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Get 3x Promo Credit for Every $1 Spent on .crypto & .zil Domain Names @ Unstoppable Domains


Buy .crypto or .zil domains from unstoppable domains to get 3x in store credit

e.g. spend 100USD to get 300USD in store credit

If you have Crypto.com pay you can get a further 10% off you spend if you pay with CRO

Domains are registered on the blockchain as NFTs(nonfungible tokens) and can be transferred and sold etc… (e.g. sex.crypto sold last year for 90000USD)

IMO they make pretty cool gifts or just a place to put your resume

Referral Links

Referral: random (15)

Referrer get $10 credit when referee makes first purchase. Referee will get $10 off if their purchase is worth $40 or more.

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Unstoppable Domains
Unstoppable Domains



    You think the normal recruiter would have an extension to view these URLs?


      With Cloudflare integration most people will need to change some browser settings but of course this is still not ideal.

      The hope is that these will eventually be able to be used like normal domains in the future.