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Hisense 55Q8 Series Q8 55″ ULED 4K Smart TV $995 + Delivery / Free C&C @ Bing Lee


Looks like a good price for this well regarded TV. Can't get them to ship up to QLD but do try your luck price matching. I managed to get TGG to price match.

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    I have the 65Q8 for use with a PS5, and Netflix/ Disney. Really loving it so far. But I am no TV expert/ snob.

    • Does it have Amazon Prime?

    • I read reviews of ghosting, did you observe any while playing games on PS5

    • Oh it has Disney+ now?
      I thought it had everything but this.
      Are the menus fast/responsive?

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        Still no D+

      • They're adequate, not snappy but not laggy.

  • Great price, paid 1150 in November and no regrets.

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    The 65Q8 was available for $1,164 less than a week ago. Certainly worth waiting for a deal

    • Yes, you are right. It ended 2 days ago with the ebay 15% off.

  • No apps no ragrets

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    check if its on bing lee eBay only certain states can see it, will be $100 off with when you add a $5 item & use code PPSS100

    • Bing Lee eBay won't send to my address in Vic :(

  • Can't believe this is sub $1K now.
    Awesome deal OP

  • Have this one. Awesome picture for the money. No HDMI 2.1 or eARC, Dolby Vision implementation is ok but not great (too dim) and no Disney + on the slightly weird VIDAA OS. But unfortunately I'm returning it after 6 months as it's had a bizarre glitch in which the input info box randomly appears on screen at irregular intervals, followed by a message that one of the HDMI signals has been lost. Multiple phone calls and emails to Hisense with half a dozen hard resets and firmware updates later, they finally gave up and have given me store credit at TGG. Am thinking of waiting for the new line of Hisense TVs due out this month (U8G or similar) and swapping over. Or else just seeking permission from the Minister of Finance to chuck in another grand and just go for gold with the LG C1.

    • What was your store credit? Purchase price or selling price?

      • Luckily it was purchase price of $1340. They were quite reasonable.

        • Did they send someone to fix it first? My unit makes a Clicking noise when Dolby Vision kicks in on Netflix and Fetch keeps saying HDMI input conditions changed and I should check HDMI. The netflix issue is on Chromecast with Google only.

          • @El Grande: Nope. They just tried to troubleshoot it over the phone about 3 times and then rang me to tell me I've got credit. The Hisense person on the phone even said that I didn't need to buy another one of their products! It was a bit surreal, but I think it was largely because I'm in a regional area and they couldn't be bothered sending techs out to my postcode.

            Interesting that you've had similar issues. I've not found any forum posts on it, but I'm thinking maybe they knew it was an unfixable issue and so just threw in the towel? 🤷‍♂️

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    Thanks OP, went to JBHIFI and did the price match. Was going to buy some Coles master gift cards but they all gone.
    Anyway, it is still a very good deal for me.

    • JB Hi Fi wouldn't match me but TGG were more than happy to. Happy days for both of us!

      • I tried 3 different pp to do the deal and finally they did!
        Enjoy your new TV!

    • Isn't this the same plus $50 cheaper

      • Seems it. At this point most majors have matched or beat this price.