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[Switch] Super Bomberman R $6.75, Metro: Last Light Redux $3.69, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle $14.98 @ Nintendo eShop


All time lowest price for this game. Save 10% if you pick up some discounted eshop cards at Big W.

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  • Thanks OP! Would be a great party game. Just got one!

  • Awesome price! Finally decided to pull the trigger on this game, thanks OP!

  • Got it!

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    At least this format won’t go OOS! Thanks!

  • Thanks!

  • I wanted this back when it came out, but the price was too high… Finally grabbed, thanks.

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    This was a launch title!

    Shows just how long it takes for the Big N to actually heavily discount their own titles. 5 years!

    I say that, meanwhile someone just brought Super Marios Brothers 2 for $11.99 on the eshop.

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      Super Bomberman R is Konami, not Nintendo. It's on all platforms too

    • Super Mario Bros 2 is included as part of the online subscription

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    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles is a great game in my books. If you're a fan of turn based games be sure to check it out.

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      It's one of the best games on the entire system.

    • Really? I bought it and never finished. Will have to give it another go. Perhaps the beggining was a bit simplistic

    • Didn't think I'd enjoy it.. but boy did I get hooked!

    • +1 to this. Very excited for the sequel

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    Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a fun game, and I highly recommend it for this price. It’s got more strategy and depth than its colourful exterior would lead you to believe.

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      Second that, later stages especially become very strategic, as well as the boss fights.

      Didn't expect to have so much fun with the game!

  • thanks OP, bought 34.

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      Buy as many as you like, you can't Broden this :D

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    Anyone downloaded the Bomberman online game for switch? I have been stuck on the Silver 5 Grade for weeks and can't progress. So difficult.

  • Any other games on sale of note?

  • How do you get direct links to nintendo eshop on web / desktop?

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      Probably via dekudeals, that site links directly to the eshop pages for each game.

  • Recently bought console for my son. Haven't set it up yet. Can i still buy the Bomberman game? How do you get around the issue of only 32gb onboard storage?

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      You have to link the console itself with your Nintendo account before you can buy via the website.

      The console has a micro SD card slot (behind the kickstand), allowing for storage expansion. A 128GB card is a good size for it and goes for about $30.

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        Thanks. That is helpful!

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      You'll need to setup a Nintendo account, which is tied to your eShop purchases.

      You'll also need to buy a microSD card for storage. I suggest something like a 128GB Samsung EVO+ or similar.

  • You can download straight to the internal storage. IIRC it's less than 4GB. Just done it myself.

  • Does anyone know how I redeem My Nintendo Rewards using my Platinum Points?

    The page below says you can do it but I can't figure out how to find a game that allows Platinum PoInts to be used?


    • Just go to the My Nintendo site and buy what you want, there isn't much selection thought, so I'm not sure why you would want anything.


      • Thanks, I tried that but could only use my gold coins on checkout and they don't seem to expire. My platinum points start to expire at the end of the month so I wanted to use them if possible?

        • What were you trying to redeem for? only 3ds themes and flipnote are available

          • @freoleo: Oh I see, anything really for a switch.

            • @billybob1978: No digital games for Switch are available on that store, I recommend physical items like the Switch game case

        • i used mine for the animal crossing guide or something.
          not much else really haha.

  • Mario + Rabbids worth getting gold $26?

    • Nah
      Wait for the DLC to go on sale

    • They've increased it to $29.68

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    For those sitting on the fence, I think for $6.75 Super Bomberman R is well worth it for a fun party game.
    I have bought multiple copies of this in the past (for multiple nintendo accounts).

    • I have it on Steam for some reason (must've been free at some point, or super heavily discounted) and don't think I ever opened it… that being said, the nature of Bomberman and multiplayer presumably is much better on a Switch?

  • You are so fast….