infotainment setting if you have not already.
                If you got the tech pack and drive solo frequently, make sure you go to settings > sound and then set the balance to driver
                It diverts all the sounds at the driver's seat then and is a huge improvement audio wise if you like music etc.
                Other general advice frequently offered on this forum, get a dash cam front and back! Makes your life a lot easier if you get in any incidents whilst driving or someone hits your car whilst parked.

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    Don't wash your car with sandpaper.

    Don't leave your sunroof open in the rain.

    Disable lane keep assist and drive like a real driver and not a baby.

    Still check your blind spot. Don't rely on technology.

    Your leather seats are not leather

    • Thanks @MS

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        Don't forget to enjoy your new car experience. I think you have made a great choice.

    • Kitchen scourer also not good for car washing. Although it gets rid of tree sap very well - it ruins your clear coat

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    Make sure you complete a pre-driveaway inspection.

    Panel gaps are consistent.
    No scratches anywhere
    Paint is consistent - has been known to happen

    • Thanks, added these to my checklist

    • In that case may as well check the build plate to match up to what was promised on contract.

      And all added options match with items that was listed as per contract.

      • Yeah, year made/delivered can be a sticking point in some cases.

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          don't know why you got the neg, but yeah that happens. purchaser beware.

          • @SF3: Ozbargain is a mysterious place.

    • Panel gaps are consistent.

      What can be done if they aren't consistent?

      • You dont take ownership of the car.

        Tesla had this issue early on

  • Wonder if ceramic coating is worth it, I'm looking into it at the moment as I have a new car on the way

    • depends on how long do you plan to keep the car before buying a new one

    • Just don't pay for the dealer-arranged one! They are a rort.

      Either find a reputable 3rd party shop, or even do it yourself if you're keen - there are a lot of decent diy options around now.

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    get an NRMA new car inspection before accepting delivery, that is any stuff not up to scratch make stealer ix or no sale. Never take your car through a car wash that has those spinning brushes will scratch your paint

    • Is there a way i can book them online? Couldn't find anything like a new car inspection from NRMA

      • Google says they're not doing it currently due to covid risk. Best to type new car inspections into google and add what town you're in will pop up heaps of mobile mechanics that do them, nrma cost about 200 so I guess others will be the same

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    keep engine under 2000 rpm for first 1000 km

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      This is bad advice for sure.

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          Even that's overkill.

          Probably the worst thing you could do with a brand new modern car is leave the showroom, hit the interstate highway and set cruise control and drive for 800km straight.

          Even then it probably won't have any major issues over its lifetime with consistent servicing.

        • Experts recommend a maximum 3,500 rpm and 90 mph in diesel models and 4,500 rpm and 100 mph in gas models.

          Lol when the link you reply with proves you wrong…

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      The 1980's called and they want their advice back…

  • What about using auto car washes? No no ? Does it scratch the paint?

    • Our carwash has a splash and dash $10 option, assuming you are in the middle of the lane it shouldn't be too bad on the car imho, and is a great option to get dirt off after a trip… I decided to ignore the advice against using machines as i value the convenience and don't get around doing it myself. It's an effort I rather spend on other exercise, I don't do a good job myself, and I guess I'm not that fussy and trust the car will not get damaged and looks better mostly clean than often dirty. Washing equipment does scratch cars when you're not positioned right… But I use and appreciate cars, I don't treasure them.

    • they dont clean off bird crap though…you still need to scrub for that or a high powered pressure washer, preferably less than 3k psi.

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    Spending thousands on detailing during its life won’t make thousands of difference at resale time. It’ll make it more appealing and will increase resale price a bit, but not significantly.

  • try and get a thank you pack from Skoda,

    bought cars from audi and maxda in the past and have given wine, flowers and hamper packs on delivery, or sent to the home.

    • Seriously? I’d rather save $500 on the purchase price coz I’ll guarantee that the thank you pack is written into the price at twice the value.

      • ummm thats after you negotiate not before.

        well we got ours in the boot of the car when pick up a Q3 from Audi..

        m and mazda sent a hamper pack to the house a week after delivery,

        • So you think it doesn’t cost anything, anywhere?

          If the dealer does that, it’s part of their costs and YOU pay for that.

          • @Euphemistic: yeah most likely… well i had already negotiated and paid what i paid.. getting the stuff was a bonus…

            you couldn't go back to them and say.. "hey have your shit back, and credit me another $500

  • Be picky when you inspect the car. Remember, you will have it for quite a while, whereas the dealer will sell another one tomorrow.
    I have asked for small things to be put right, even a crooked number plate. Don't sign off on the car until you are 100 percent happy.

  • Sun roof over rated.. play with it for the first month then realise its noisy out there and AC is better :)

    • I had long thought about the sunroof. Being claustrophobic people, we felt a lot more comfortable in a car with an option than without. But I get your point about something being good for a short time just bit the bullet with going ahead with the option

    • Not for me. I've had my car nine years and still use my sunroof every opportunity I get

      • may as well get a convertible and go roofless…

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