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Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Space Grey $393 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Apple Watch Series 5, with an Always-On Retina display. You’ve never seen a watch like this.
Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band
Always-On Retina display
30 per cent larger screen

Gold and Nike versions $404

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    Good find. This colour going cheap as well

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    Will the battery on these watches be any good after sitting around on the warehouse / shelf for so long unused? I am wondering whether you will lose some of the factory capacity after you start using them.

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      If they're brand new and battery fails, bring it to Apple, I got a replacement.

    • I’ve got a series 2. It’s battery still lasts the day, and that includes walking and working out for 45 mins. The batteries are unreal.

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    44mm version for $50 more


    I got my $25 off with latitude pay, so happy to pay $25 extra for the 44mm version.

    • +1

      Don you get the latitude pay discount for the 40mm?

      • Yes, the deal was $25 off $100 spend, so it would apply to both sizes.

        • +2

          Lol, so how do you 'only' pay $25 for the 44m when the discount is on both watches lmfao

          • +1

            @nikoris: I was happy to get the 44mm version for $418.

            Yes, could have paid $368 for the 40mm, yes the difference between them is $50.

            Happy now ?

  • In my opinion this one would be the best for another $50
    As a user mentioned above you can get $25 off with latitude pay so you only have to pay $25 extra


    44mm screen which provides a more roomy experience in apps and watch faces unlike 40mm one
    Exclusive nike watch faces
    Nike watch band which you would have to buy separate if you buy the non nike version

    • -1

      lol you literally get the latitude pay discount with the 40mm

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    When instore, if you ask the sales person nicely if they can knock a few dollars off, they might do that for you…

    (Then pay with discounted gift cards)

    • Heavily discounted products that are potentially loss leaders are likely already maxed out however, but no harm in asking.

  • Is this worth using if you don't have an iPhone w/ Family Setup?

    • +1

      If you don’t have an iPhone I wouldn’t bother.

      • why you need iphone?

        what about ipad?

        • You dont NEED an iphone but the main selling point of an apple watch is the integration with ios and your iphone. I mean yeah you could have it with an ipad, but realistically how many notifications, messages are you checking on your ipad - you carry your ipad around with you all day? The benefit of an apple watch is that its like having your iphone on your wrist and syncing. If you dont have an iphone and arnt invested in the apple ecosystem then look at a cheaper android watch or a Garmin that focuses more on fitness etc.

          • @TightTerry:

            I mean yeah you could have it with an ipad

            Your answer is COMPLETELY wrong.

            You dont NEED an iphone

            The Apple Watch will not work by itself, can only be paired with a suitable iPhone (depending upon what watchOS version is runnning).
            You will not even be able to activate the watch unless you have completed the pairing process.

            • @DoctorCalculon: The Apple Watch WILL work by itself and has so ever since they released Family Setup - released in Australia 6 months ago.

              And since ipadOS 14.3 you can pair later model Apple watch’s with an iPad for things like Apple fitness. For notifications and messages etc I was wrong, it can’t pair for those.

              • @TightTerry: To activate the Apple Watch itself you must use an iPhone.

                And since ipadOS 14.3 you can pair later model Apple watch’s with an iPad for things like Apple fitness.

                Wrong again. There is no Watch app on the iPad.

                The Fitness app (which is now a universal app) is simply using iCloud to sync data across devices.


                Please read carefully above. Family Setup is limited to watch models with built-in cellular support only. You still need a supervising iPhone to begin with.

                Therefore, I stand by what I stated before - you must have a suitable iPhone in order to administer an Apple Watch device.

  • Getting a 404 not found error

  • Watch SE or Series 5 ?

    • Series 5 now has ecg active finally plus always on display

      • since when?
        last watch os update mentioned ecg for Malaysia and Peru

        • +1

          Second to last update

          • @coxjon: Yep. Ecg Active in aus for last two updates. Works well as long as your not athletic with resting HR under 50. If you buy all the kfc deals it will work well lol

  • You’ve never seen a watch like this.

    I’ve seen a better one. 😉

  • Thanks op. I missed it. I already have 44mm purchased from JB, does anyone know how to get JB's expired page showing the price, I could claim the difference from CC Insurance. Otherwise, anyone is kind enough to show their receipt :)

    • Which 44mm did you buy? Some are still showing on the page here - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/?query=apple%20watch%20series%205%...

      • Thanks Zippy7. These are all Cellular models. What I have is a normal space gray one.

    • +1

      Maybe try the waybackmachine or something similar, im pretty sure the page was cached at some point.

      • Thanks Laybye, I didn’t know about waybackmachine before, but it doesn’t have anything recent. I’ll look for other similar sites.

  • +3

    for anyone wanting the 44mm version the Black Series 5 44mm Nike version is back in stock

    • +2

      Thanks @Neilzy . Ordered this one y'day night

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