Stanley Adventure Base Camp Cookset $88.06 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


At what appears to be an all time low price according to camelx3 of $88.06 delivered with Prime is the Stanley Adventure Base Camp Cookset for 4, from Amazon US via Amazon AU. Comes with pot and frypan as well as plates, bowls and cutlery for 4 people and a few other bits, all packed up in a nice little package.

Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cookset
"Take your camp kitchen to the next level. This 21-piece* cookset packs all the convenience of a fully stocked kitchen into a package that is perfect for tiny homes, dorm rooms, campsites and #vanlife. The stainless steel pot and 3-ply fry pan are built to perform like pros, ensuring that food heats more evenly. With all the tools needed to prep, cook, serve and clean up, you may even keep this set in your kitchen for everyday use." (*Amazon lists as 19 piece, vented lid is counted with pot and locking bungee is not counted)

  • 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free
  • 3-ply fry pan
  • Locking fry pan handle
  • Nesting system
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 21-piece set includes:
    [1] 18/8 stainless steel pot (3.7 QT / 3.5 L)
    [1] Vented lid
    [1] 3-ply frying pan holds 32 OZ / .94 L
    [1] Cutting board
    [1] Spatula with extending handle
    [1] Serving spoon with extending handle
    [4] Plates (6 in / 15.2 cm diameter)
    [4] Bowls (22 OZ / .65 L)
    [4] Sporks
    [1] Dish drying rack
    [1] Trivet
    [1] Locking bungee

Adventure Even-Heat Camp Pro Cookset
If you're after something a little bigger and heavier duty, but without the plates/bowls etc there is also the Stanley Adventure Even-Heat Camp Pro Cookset for $153.52 from Amazon AU (also an all time low) that includes the pot, saucepan and frypan all with a heavy duty 3 ply base, like the frypan of the smaller set. (Also available at slightly cheaper price of $151.11 but via Amazon US if the extra 2 week wait is worth the $2.41 difference)

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  • +2 votes

    6 inch plates are good for portion control.

  • +1 vote

    Seems like a nice looking set but IMO it's too much for hiking and not really necessary for car camping where you can bring a lot of cheaper and fuller size options. So where else would this be a good fit?

    • +1 vote

      I got this set a couple of years ago and pretty much everything you have said is true. We do use it for car camping though , it lives in the drawers of the truck , with a butane burner and soups, coffee and long life milk. Mixed with the kitchen set I bought elsewhere it means we always have it in the truck with us. It gets used surprisingly often. As others have said - the plates are useless for meals but work for bread and butter. We tend to precook and vac seal our meals , then just 'boil in the bag' in this pot , eat from the bowls and then use the hot water to do the dishes, easy life.


    Looks good. Reviews are favourable.


    " Stanley Steamers "

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    How are you getting lowest price on 3xcamels? There's no listing for the Australian outlet.

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    Thanks OP
    Went for the pro set for the larger frypan. My aluminium cookware is going the way of my teflon coated pieces.


    Looking at the Camp Pro Kit, Does any one know if they are Induction Compatible? IE Magnetic base?


    • +1 vote

      I did a magnet test on the frying pan of my base camp set and it is indeed magnetic so assumed the whole camp pro kit would be as well as they all have the same bases.

      Have just come across this video, he reads it right off the box "optimised for induction" so there you go. You'd think that would be a handy bit of marketing to include on their website…