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Will do!, I've got both expansions installed.
28/06/2024 - 12:32
Amazing Game, played few times before.. then got too busy to finish.. and forgot where i was up to. Third times a charm I'm almost finished…
28/06/2024 - 10:16
It's in the monitor settings, sorry not home so I cant give exact location.
12/04/2024 - 15:36
I returned mine, its a cheaply made product and feels just like it looks.
11/04/2024 - 14:51
I have no idea sorry, pikmin 1 is my first game into the series.
03/04/2024 - 15:28
Why is that?, cause amazon has easy returns?
03/04/2024 - 12:47
This is perfect, I just started Pikmin 1 on the switch yesterday.
02/04/2024 - 19:03
Nice xmas sorted for the family!
15/12/2023 - 22:58
I've had mine for a year now and have never had this issue.
04/12/2023 - 22:44
I found they used Startrack, whacked my tracking number in there and my ETA is tomorrow.
04/12/2023 - 17:19
"23th!" "Available to purchase for Black Friday on Thursday 23th November at 8am AEDT."
22/11/2023 - 09:54
Did you purchase in advance ?
27/09/2023 - 23:32
Thanks!, Ill give it a go.
02/09/2023 - 18:06
Sorry, I wont get rid of it.. because on rare occasions I use it to play roms (old games) which it does quite well with.
01/09/2023 - 15:26
Yep, Internet is fast enough. It used to work fine up until about 6 months ago, and no amount of troubleshooting, reseting, rebooting has…
01/09/2023 - 15:07
My one freezes and crashes when trying to stream 4K content from Netflix, Disney+, Binge and Prime Video.... so I've stopped using it and…
01/09/2023 - 14:19
Looks like a download, says D4 is 'digital direct' on the box.
11/08/2023 - 12:26